Legal and Policy Support (current 4-year college student)

Required Skills and Experience:

  •    Current College Student
  •    Proficiency in Microsoft Office (emphasis upon established skill set in Word and PowerPoint)
  •    Proficiency using at least two Academic Databases
  •    Demonstrated interest in Affirmative Action and other racial equity projects.

To Be Considered:

  •  Cover Letter
  •   Resume: Provide a resume in PDF format that clearly lists your contact information (email, phone, address), education (degrees attempted and completed), past legal work experience (if none, provide relevant volunteer experience), past volunteer experience (need not be legal), a list of all relevant coursework completed as of June 1, 2013.
  • Writing Sample: Provide a 4–10 page writing sample in PDF Format.  Where possible, the writing sample should be law or political and/or social policy orientated.  Please include a 50 to 100 word explanation at the top of the writing sample explaining the class or assignment the writing sample comes from.
  • Proficiency using at least two Academic Databases

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