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Candace Liger is the CEO of  The Goodfunk Collective, empowering resilience and self-care through creative wellness, arts, and activism. Her organization creates high-frequency events  and initiatives that emphasize creativity and social consciousness by incorporating a healing & racial justice lens to empower, educate, and inspire people of color. 

Candace is the creator of a multitude of wellness offerings including  JahRation Nation Dance Fitness - a dancehall and reggae based fitness class focusing on cardio training, weight loss, and muscle toning. As an online fitness coach, she currently hosts an array of virtual class offerings and detox packages to promote affordable, easy-to-access workouts and wellness tools.  She also created Tabernacle, an artistic and movement based approach to healing and and self - care designed for to empower collective/community healing. Additionally, she is the creator of AfroDGak – a confidence-centered offering focusing on sexual health and consciousness that intends to celebrate the black erotic by reimagining sexual liberation and body autonomy.

Reclaiming our Tabernacle:  Creating a practical self-care plan for a healthy temple

Our body is our church--designed to heal itself and resist forces that generate imbalance and instability. We have to take responsibility to empower a strong, clairvoyant, and peaceful foundation for our temples to thrive in environments toxic to our wellness. This self-care workshop seeks to encourage intuitive, self-healing practices by reconnecting to our body through movement (exercise & dance), nutrition planning, performance,  writing, and silence. Our communal wellness cipher wil operate within the bare essentials of creative expression to enhance survival, self-care, and resistance practices that serve to disempower oppressive systems that lend to burnout. This investment to bravely unpack and explore beyond perceived limitations will inspire the creation of a self-care plan supportive of healthy strategies to reinforce holistic wellness, increase energy, and heighten self-awareness