The Ball Is In Our Court

The Time to Act is Now

The ball is in our Court - It's up to us to categorically reject the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

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Frankly, we're frightened. The anger, self-righteousness and disrespect that was displayed at the Senate Judiciary Committee is a clear signal that our democracy is endangered. The fact that it is even possible that Ford's searing testimony will be set aside by a rageful, dishonest, and disrespectful performance by Kavanaugh and his supporters is an alarming barometer of how insignificant a woman's pain and a man's misbehavior is in our Republic.  

The misdirection, condescension, and vitriol that we witnessed yesterday reflects a temperament grossly ill-suited to the highest court of the land.  Not only should such a performance be disqualifying in its own right, but his aggressive demeanor and dissemblance lends credence to many of the allegations against him.

This is a moment in our history that is enormously consequential.  Will our country draw the line against sanctioning the kind of bullying, sexism and outright misogyny that we have been seeing?  Will the angry, mob-like mentality that has been stoked in Trump rallies in stadiums across the United States be allowed to roam in the Halls of Congress and even in the chambers of the Supreme Court?  Will we stand by as this dangerous contemptuous sentiment makes its way into the law?

If you are as disturbed by what we saw yesterday as we are, now is the time to do everything possible to stop this madness, to say enough is enough.  Tell the Senators who can make a difference that we will not stand aside for one second while Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is infantilized and silenced, Senator Diane Feinstein is bludgeoned and burned, and every person who has suffered sexual abuse and any other form of illegitimate power is forced to witness what will happen to them if they dare to hold the powerful accountable for the harms they have caused.

Kavanaugh showed us he was spectacularly unqualified to be granted a lifetime position to further tarnish one of our most cherished traditions--our Supreme Court.  His despicable behavior should not be rewarded with the power to set the rules for all of us.

Call today. And do not be dissuaded by any claims that the nomination is in the bag.  It isn't until the last Senator votes.

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine)
(202) 224-2523
Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)
(202) 224-6665

And click here to sign your name to the petition in support of Dr. Ford

We have to learn the lesson: We've seen the bloody rope of lynching being appropriated to drown out the voice of a Black woman and a generation of devastating decisions followed. As Executive Director Kimberlé Crenshaw wrote in yesterday's New York Times, "The Hill-Thomas conflict has gone down in history as a colossal failure of intersectional organizing. It’s not too late, as the Kavanaugh nomination fight enters its next phase, to write a better history."