A Black Feminist Homegoing for Aretha Franklin
Sunday March 24th, 3-4:30 PM
UCLA School of Law, Room 1314


It was devastating enough to lose the Queen of Soul last year, but the disgraceful eulogy Reverend Jasper Williams Jr. delivered at her service last September added insult to injury. Instead of focusing on celebrating Aretha Franklin as the cultural icon she is, Reverend Williams used the occasion as a chance to launch uninformed diatribes against everything from single mothers to Black Lives Matter. Despite serving as a beacon for Black women over the course of her multi-decade career, Aretha was effectively denied the chance to be toasted, memorialized and paid homage on Black women’s terms.

What would it look like if Aretha Franklin’s legacy was seen through black women’s eyes? What would it sound like if Black women honored her sonic contributions in our own voices? At AAPF’s reimagining of the traditional earthly send-off, fans of Aretha’s from far and wide will contribute remarks, art, and performances that recast, reconstitute and reclaim what Aretha means for Black women. On this occasion of Aretha Franklin’s first birthday since her passing, join us for a Black feminist eulogy fit for a queen.