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“'Some of the worst racist tragedies in history have been perfectly legal': Kimberlé Crenshaw on Eric Garner, Broken Windows and police impunity", Katie McDonough, Salon Magazine, 12/5/14   

"So in a way, what i think Garner reminds us is this whole business about "the rule of law." It kills me. When the president says it, it just kills me. The whole thing of, We are a nation of laws. I mean, what are we talking about? Some of the worst racist tragedies in history have been perfectly legal. We've been able to use these processes to create kangaroo courts, legal lynchings." 


White House Turns to Girls of Color by Jesse Holland, Associate Press, 11/12/14
(Huffingon Post,  ABC News, Washington Post)

"Anything less than full inclusion in My Brother's Keeper is "basically another frame for separate and still unequal," said Kimberle Williams Crenshaw, executive director of the African American Policy Forum....Crenshaw said the exclusion was "just an intersectional failure that is breathtaking," considering that minority women were a key, unwavering demographic that helped lift Obama to two terms in office."



Watch Kimberle Crenshaw on Democracy Now! speaking about Loretta Lynch, MBK and the White House's recently released report on women of color



White House to Women and Girls of Color: We Care, Time Magazine, 11/12/14 

"Separate and unequal is just not sufficient given the level of crises facing women and girls of color," says Crenshaw. "I guess giving something is better than nothing, but this is a far cry from a solution that promotes equity."