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Call for Submissions

The African American Policy Forum (AAPF) and the Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies (CISPS) invite a wide range of proposals for Intersectionality at 30: Transforming Politics, Practice, and Power, to be held April 16-20, 2020  at Columbia University Law School. It has been three decades since Kimberlé Crenshaw introduced the concept of “intersectionality” to recognize and address the interwoven and interdependent dimensions of discrimination faced by women of color and others, and the inadequacy of the prevailing legal remedies available to them. Originally theorized as a conceptual framework and mode of analysis within the law, intersectionality has been taken up in a diverse array of scholarly fields, within public policy and social justice discourse, and within many settings outside of the U.S.  

We welcome submissions from both in and outside of the academy, and hope to receive ideas that engage with intersectionality from a variety of disciplinary or vocational angles. Proposal possibilities include scholarly papers, activist-oriented workshops focused on skill development, innovative panel conversations sharing project ideas and insights, and other modes of engagement including artistic performances and presentations on activist and advocacy campaigns. 

To apply, interested parties should submit a 500-word summary of their proposed contribution to the conference to intersectionality@law.columbia.edu by or on December 1st, 2019.

Proposals should cohere with one of the following headings:

  • Foundations
    Black women, law, discrimination

  • Prisms
    Sites of public culture, creative arts, practice

  • Contestations
    Challenging traditional thinking about sameness and difference, including affinities and solidarities between seemingly discrete interest groups

  • Passages
    International reach of intersectionality and challenges to the naturalization of overlapping oppressions

  • Regressions
    Intersectionality as antidote to post-racialism, bridge between feminist and antiracist practices

  • Interventions
    Intersectional practice in advocacy and activism, including critiques of social identities and power