Behind the Campaign to Realign My Brothers Keeper: Who Are We?

Who is behind the campaign to realign My Brother's Keeper? 

We are a group of activists, academics, and stakeholders who are working collaboratively to broaden the scope of MBK and similar initiatives.  We work together and individually to elevate the need for antiracism to embrace a commitment against gender hierarchy, structural racism and all converging axis of domination.    

Some of the key organizers include:

Oscar Blayton                                                   Kiese Laymon
Paul Butler                                                        Nakisha Lewis    
Devon Carbado                                                Darnell Moore
Brittney Cooper                                                Mark Anthony Neal
Kimberle Williams Crenshaw                        Marlon Peterson
Kristie Dotson                                                   Aishah Shahidah Simmons
Farah Griffin                                                     Joanne N Smith
Ricardo Guthrie                                                Salamishah Tillet
Luke Charles Harris                                         Scheherazade Tillet
Robin Kelley                                        

Below, check out a selection of fantastic op-eds and interviews by this group of key organizers, and colleagues.

-"We Need to Be Our Brother's and Sister's Keeper" by Luke Charles Harris at Black Press USA:
-"Why Girls of Color Should Be Included in My Brother's Keeper" by Salamishah Tillet at The Root
-"Why Did President Obama Leave Out the Girls?" by Paul Butler at CNN
-"'Not Going to Lie Down and Take It': Black Women are Being Overlooked by this President" by Brittney Cooper at Salon
-"Black Men and White Women Leapfrog Over Black Women" by Oscar Blayton at Black Press USA
-"Am I My Sister's Keeper?: An Interview with Kiese Laymon" by Hope Wabuke at Ms. Magazine
-"Black Girls Also Victims of Gun Violence" by Marlon Peterson at Black Press USA
-”Darnell L. Moore on Love, Liberation and Critiquing ‘My Brother’s Keeper” by Darnell Moore at EBONY
-"A Systems Perspective to ‘My Brother’s Keeper" by Marlon Peterson at The Brooklyn Reader