Kyndall Clark is an organizer, educator, and advocate. Born in the Midwest but raised in the South, she attended Vanderbilt University where she studied Community Leadership and Development and Africana Studies. After graduation, she served as a 9th grade special educator and after her school lost its charter, as a Fellow and Project Manager at Philadelphia City Council. During her time there, she partnered with Girls Justice League in organizing a town hall hearing, advocating for increased resources for girls and women of color. Last summer, after graduating from her Master's program, which culminated in fieldwork and writings on feminist movements and NGOs in West Bengal, she joined AAPF full-time. 

Breaking the Silence: Town Hall Development Workshop
Over the last several years, activists, community leaders, and other stakeholders around the country have rallied together to #BreakTheSilence, to #SayHerName, and to assert that #BlackGirlsMatter. Join us this summer as we aim to expand upon these movements to further advance an intersectional social justice agenda. This workshop will prepare and empower participants to organize and execute a town hall hearing on girls and women of color in their local communities. Participants will learn about capacity building, resource mapping and testimony development and will be armed with the tools and resources necessary to build a diverse coalition of stakeholders to challenge, disrupt, and ultimately dismantle the systems that oppress girls and women of color.