Criminal Injustice Confronting the Prison Crisis

The below intern blog is a commentary on the criminalization of poverty based on the document that can be found below the commentary.

The criminal justice system supports the richest Americans as they live off the poor. This was my interpretation of a written document entitled, The Criminalization of Poverty by Sabina Virgo. According to Virgo, "crime" is defined by the most powerful individuals - who tend to be the wealthy, Caucasian males of America. The article reviews several political loopholes that trap the socio-economic lower class into the criminal justice system whereas the richest individuals "will get away with it and will never even see a court room." This statement may be slightly exaggerated but there seems to be some level of truth when considering the population that fill the prison system today. The criminal justice system in itself is flawed. The richest Americans are kept satisfied while the lower class is used as scapegoats. As stated by Virgo, the richer individuals DO commit crimes but they are allowed passes on their actions; "we end up in jail and they end up in front of ethics committees."

Please press the link below to view the excerpt:

Book: Criminal Injustice Confronting the Prison Crisis (Edited by Elihu Rosenblatt)

Chapter: The Criminalization of Poverty (Written by Sabina Virgo)