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WEBINAR- #FightForOurHistory: Standing Against Censorship in Henrico County

As part of Black History Month at Glen Allen High School in Henrico County, Virginia, Professor Ravi K. Perry from Virginia Commonwealth University showed AAPF's Unequal Opportunity Race video. The video was shown to facilitate a discussion on racial inequality. Despite its accurate illustrations of historical events and contemporary racial inequities, the Unequal Opportunity Race has been demeaned as a  "white guilt video" by a vocal minority in Henrico County and national outlets such as Fox News. Though that interpretation of the video is both misguided and unfortunate, Micky Ogburn’s reaction is far more disturbing. Denouncing the video as divisive, Ogburn, the School Board’s Chair, proclaimed that "school leaders have been instructed not to use the video in our schools.”   

Since the outcry, AAPF and its leadership have been under attack through racist harassment by the public and through biased media coverage. The controversy has brought to the surface long under-addressed questions about the state of history education in the U.S.

Join us to combat this blatant censorship and set the record straight through an interactive webinar on Friday, February 19 from 12:30-2:00 EST.

Elevate your pressing questions and hear from a range of leading voices on the issue including Kimberle Crenshaw, Ravi Perry, Luke Harris and more!