Legal and Policy Support (current law student)

Desired Skills and Experience:

  •    Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  •    Proficiency using at least two Academic Databases

Required Skills and Experience:

  •    Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  •    Proficiency in either WestLaw or LexisNexis
  •    Current Law Student: Rising 2L or 3L at an ABA accredited law school.
  •    Completed Course Work: Completed at least two of the following courses: Constitutional Law, Advanced Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Legislation, Civil Procedure, Education Law, Civil Procedure

To Be Considered

  •   Cover Letter: Provide a one page cover letter describing your interest in working at AAPF as well as relevant skills and experiences that will help you succeed if selected.
  •   Resume: Provide a resume in PDF format that clearly lists your contact information (email, phone, address), education (degrees attempted and completed), past legal work experience (if none, provide relevant volunteer experience), past volunteer experience (need not be legal), a list of all law courses completed as of June 1, 2013.
  •  Legal Writing Sample: Provide a 5–10 page legal writing sample in PDF format.  Please include a 75 to 175 word explanation at the top of the writing sample explaining the scope of the original assignment, scope of research, and whether someone else aided you in editing your sample.

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