AAPF convenes 2010 Social Justice Writer's Retreat

While the day-to-day administration of the work of the Policy Forum is undertaken by full-time and part-time staff under the direction of our Executive and Program Directors, we rely on a community of exceptionally creative thought leaders and writers from both the academy and civil society to help us advance our work.  We meet with these individuals informally during the course of the year, and work intensively with them in a workshop setting each summer. In this respect, the Social Justice Writer's Retreat affords us the opportunity to bring together a community of writers from disparate fields: a) to provide critical feedback to one another on their current "writings in progress" on social justice issues; and b) to offer constructive critiques of Policy Forum projects designed to advance social justice goals. Participants not only receive valuable input from peers on the articles and books that they are developing, but they also provide us with wise counsel with respect to our ongoing projects - vetting our materials, research initiatives, organizational strategies and programmatic endeavors.

While the seminars are work-intensive, the seclusion of the retreat setting provides an environment that is wonderfully conducive to a heightened focus on the issues at hand. Everyone benefits, which is why we have such a rich variety of colleagues who embrace the experience. Retreat participants have included, among others, journalists, academics, literary agents, foundation program officers, and human rights advocates - all of whom share a commitment to social justice work.

The annual Social Justice Writer's Retreat convenes in Negril, Jamaica.