AAG in turmoil, Supa's Executive Resigns or Sacked by Chiyangwa

Below is an article from our Affirmative Action Media Monitoring Project. These articles represent a wide variety of views. These views do not necessarily represent the views of AAPF but instead are intended to provide you with an overview of the current affirmative action debate. April 4, 2011

The AAG national executive resigned after holding a meeting with the agenda to chart the future of the empowerment organisation after alleged unilateral appointments by the founding president and chairman of the AAG’s founders’ council, Mr. Phillip Chiyangwa.

Differences emerged in the AAG after Chiyangwa allegedly co-opted two individuals to the national executive, one of whom is former ZIFA CEO, Henrietta Rushwaya, without the approval of the national executive.

Emerging from the extra ordinary meeting of the national consultative committee, former AAG executive director, Dr. Davison Gomo confirmed that all the 8 committee members unanimously agreed to resign over the individualisation and personalisation of the empowerment organisation.

Dr. Gomo said the AAG’s council is now free to elect a new executive to replace the resigned group.

The former AAG executive had Supa Mandiwanzira as its president, three vice presidents, namely Sam Ncube, Themba Mliswa and Advocate Farai Mtamangira.

Last night, The Zimbabwe Mail reporter was trying to find out whether the excutive resigned or it was sacked by Chiyangwa.

Other members included secretary general Tafadzwa Musarara, Elifas Mashaba treasurer general, national committee member Chamu Chiwanza and the executive director Dr. Davison Gomo.

As President of AAG, Supa Mandiwanzira is well known for his xenophobic outburst demanding that all foreigners operating retail shops in the CBD of Harare should be evicted.

“The law is clear on this issue. We can not let foreigners to come all the way from China and come bake bread here. These are the areas which our people should take up, and as AAG were are going to push government to apply the law,” he said.

Chiyangwa said the AAG constitution grants him exclusive powers to appoint the presidium by virtue of being the founder president and chair-man.

He said he was the sole appointing authority and that no one could challenge the appointments within the AAG ranks.

He said the appointments of Ms Rushwaya as vice president responsible for international empowerment and corporate affairs and a businesswoman, Ms Jennifer Mhlanga as vice president for gender empowerment were legitimate and that it was the decision of the founders' council.

The business mogul said the constitution of AAG granted him exclusive powers to make presidential appointments and that no one had the power to reverse them.

Mr Chiyangwa communicated the appointments to the two women through letters dated March 21, 2011.

Earlier, media reports said the AAG leadership was opposed to the development and that they were not recognising Ms Rushwaya as one of the vice presidents.

Mr Chiyangwa said he was the sole appointing authority and that all the members had no option but to accept the founding council's new appointments.

He said the appointments were legitimate and that they were meant to promote gender balance in the organisation.

"I am the founding president and I am the sole appointing authority. Ms Rushwaya and Ms Mhlanga are the new vice presidents. I am the only one who makes presidential appointments and any dissenting voice, you are out of AAG. That is what the constitution says.

"AAG is male dominated and there was not even a single woman in the leadership," said Mr Chiyangwa.

He said the appointments were aimed at empowering women. “Mrs Mhlanga is a renowned businesswoman with interests in Chinhoyi, Gweru and Bulawayo a banker and marketing guru. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Local Governance from the Midlands State University and a Diploma in Business Leadership from the Zimbabwe Open University. Chiyangwa himself is on record saying you don't need a University degree to be successful in business. Jennifer has held several posts in the AAG.

“Ms Rushwaya is a teacher, college lecturer, the first Zimbabwean woman football CEO, one of the two women football CEOs worldwide, a visionary leader who brought the Brazil football team to Zimbabwe in 2010. An intelligent empowered businesswoman, a miner, a farmer, a leader par excellence. (She is also) an advocate for women’s rights,” said Chiyangwa.

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