An Overview of Our Work Surrounding the
My Brother's Keeper Initiative

Over the past year and a half, the African American Policy Forum has engaged in conversations, released open letters, published a variety of op-eds, conducted television and radio interviews, and produced a series of nationally-broadcast Webinars concerning President Obama's signature initiative, "My Brother's Keeper." We have built a campaign calling for the inclusion of girls and young women of color–in addition to boys and young men of color–in the initiative, because we believe that any program purporting to uplift the lives of youth of color cannot narrow its focus exclusively on just half of the community. We understand that the personal and institutional barriers facing boys and young men of color must also be confronted by our sisters, and any racial justice initiative geared towards removing those barriers must account for the lives of all youth of color. If the air is toxic, it is toxic for everyone who has to breathe it.

On this page is a collection of the posts we've made since our work on "My Brother's Keeper" began. We hope you continue to follow our campaign, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns about the campaign at info@aapf.org. 

Who Are We?
"Behind the Campaign to Realign My Brother's Keeper"

What is Our Message?
May 28: "An Open Letter to President Obama from Over 200 Concerned Black Men"
June 17: "Why We Can't Wait: Women of Color Urge Inclusion in 'My Brother's Keeper'" signed by 1500 Women of Color

How Can I Get Involved?
If you haven't already, you can sign on to one of our letters:
Sign the Letter from Men of Color
Sign the Letter from Women of Color
Sign the Letter from Allies 

What Kind of Conversations are We Having?
June 13: "What's Right and Wrong about 'My Brother's Keeper': Black Men Engage"