Intersectionality Learning Circle Practitioner's Toolkit

The Learning Circle Toolkit is the result of a collaborative project undertaken by the African American Policy Forum, generously funded by the Public Welfare Foundation.  We gathered together a group of scholars, activists, community leaders, and students who were actively involved in combating systemic racial and gender injustice at both the community and national level, with special focus on the over incarceration of girls and women of color in the United States.  Our collaborators came from diverse backgrounds and brought a wealth of experiences with them to our Learning Circles. In an effort to heal our communities we crossed the divides between our diverse spaces and backgrounds and came together to have a conversation.  Through our collective difficulties, triumphs, and growing pains we learned that hosting learning circles focusing on the over incarceration of girls and women of color is both an incredibly important undertaking as well as quite difficult to execute.  Deciding that many other potential circles could benefit from the experience, we came together outside the circle in order to create this Toolkit.  We have pooled our resources as well as the wealth of knowledge we shared amongst and between one another within the learning circles we held in 2010 and 2011, and created this Advocate’s Toolkit.