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Thea Chaloner is a multimedia producer and part-time professor at Temple University. She has a decade of experience in public radio (WQXR, KCRW), most recently as Contributing Producer for Meet the Composer, featured on Radiolab (WNYC). She's freelanced for This American Life, Storycorps, and The Washington Post, and works commercially as a voiceover actress. Her radio stories include reflections on 9/11, a visit to a prison culinary program, and a personal account of her relationship to her iPhone. She likes stories that make you stop washing the dishes and lean in.

Radio/Podcast Intensive:  The Art of Storytelling and the Power of the Human Voice

Podcasting has emerged as a cutting-edge platform for independent voices.  Now that the traditional public radio mold has been broken, a new voice is ready to be heard.  Storytelling is key.  What's your story?  How can your story lead to social change?  Find your voice through the powerful medium of sound.  

In this workshop public radio producer Thea Chaloner will teach the art of the interview--from asking the right questions to getting (and giving) good tape.  Learn how to structure that tape into a compelling narrative using Audacity, a free editing software.  Participants will practice telling their own stories, and interview each other.  All participants will create a 3-minute audio piece, which will be presented on August 2.  Possible projects include a radio diary, an audio montage, or a first-person story.  

*All participants will be working with Audacity, a free audio-editing software available for download here:
**All participants are asked to bring a laptop with Audacity loaded onto it.