Op-eds and Interviews by Ad Hoc Group of Advisors

Check out this fantastic selection of op-eds and interviews by men and women who have been instrumental in driving the effort to have girls and young women of color included in President Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" initiative.

-Don’t Let the Gender Gap Overshadow Deeper Racial and Economic Disparities" by Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw and Walter Allen at The Chronicle- http://bit.ly/14KHYbR 

-"The Girls Obama Forgot" by Kimberle Williams Crenshaw at The New York Times: http://nyti.ms/1oa9ilq

-"Young Women of Color Need Support Too"- 2 Letters to the Editor by Luke Harris and Terry O'Neill & Shireen Mitchell at The Washington Post: http://wapo.st/1zzvvlf 

-"History of Police Violence" featuring Kimberle Crenshaw on The Ed Showhttp://on.msnbc.com/1t7gO64 

-"The Political Impact of the Ferguson Protest" featuring Salamishah Tillet on The Ed Show: http://on.msnbc.com/1yFXJbN

-"L.A. Girls and Women of Color Demand to be Heard Amidst My Brother's Keeper" by Julianne Hing at Colorlineshttp://bit.ly/1AHEvGw 

-"Kimberle Crenshaw on the Madison Show," on the Joe Madison Show at SoundCloudhttp://bit.ly/1p5jqAQ 

-"Minority Women and Girls Are in Dire Straits, So Don't Just Focus Solely on Males" by Nakisha M. Lewis and Pamlea Shifman in The Chronicle of Philanthropyhttp://bit.ly/1pEnuXP

-"A Latina's Perspective on MBK" by Rosa-Linda Fregoso at The Feminist Wire: http://bit.ly/1msUtOW

-"We Need to Be Our Brother's and Sister's Keeper" by Luke Charles Harris at Black Press USA: http://bit.ly/1iwmNQD

-"Why Girls of Color Should Be Included in My Brother's Keeper" by Salamishah Tillet at The Root: http://bit.ly/1mqC2tY

-"Why Did President Obama Leave Out the Girls?" by Paul Butler at CNNhttp://cnn.it/1l6b2zA 

-"My Brother's Keeper & The Co-Optation of Intersectionality" by Brittney Cooper at Crunk
Feminist Collective
: http://bit.ly/VCYcPY 

-"'Not Going to Lie Down and Take It': Black Women are Being Overlooked by this President" by Brittney Cooper at Salonhttp://bit.ly/1lEOo0R 

-"Black Men and White Women Leapfrog Over Black Women" by Oscar Blayton at Black Press USA: http://bit.ly/1o3NtXY 

-"Am I My Sister's Keeper?: An Interview with Kiese Laymon" by Hope Wabuke at Ms. Magazine: http://bit.ly/1xDMEtY 

-"Black Girls Also Victims of Gun Violence" by Marlon Peterson at Black Press USA: bit.ly/Szi2Jy

-”Darnell L. Moore on Love, Liberation and Critiquing ‘My Brother’s Keeper” by Darnell Moore at EBONY: bit.ly/1ldAlPW 

-"My Sisters' Keeper Too" by Walter Fields at North Star News: http://bit.ly/1pbGoIC 

-"A Systems Perspective to ‘My Brother’s Keeper" by Marlon Peterson at The Brooklyn Reader: bit.ly/1nvFMK1