Anisah (Interview by Janet Garcia)

Anisah, a reentry aid, a community associate, and a former incarceree discusses in depth the obstacles to employment for previously incarcerated women of color. She proposes an increase in workshops and apprenticeship, along with gender-specific solutions. Janet Garcia interviews Anisah, a formerly incarcerated 51 year old female. After five arrests and two separate terms in NY correctional facilities, she now serves as a reentry aid and a community associate. Anisah discusses in depth the obstacles to employment that previously incarcerated women, particularly African-American women, face. Specifically, there is a lack of employment opportunity for previously incarcerated African-American females due to the relative absence of African-American owned not-for-profit organizations. Anisah elaborates upon the problem by suggesting multi-racial inequalities and lack of opportunity. Furthermore, she brings up the problem of an extreme rate of incarceration for African-American males, which she believes adds increased pressure upon women to serve as caretakers for the family—which results in prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse and crime. Anisah suggests that the Department of Corrections focus on finding more gender-specific solutions to reentry problems for African-American women and maintain records of apprenticeship and training in order to alleviate the risk of unemployment upon attempts at reentry.