June 28, 2013: National Briefing

The Future of Equality After the Supreme Court 2012 Term: What's Left?




The Supreme Court's decisions this week have thrown the future of affirmative action into question and gutted the key provision of the Voting Rights Act.  At the same time, the Court promised equal treatment to millions of gay couples throughout the nation. Together these cases mark staggering terrain shifts in the Civil Rights Movement. What these shifts portend for the future of social justice remains uncertain.

Friday June 28th at 12 PM eastern/ 9 AM pacific please join leading critical race scholars, journalists, and thought leaders for a national conference call to discuss the future of  Civil Rights in light of this weeks' Supreme Court decisions.  Our conversation will cover:

  • What really happened?
  • Is this a Game Changer or Door Closer?
  • If Marriage Equality is the Civil Rights issue of our time, is Racial Justice Yesterday's News?
  • What are the challenges/possibilities for Coalition now?
  • Is the strategy moving forward legal, political, or social?