Days of Accountability and Visibility: Oklahoma City
January 19th, 20th & 21st, 2016

#SayHerName #BlackWomenMatter #OKC13

Take the following actions with us:

  • January 19 -Join the African American Policy Forum’s webinar at 2:00 EST - Visibility and Accountability Beyond the Holtzclaw Verdict: Confronting the Sexual Abuse of Black Women by the Police, where OKC activists Candace Liger and Grace Franklin will join national advocates including Kimberle Crenshaw and Barbara Arnwine to brief participants on actions they can take to support Holtzclaw’s victims and demand systemic change to our police system. RSVP at

  • January 19 - Familiarize yourself, your loved ones, and your networks with the forms of police violence perpetrated against women of color -- read and share Say Her Name: Resisting Police Brutality Against Black Women  from AAPF and Law Enforcement Violence Against Women of Color and Trans People of Color from INCITE!

  • January 20 - Join the Days of Visibility Twitter Storm at 1:00 EST! Using the hashtags #SayHerName, #BlackWomenMatter and #ItsNotOver, share your story of sexual assault, other stories you know, and your thoughts on why the Holtzclaw case matters. Download AAPF's toolkit to help prepare yourself!

  • January 20 - Share a poem, reflection or artistic expression that sheds light on Black women’s experiences of sexual assault on Facebook and Twitter. Together, we can show that what happened to the OKC 13 was not an anomaly.

  • January 20 - Hold a forum, or impromptu discussions to draw attention to the circumstances make Black women vulnerable to police abuse. If you are in Oklahoma City, attend OKC Artists for Justice Community Forum to discuss the Holtzclaw case and how community members can get involved in making changes. Panelists will include Grace Franklin, Candace Liger, Barbara Arnwine, Kimberle Crenshaw, and more. The event will be at 6:00pm at Langston University, 4205 North Lincoln Blvd.