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Awakening Our Democracy: Policing Bodies, Borders, and Rights

Join us as we bring the AWAKENING OUR DEMOCRACY series to Columbia Law! At this roundtable discussion, we will explore pressing issues threatening our democracy today—tying questions of race, citizenship, gender, disability, religion, and intersectional vulnerabilities to law, policy, and activism.

A delicious dinner will be served! And don't forget during the event to TWEET your thoughts to: #AwakeningOurDemocracy and @AAPolicyForum

Barbara Arnwine (@barbs73), Transformative Justice Coalition
Dara Baldwin (@NJDC07), Public Policy Analyst, National Disability Rights Network
DeRay Mckesson (@deray), We The Protesters
James Forman Jr. (@JFormanJr), Clinical Professor of Law, Yale Law School; Samuel Rubin, Visiting Professor of Law, Columbia Law School
Nicole Lee (@nicoleclee), Co-founder, Black Movement Law Project
Baher Azmy, Professor of Law, Seton Hall University; Legal Director, Center for Constitutional Rights

Kimberlé Crenshaw (@sandylocks), Distinguished Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law; Professor of Law, Columbia Law School