The Charleston Imperative: Why Feminism & Antiracism Must Be Linked

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NOTE: Affiliations are listed for identification purposes only and do not imply the endorsement of the listed institution.

The Charleston Imperative: Why Feminism & Antiracism Must Be Linked

July 7th, 2015

As we grieve for the nine African Americans who were murdered in their house of worship on June 17 2015, those of us who answer the call of feminism and antiracism must confront anew how the evils of racism and patriarchy continue to endanger all Black bodies, regardless of gender.


As antiracists, we know that the struggle against racial terror is older than the Republic itself. In particular we remember the work of Ida B Wells who risked everything to debunk the lies of lynchers over 100 years ago. Today, we see that fierce determination in Bree Newsome who scaled the 30-foot flagpole at the South Carolina state Capitol and brought down the Confederate flag. As feminists, we recognize how racism has been -- and is still -- gendered. Patriarchy continues to be foundational to racial terrorism in the US, both in specious claims that justify the torture of Black men in defense of white womanhood, and in its brutal treatment of Black women and girls. We also recognize that while patriarchy and racism are clearly intertwined, all too often, our struggles against them are not.

If the reaction to the Charleston massacre is to be realized as something beyond a singular moment of redemptive mourning, then neither the intersectional dynamics of racism and patriarchy which produced this hateful crime, nor the inept rhetorical politics that sustain the separation of feminism from antiracism, can be allowed to continue.  

As antiracist feminists of every color, we refute the patriarchal, racist practices that endanger Black people across the nation. In so doing, we also insist that the extremism of Roof’s declaration that Black people “must go” because they are “taking over our country” and “raping our women” should not obscure how anti-Black racial logics are embedded in the routine decisions made by millions of people every day. Decisions about where to live, how to identify a “safe neighborhood” or a “good school,” whom to police, and to whom police are to be accountable, also rest on a longstanding demonization of Black bodies. These choices, grounded in ideologies of Black threat, frame separation from Blackness as a rational choice. The narratives that routinely diminish the life chances of African Americans are not yesterday’s problems. Dylann Roof was born in 1994, yet murdered nine Black people having thoroughly consumed narratives that continue to denigrate Black people over half a century after the supposed fall of white supremacy. The continued assault on Black churches--several which have been burned to the ground since the Charleston Massacre--tells us that even the most extreme expressions of this denigration are not isolated.

We must recognize, at last, that racial violence, including the cycle of suffering and slow death that hovers over Black communities, is structural as well as individual. Equally significant, racial violence has never been focused on males alone. A clear indication of the way that white insecurities can unleash murderous impulses against all Black people, is that Roof murdered six Black women as well as three Black men. In his perceived defense of white women, Roof killed Black mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives and daughters. To would-be purveyors of Black genocide, there are no collateral victims. Every Black body is a threat; every dead one is one step closer to their ultimate goal.

Feminists must denounce the use of white insecurity -- whether in relation to white womanhood, white neighborhoods, white politics, or white wealth -- to justify the brutal assaults against Black people of all genders. Antiracists must acknowledge that patriarchy has long been a weapon of racism and cannot sit comfortably in any politic of racial transformation. We must all stand against both the continual, systematic and structural racial inequities that normalize daily violence as well as against extreme acts of racial terror. Policy, and movement responses that fail to reflect an intersectional approach are doomed to fail. We want a loving community across difference. In the memory of Susie Jackson, Ethel Lance, Clementa Pinckney, Tywanza Sanders, Cynthia Hurd, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, Depayne Middleton-Doctor, Daniel Simmons Jr. and Myra Thompson, we commit to a vibrant, inclusive, and intersectional social justice movement that condemns racist patriarchy and works to end its daily brutality and injustice. Anything less is unacceptable.


  1. Kimberle Crenshaw, Executive Director, the African American Policy Forum, New York, NY
  2. Sumi Cho, Professor of Law, DePaul University College of Law, Chicago, IL
  3. Laura Flanders, Founder GRITtv, New York, NY
  4. Zillah Eisenstein, Professor of Women’s Studies at Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
  5. Barbara R. Arnwine, The Civil Rights Coalition on Police Reform, Washington DC
  6. Eve Ensler, Artist and Activist, New York, NY
  7. Terry O'Neill, President of the National Organization for Women, Washington DC
  8. Mab Segrest,  American feminist writer and activist, New London, CT
  9. Kiese Laymon, Author of Long Division and How To Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America, Poughkeepsie, NY
  10. Juan M. Thompson, Reporter at The Intercept, New York, NY
  11. Tanya McKinnon, Literary Agent, Dobbs Ferry, NY
  12. Richard Simon, Dobbs Ferry, NY
  13. Janine Jackson, FAIR Radio, New York, NY
  14. Gloria Steinem, Feminist Activist, New York, NY
  15. Noor Mir, Amnesty International, Washington DC 
  16. Julia Sharpe-Levine, The African American Policy Forum, New York, NY 
  17. Rachel Anspach, The African American Policy Forum, New York, NY 
  18. Sophie Delfeus, Student, Amherst College, MA
  19. Pam McMichael, Highlander Center, New Market, TN
  20. Lori Hirtelen, Attorney, Rochester, NY
  21. Carla F. Wallace, Louisville Showing Up For Racial Justice, KY
  22. Sarah Eisenstein Stumbar, MD, MPH, Miami, FL
  23. Lisa Buckley, Historic Preservationist, Nyack, NY
  24. Beverly Guy-Sheftall, College professor, Atlanta GA
  25. Melissa Fisher, Visiting Assistant Professor, New York University, NY
  26. Sara Buckingham, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, MD
  27. Miriam Brody, Writer and teacher, Ithaca, NY
  28. Leah Kramnick, LCSW, New York, NY
  29. Gwendolyn Beetham, Rutgers University, New Jersey
  30. Ariella Rotramel, Assistant Professor, Gender and Women’s Studies, Connecticut College, New London, CT
  31. Monica J. Casper, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
  32. Lisa Kahaleole Hall, Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, Wells College, Ithaca, NY
  33. Linda Ellman, Retired high school teacher, Brooklyn, NY 
  34. Vivian M. May, NWSA President, Director of Syracuse University Humanities Center, Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, Syracuse, NY
  35. Loraine Hutchins, Co-editor, Bi Any Other Name, Washington DC
  36. Jeff Shaw, NC Justice Center, Durham, NC
  37. Hayley Marama Cavino, Dissertation Fellow, Women‘s and Gender Studies, Ithaca College, NY
  38. Jacqueline Robarge, Power Inside, Baltimore MD
  39. Victoria Delancey, Graduate Student, Binghamton University, NY
  40. Jodie Evans, CODEPINK: Women for Peace, Venice, CA
  41. Colleen Carroll, One Billion Rising, Oakland, CA
  42. Lynn Marshall Linnemeier, Visual Artist, Atlanta GA
  43. Matt Jenkins, City Government Regulations Compliance, Houston TX
  44. Tonya Pinkins, Artist, Bronx, NY
  45. Lakesia D. Johnson, Associate Dean, Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA
  46. Paula Giddings, Smith College, Northampton, MA
  47. Susan Celia Swan, V-Day, San Francisco, CA
  48. Colette Morrow, Feminist teacher-scholar, Oak Park, IL
  49. Maida Rosenstein, President, Local 2110 UAW, New York, NY
  50. Susan Koppelman, Retired, Tucson, AZ
  51. Carla Golden, Professor of Psychology, Ithaca, NY
  52. Betsy Eudey, Professor, CSU Stanislaus, Twain Harte, CA
  53. Mary Drummer, Political Organizer, Austin, TX
  54. Michele Wallace, Writer, New York, NY
  55. Jessie Daniels, Professor, CUNY, New York, NY
  56. Kris McDaniel- Miccio, Professor of Law, Sturm College of Law, University of Denver, CO
  57. Pat Mitchell, Atlanta, GA
  58. Kayla Weined, Retired Pyschologist, Seattle
  59. Curtis Marez, Associate Professor and Chair, Ethnic Studies Department, University of California, San Diego, CA
  60. Ellen Braune, Director of Communications, New York, NY
  61. Deborah M. Weissman, Professor, School of Law, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC
  62. Katherine Caporiccio, Customer Success Advisor, Cambridge, MA
  63. Karla A. Erickson, Professor of Sociology, Grinnell, IA
  64. Clarence Lusane, Professor, Washington, DC
  65. Luke Harris, College Professor, Poughkeepsie N.Y.
  66. Elaine Richardson, Professor, Ohio State University, Blacklick
  67. Liz Abzug, Professor Of Urban Studies- Barnard College/ Columbia University, New York, NY
  68. Mimi Wallace, College professor, Lake Charles, LA
  69. Virginia Mariposa, Retired teacher, Santa Barbara, CA
  70. Walter Fields, Executive Editor,, Maplewood, NJ
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  76. Hannah Brancato, FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, Baltimore, MD
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  88. Regina Day Langhout, Associate Professor of Psychology, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA
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  91. Jessica Montoya, One Billion Rising, Santa Fe, NM
  92. Betty J. Harris, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
  93. Gina Sissoko, Youth Representative of the Association of Women in Psychology to the United Nations, New York, NY
  94. Ada Renée Williams, AME Clergy & Doctoral Student, Baltimore, MD
  95. Katherine Acey, Senior Activist Fellow, Barnard Center for Research on Women, New York, NY
  96. Marion I. Lipshutz, MA, Anthropology, Brooklyn, NY
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  98. Magda Permut, PhD candidate, clinical and community psychology, Tacoma, WA
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  351. Rachel Hills, Author, The Sex Myth, New York, NY
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  361. Stephenie Stephens, Teacher, South Lake Tahoe, CA
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  367. Heidi Hartmann, Institute for Women’s Policy Research, Washington DC
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  369. Maura Stephens, Park Center for Independent Media, Ithaca, NY
  370. Leigh Patel, Boston College, Jamaica Plain, MA
  371. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Columbia University, New York NY
  372. Simon Wood, Educator, Lilyfield, NSW, Australia
  373. Kiera Lewis, Film Producer, New York, NY
  374. Valerie Ann Johnson, Mott Professor of Women's Studies/Bennett College, Greensboro North Carolina
  375. Debra Kawahara, Professor, CSPP at Alliant International University, San Diego, CA
  376. Tajh, Non profit CEO, Brooklyn, New York
  377. Joseph Keady, Translator, Brooklyn, NY
  378. Howard Winant, Professor, Santa Barbara, CA
  379. Richard James, Retired, Community organizer, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
  380. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, MLK Postdoctoral Fellow in Physics, M.I.T., Cambridge, MA
  381. Mary DeWitt, Artist feminist, Media, PA
  382. Matt Horton, Graduate Student, Berkeley, CA
  383. Margaret M Gullette, Cultural critic, Newton
  384. Molly Sackler, Writer & Editor, Chicago, IL
  385. James Dudley, Free Lance Writer, Whitehall
  386. Alison Tudor, Alliance for Community Transformations, Mariposa, CA
  387. Bonnie Shapiro, Administrative VP, NOW- NJ, Fort Lee, NJ
  388. Dr. Marjorie Dugan, Consultant, Philadelphia, PA
  389. Gay Block, artist, NM
  390. Tomeka Hayes, Feminist Studies Ph.D. student, UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA
  391. Sue Gibson, feminist activist, Jefferson City
  392. Victoria Larson, NGO Work, UNANIMA International, New York, New York
  393. Paula Ioanide, Associate Prof, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
  394. Natyna Osborne, Student, Los Angeles
  395. Janine Jones, UNCG, Greensboro, NC
  396. Crystal Johnson, Psychologist, Richmond, CA
  397. Alysia Mann Carey, Student, Madison, WI
  398. Laura Newman, Medical journalist and blogger, New York, NY
  399. Denise Mewbourne, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, San Francisco, CA
  400. Ethrl Shepard-Powell, Executive Director, Brandywine, Maryland
  401. Sue Gibson, National Organization for Women, Jefferson City
  402. Joy James, professor, New york, NY
  403. Elizabeth Deligio, Coordinator, Chicago
  404. Claudia Harrison, Hu-MAN Up, Lancaster
  405. Jennifer Scism Ash, Graduate Student, History and Gender & Women's Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago, Oak Park, IL
  406. Edmundo, Student, Pullman, Washington
  407. Kathleen, activist, Pittsburgh PA
  408. Lynn Iding, Lawyer, Canada
  409. Robert Robinson, Public Health, Doraville, GA
  410. Kathleen Barry, Professor Emerita of PSU, Santa Rosa, CA
  411. Lisa Rubin, Associate Professor, New School for Social Research, Brooklyn, NY
  412. Monika Beatty, Retired, Winnipeg, MB
  413. Monica Barrera, Policy Advisor, Washington, DC
  414. DC McGuire, Neuroscience Researcher, Santa Barbara, CA
  415. Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies, Washington DC
  416. Amina Mama, Academic, Berkeley, California
  417. Antonia Darder, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA
  418. Natasha Chart, Online organizer, Rochester, NY
  419. Gary Greenhoe, musician, Jackson, Wisconsin
  420. Nancy Richardson, Retired, Haverhill, MA
  421. Jo Oppenheimer, Psychologist, Brooklyn, NY
  422. Martha Banks, Research Neuropsychologist, Akron, OH
  423. Jane Fredricksen, Executive Director, FaithTrust Institute, Seattle, WA
  424. Lynne Henderson, Lawyer/law prof. emerita, Mountain VIew, CA
  425. Kevin Bruyneel,Teacher, Somerville
  426. Lynne Tirrell, Professor, U Mass Boston, Boston, MA
  427. Lisa Butler, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
  428. Gail Holst-Warhaft, Writer, NY
  429. Vicky Stapleton, Now-NJ and NAACP, Wharton
  430. Alicia Knight, Teacher, Stafford
  431. Mimi Shapiro, Teaching Artist, Lancaster, PA
  432. Virginia McCarthy, Nurse, Minneapolis, MN
  433. Matt Briones, University of Chicago, Chicago
  434. Jennifer Hall, Individual, Greeneville
  435. Samira Abdur-Rahman, Professor, New Jersey
  436. Samantha Foster, law library cataloger, Salem
  437. Trineka Greer, PICO California, Oakland
  438. Keisha Hicks Ph.D., Independent Scholar, Berkeley, CA
  439. Marlon Peterson, Precedential Group, 2015 Soros Justice Fellow, Brooklyn, NY
  440. Hannah Kranzberg, community activist, Berkeley, CA
  441. Zara Cadoux, Program Director, Baltimore
  442. Zetta Elliott, Writer/educator, Brooklyn, NY
  443. Elizabeth Mendez Berry, Surdna Foundation, New York, NY
  444. Dr. Ron Daniels, President, Institute of the Black World 21st Century, New York, New York
  445. Michael Arnold, Researcher, Ann Arbor, MI
  446. Barbara Zia, Teacher, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  447. Hazel Staats-Westover, Reverend, UCC ordained woman minister., Princeton, NJ
  448. Namita Goswami, Professor, Terre Haute, IN
  449. Susan Brison, Professor of Philosophy, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
  450. Nancy Power, Jewellery Designer, Herring Cove, NS
  451. Cheryl-Ann Weekes, counselor, Boston, Massachusetts
  452. Bertin Louis, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Africana Studies, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee
  453. Camile Duria, Executive Assistant, Sacramento, CA
  454. Rodolfo Rosales, associate professor retired, San Antonio, Texas
  455. Dustin Nispel, POET, York, PA
  456. Dawn Uwangue, Civil servant, Staten Island
  457. Annie Menzel, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Poughkeepsie
  458. Nayeli Y Chavez Dueñas, Clinical Psychologist, Chicago
  459. Sherry Harley, NCBW QCMC, Charlotte, NC,
  460. Sheila Ruth, Web Developer, Baltimore, MD
  461. Patricia Laidler, Ret. Professor Massasoit Community College, Brockton, MA, Brockton, MA
  462. Cara Appleton, Teacher, Aptos, CA
  463. Dawn Atkins, LMHC, Massachusetts, Tyngsboro
  464. Betty Trotter, Black Lives Matter Long Beach, Long Beach California
  465. Carol A. Loscalzo, Retired, Montvale, NJ
  466. Patricia Laidler, Ret. Professor Massasoit Community College, Brockton, MA
  467. Christina K. Schaefer, Author, The Hidden Half of the Family, Wicomico Church, VA
  468. Chris Lombardi, writer, Philadelphia
  469. Sarah Rogerson, Associate Professor, Albany Law, Albany, NY
  470. Nick Miron, YWCA Lancaster, Lancaster, PA
  471. Abby Dobson, Sonic Conceptual Artist, Activist and Independent Scholar, New York City
  472. David Byrom, Ph.D., Psychologist, Co-Director, Family Therapy Institute of Suffolk, Smithtown, NY
  473. Zara Zimbardo, White Noise Collective, Oakland, CA
  474. Lisa Clayton, Health Care Administrator, Lancaster, PA
  475. Terri James, Financial Services PM, Greensboro, NC
  476. Duriel Harris, Editor, Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora, Chicago, IL
  477. Lisa R., Kenoza Lake, NY
  478. Levana Saxon, White Noise Collective, Oakland, CA
  479. Thadious Davis, Teacher, Philadelphia
  480. Johari Jabir, Assistant Professor, Chicago
  481. Kimberly Beebe, NOW, Ferndale
  482. Deborah Jones, Community Science Institute, Trumansburg, NY
  483. Heather Rodgers, PICO CA, California
  484. Patricia Ireland, Co-Chair, National NOW Advisory Committee, Miami. FL
  485. Elizabeth DuVerlie, Quaker, Baltimore, MD
  486. Gary Eto, Attorney, Torrance, CA
  487. Amy Pett, Artist, Boston, MA
  488. Rhoda Linton, Metta Development Foundation, Yangon, Myanmar, Newfield, NY
  489. Kathleen Basman, distributor, NSW
  490. Terry James, Black Man, SC
  491. Mary Finneran, Art Teacher, Cairo, NY
  492. Lois Ahrens, Dir., The Real Cost of Prisons Project, Northampton, MA
  493. Wanda Stansbury, Attorney, Annapolis, MD
  494. Glenn Adams, Professor, Lawrence, KS
  495. Michelle Penson, PICO, Albuquerque, NM
  496. Judith Hyman, Musician, Ithaca, NY
  497. Mary Brown, Respiratory Therapist, Columbia, SC
  498. Angela Sinkler, RN BSN, Fountain Hill, PA
  499. Ebony Baylis, Girls Justice League, Philadelphia
  500. Alan Gross, Statistician, Somerset
  501. Nell Myhand, Black Lives Matter, Oakland
  502. Judah Viola, Community Psychologist, Chicago, IL.
  503. John Rice, Software Engineer, Waddy, KY
  504. Rosetta Ross, Professor, Atlanta, Georgia
  505. Cheryl Biren, Feminist, Pennsauken, New Jersey
  506. Barbara Miller, Retired Social Worker, Peoria, IL
  507. Koritha Mitchell, Associate Professor of English, Columbus, Ohio
  508. Patricia Zimmermann, Professor of Screen Studies, Ithaca College, Ithaca
  509. Jason Wulkowicz, Internetist, Oak Park, IL,
  510. Tammy Cook, Activist, Hammondsport, NY
  511. Kim D. Chanbonpin, Associate Professor, The John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Illinois,
  512. Mary Jacobus, Retired, Ithaca, NY
  513. Barbara C. Johnson, Ithaca College, emerita, Ithaca, NY
  514. Ann Garry, Cal State Los Angeles, CA
  515. Deb Huber, NOW, Oldwick, NJ
  516. John Claus, Professor & Musician, Ithaca, NY
  517. Catherine Buxton, Educator & Actor, Portland, ME
  518. Alyosha Goldstein, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
  519. Love Nyala, Singer/Songwriter, Minneapolis, MN
  520. Leslie R Wolfe, President, Center for Women Policy Studies, Chevy Chase, MD
  521. Betty Robinson, Baltimore Racial Justice Action, Baltimore, MD
  522. Erika Carr, Psychologist, New Haven, CT
  523. Tonesha Russell, PICO Live Free, Oakland, CA
  524. Dr. Robin Lee, Principal Researcher, Fairfax, VA
  525. Nicola Curtin, Assistant Professor, Clark University, Worcester, MA
  526. Darakshan Raja, Muslim American Women's Policy Forum, DC
  527. Camilla Cracchiolo, Disability rights activist, Los Angeles
  528. Elizabeth Streb, Extreme Action Choreographer, New York, NY
  529. Deborah Tucker, President, National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, Austin, Texas
  530. Bernice Gordon, Retired, Brooklyn, NY
  531. Deborah Parker, Investigator, San Pedro
  532. Bob Majzler, Graduate student, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA
  533. Sarah Busse, Writer, Madison, WI
  534. Charlene Mendoza, Teacher, Tucson, AZ
  535. Tanya Shields, Professor, North Carolina
  536. Ray Manlove, Co-director hu-MANUp, Atlanta, GA
  537. Yolonda Wilson, Philosophy Professor, Washington, DC
  538. Stephanie L McClure, Weber State University Women's Center Director, Ogden, Utah
  539. Britt Heinz-Amborn, Policy Grad Student, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
  540. Amanda Michelle Jones, PhD Student, Chicago, IL
  541. Danielle L Greene, Myself, Falls Church VA
  542. May Rico, Interim Executive Director, Haven Women's Center of Stanislaus, Modesto, CA
  543. Jessica Cattelino, UCLA Dept. of Anthropology, Los Angeles, CA
  544. Laura Moran, Student, San Diego, CA
  545. Jessica Cattelino, UCLA Dept. of Anthropology, Los Angeles, CA
  546. Lee Lakeman, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women;s Shelter, Vancouver, B.C.
  547. Kerry McLean, Human rights lawyer, NY, NY
  548. Dr. Pamela Hood, Associate Professor of Philosophy, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
  549. Karma Tenzing Wangchuk, Writer, Port Townsend, Wash.
  550. Sharon Brennan, PhD, Psychologist, Forest Hills
  551. Felice Blake, Asst. Professor University of California Santa Barbara, Goleta, California
  552. Reniya Dinkins, Student, Washington, D.C.
  553. Se Sullivan, Grad Student/Carpenter, CA
  554. Sandy Boyd, HCC, Houston Texas
  555. Julia Daniel, Boulder showing up for racial justice, Boulder, CO
  556. Susan J. Waldman, Morris County (NJ) Human Relations Commission - Treasurer, Randolph
  557. Jesse Torrey, Associate Director, RISE San Luis Obispo County, San Luis Obispo, Ca
  558. Kenya McKnight Ahad, CEO BWBA, Minneapolis, MN
  559. Eden Silva Jequinto, cultural worker, organizer, educator, law student at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  560. Donna Haraway, Professor Emerita UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA
  561. Arica L Coleman, Independent Scholar, Newark
  562. Tanya Ann Kennedy, University of Maine-Farmington, Farmington, ME
  563. Shira Tarrant, Professor, Los Angleles, CA
  564. Junyoung Veronica Kim, Assistant Professor, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
  565. Chiara Midolo,Teacher, Rome, Italy
  566. Jennifer J. Timmons, Managing Editor & Director of Field Partners Programme, Princess Anne, MD
  567. Claire Cahen, Student, Antioch University Los Angeles, Culver City
  568. Sophia Rahming, Research Assistant, Tallahassee
  569. Stephini Jefferson, Black African American, Columbus
  570. L. Michael Gipson, Writer/Educator/Consultant, Detroit
  571. Patricia Schor, Scholar, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  572. Tamura Lomax, Co-founder of The Feminist Wire, Richmond
  573. Teresa Knezek, Feminist, activist supporter, Fairbanks, AK
  574. Ednie Kaeh Garrison, Independent Scholar, Lompoc, CA
  575. Susana Basw, Professor, Easton, PA
  576. CM Winters Palacio, Librarian, Chicago, IL
  577. Graciela Sanchez, Buena Gente of the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, San Antonio, Texas
  578. Maya Pilgrim, Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, Austin, TX
  579. Sharon Kahn, Writer, Los Angeles, CA
  580. Edith Miller, Retired, Charleston, SC
  581. Kim Otis, Consultant, Washington, DC
  582. Dorothy C. Miller, Clinical Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
  583. Virginia Williams Trice, Educator and mother, Canyon, TX
  584. Ewa Adamkiewicz, PhD Student, Leipzig, Saxony
  585. Asuncion Miteria Austria, Professor Emerita, Milwaukee, WI
  586. Jennifer Rasanathan, MD, MPH, Brooklyn, NY
  587. Kenneth McClane, college teacher, Ithaca, NY
  588. Ariel Dougherty, Independent Filmmaker, @MediaEquity, New Mexico
  589. Sina Kramer, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles
  590. Jallicia, Graduate Student, Kingston, JA
  591. Jennifer Tucker, Chair, Board of Directors, Fund for Leadership, Equity, Access and Diversity, Washington, DC
  592. Jessie Zaylia, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA
  593. Lydia Mallett, Human Resources, Philadelphia, PA
  594. Marc Lamont Hill, Professor / Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA
  595. Shu-mei Shih, Professor, UCLA, Los Angeles, California
  596. Candace Sibley, Personal, Hyattsville, MD
  597. Charlotte Maria Saenz, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA
  598. Vaughn E. Taylor, Public Health Administration, Brooklyn
  599. Tema Okun, dRworks, Durham, NC
  600. Anita Nankam, Medical Case Manager, Mazzoni Center, Philadelphia, PA
  601. Sze Wei Ang, University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam
  602. Georgette Russell, student, Jersey City, NJ
  603. Nicole J, Healthcare, Yorkville, IL
  604. Heidi Yu Huang, University lecturer, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
  605. Buloff Barbara, psychotherapist, WTCI, NY
  606. Linda Arbus, Psychotherapist, Maplewood, NJ
  607. Lisa Daughtrey, Consultant, Washington, DC
  608. Dariel Janerette, Attorney, Wilmington, Delaware
  609. Abby Shuman, Psychologist, Activist, Cambridge, MA 
  610. April Emmert, South Central Board member, Texas, National Organization for Women, Murphy, Texas
  611. Crystal Kayiza, Legal Assistant, New York, New York
  612. Charles A. Grandson IV, Harvard University/ Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA
  613. Colette DeMonte, Psychologist, Tuscaloosa, AL
  614. David Corbie, Student, Boston, MA
  615. Jessica A. Krug, assistant professor, Department of History, George Washington University, New York, NY
  616. Keri (Safire) DeJong, Western Mass SURJ, Holyoke, MA
  617. Sandra Faulkner, Professor, Bowling Green, OH
  618. Bianca Baldridge, University of Wisconsin Madison, Madison
  619. Susan Chorley, Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry, Roxbury
  620. Farah Griffin, Columbia , New York, NY
  621. Rev. Dr. Yvette D. Wilson, Associate Dean for Student Affairs at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York, New York, NY
  622. Toya Lillard, Executive Director, viBe Theater Experience, Brooklyn, NY
  623. Deborah Cipolla-Dennis, Concerned American, Dryden, NY
  624. Anastasia Curwood, Department of History, University of Kentucky, Versailles, KY
  625. Toyasha, Gwinnett Stopp, Atlanta
  626. Nancy, Retired Publisher, Ithaca, New York
  627. J9, Poet Abolitionist, Newport RI
  628. Viviana Bernal, Demos, New York, NY
  629. Meta Mendel-Reyes, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), Berea
  630. Vaughan Frederick, Professor, Norfolk
  631. Jennifer Williams, Professor, Baltimore
  632. Denise O Toole, people before profit, Sligo
  633. Leslie Cagan, peace and justice organizer, NY
  634. Susie Orbach, psychoanalyst and writer, NY
  635. Marie Sweetman, Publishing, Boston, MA
  636. Jerilyn Stapleton, National Organization for Women, Los Angeles, CA
  637. Thomas Shevory, Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York
  638. Amberly Carter, Emmett Till's Cousin, Albany, NY
  639. Debra Thompson, Resturant worker, Saint Louis MO
  640. Susan Comfort, Associate Professor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA 
  641. Marian Bradley, Montana National Organization for Women, Pryor
  642. Elizabeth Morris, TAASA, Austin, TX
  643. Satya P Mohanty, Professor, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  644. Jonathan Henderson, Brand Ambassador, Adelphi, MD
  645. Ana Elena Obando, International Women's Human Rights Lawyer, Costa Rica
  646. LySaundra Campbell, Program Specialist at TN Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence, Nashville, TN
  647. Daniella Courban, Physician, Cambridge Ma
  648. Bill Caldwell, registered nurse, Madison WI
  649. Siobhan Liddell, Being, New York, NY
  650. Kirsten Howard, Activist, Chicago, Illinois
  651. Cynthia Clarke, Confronting Racism, Starksboro, VT
  652. Colin Dayan, professor, Nashville, TN
  653. Jamie Boschan, Sports Marketing Researcher, Philadelphia, PA
  654. Mary Jo Neitz, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
  655. Pete Dandridge, Art Conservator, New York, NY
  656. Marci R. Culley, College Professor, Brunswick, GA
  657. Nagueyalti Warren, Professor, Lithonia, GA
  658. Terry Person, Anti Violence Advocate, Boston, MA
  659. Dr. Janet Bing, Professor Emerita, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
  660. Sonseray Reed, ARTIST & MANAGER, New York, NY
  661. Brittany Oliver, Co-Director of Hollaback! Baltimore, Baltimore
  662. Darron Marble, Student, Indianapolis, Indiana
  663. Angela Fitzpatrick, WGST Asst Director/Lecturer, Conway, SC
  664. Jurema Werneck, CRIOLA, Rio de Janeiro
  665. Emily Napalo Cavanaugh, Move to End Violence, Los Angeles, CA
  666. Bronwen White, Public Health, Boston, MA
  667. Charlotte Jacobs, Graduate Student, Philadelphia, PA
  668. Josephine Lee, Clinical Research, Montclair, NJ
  669. Lisa Schroot, University Teacher, Lexington, KY
  670. Emma Van Deun, Graphic Designer, New York, NY
  671. David J. Lott, hospice social worker, Louisville, KY
  672. Elaine Shea, Nonprofit grant manager, New York, NY
  673. Lisa Schneider-Bentley, Director, Engineering Learning Initiatives, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  674. Tara Haughney, Education Non-Profit, Boston, MA
  675. Lynn Bolles, U Maryland College Park, College Park MD
  676. Nancy Pierce, Safe Passage, Northampton, MA
  677. Lisa Wallace, labor, Capitol Heights, MD
  678. Marianne Winters, Safe Passage, Inc., Northampton, MA
  679. Gaylynn Burroughs, Feminist Majority Foundation, Arlington, VA
  680. Kelsey Clark, Institute for Policy Studies, Dayton, Ohio
  681. JLove, SURJ, Queens, NY
  682. Linda Gordon, professor, Madison, WI
  683. Jerin Arifa, National Organization for Women’s First Virtual Chapter Young Feminists & Allies, all across the nation
  684. Linda Chapman, Associate Artistic Director, New York, NY
  685. Laurie Arbeiter, Artist/Activist WeWillNotBeSilent, Brooklyn, NY
  686. Laura Wexler, Yale University, New Haven, CT
  687. Anne Peng, Community Manager, Flushing, NY
  688. Nicole Ogden, Student, Buffalo, New York
  689. Paquita Cruz, artist, San Jose
  690. Ifeona Fulani, New York University, New York
  691. Mariella, Organizing and Healing Arts Practitioner, Los Angeles, CA
  692. Rachel Hockett, Artistic Director, Homecoming Players, Ithaca, NY
  693. Liz Cascone, Advocate, Richmond, VA
  694. Rueben Warren, University Professor, Lithonia GA
  695. John Van Deun, retired, CT
  696. Elizabeth M. Iglesias, Professor of Law, Coral Gables
  697. A. Campbell-Williams, Graduate Student, Damascus, MD
  698. Niya, attorney, Chicago, IL
  699. Sunda Friedman TeBockhorst, Psychologist, Private Practice, Boulder, CO
  700. Claudia Pons Cardoso, professor, Salvador, Bahia/Brasil
  701. Tasha Hill, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA
  702. Wendi S. Williams, Long Island University - Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY
  703. Stephanie Mahan, Education, Temple
  704. Lara Trubowitz, Writer, Evanston
  705. Judith Ackerman, New York, NY
  706. Francis Patrick Ellis, University of Rochester/ Emory University, Atlanta, GA
  707. Nardos Iyob, Student, Richmond, VA
  708. Lacia Xavier, Criola, Rio de Janeiro/RJ
  709. DonnaDale Marcano, professor, Hartford, CT
  710. Kathleen Murphy, psychologist, flint Michigan
  711. A Naomi Paik, Assistant Professor, Chicago, IL
  712. Sujani Reddy, Associate Professor, New York, NY
  713. Kimberly Kelley, RN, Santa Paula, CA
  714. Pamela Voekel, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
  715. Robin Morgan, Writer, New York, NY
  716. April Greene, GA Reproductive Justice Access Network, Athens, GA
  717. Ina Ferguson, Parent Facitatir, Buffalo, NY
  718. Kelly Fox, student, Akron, OH
  719. Paul Krikau, Educational Administrator, Fond du Lac, WI
  720. Elena Mudd, photographer, Brooklyn NY
  721. Nilma Bentes, AMNB-Negras Brasileiras, Brazil
  722. Diana Maher, artist, Providence RI
  723. Abigail Boggs, Faculty, UMass Amherst, Easthampton, MA
  724. Michele Hamilton, National Organization for Women- PA, State College
  725. Elizabeth Barnum, self-employed, Minneapolis, MN
  726. Jessica Cassidy, Independent Activist, Odenton, MD
  727. Judith Faulkner, Retired, Berea
  728. Stephen Edwards, Director of Marketing, New York, NY
  729. Chantel C, Blogger, Birmingham, AL
  730. Taina Bien-Aime, Executive Director, New York
  731. Christene DeJong, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA
  732. Holly, Archivist, Atlanta, Ga
  733. Dr. Victoria A. Chevalier, Associate Professor of English Medgar Evers College (CUNY), Brooklyn, NY
  734. Chasity Buckley, College Graduate, Baton Rouge, LA
  735. Alexander Ionov, President of The Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia (AGM/, Moscow
  736. Beth Felker, Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, Austin, TX
  737. Michelle Fadeley, Illinois National Organization for Women, Springfield
  738. Leah Graniela, Girls Inc. Of Alameda County, Oakland, CA
  739. Howard Ross, prof, Madison, WI
  740. Myleka Accounting Bookkeeper, Rochester, NY
  741. Nilza Iraci, comunicadora social, Sao Paulo - Brasil
  742. Robert Hepner, teacher, Leverett, MA
  743. Nicole Wires, White Noise Collective, Oakland, CA
  744. Meredith Turner, Government/U.S. Senate, Cleveland
  745. Dara Nix-Stevenson, Sincecombahee, Greensboro, NC
  746. Tafeni, Eve's Circle, Montgomery, AL
  747. Briana Slater, Student, Felton, DE
  748. Austin McCoy, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  749. Clare Coss, Feminist Activist, Playwright, Psychotherapist, NYC
  750. Heather Ryan, Education, South Bend
  751. Tiffany McDowell, Co-Executive Director, Institute on Social Exclusion, Adler University, Chicago, IL
  752. Leila A McNeill, Violence Prevention Educator, Texas
  753. Cookie Woolner, Postdoctoral Fellow, Cleveland, OH
  754. Christy Contreras, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
  755. Enid Trucios-Haynes, Professor, Brandeis School of Law, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky
  756. HD Artemis, Poet/Producer, Brooklyn, NY
  757. Cheryl lemus, Professor, Chicago, IL
  758. Charles H. Hubbard, Pastor, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Garland, Texas
  759. Regina Mills, PhD Student, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
  760. Carol E Gay, President, NJ Industrial Union Council, Brick, NJ
  761. Arielle Walker, Customer Service, Charleston, IL
  762. Kristen Marie Pritchard, Nonprofit, Richmond
  763. Antonia, Feminist Historian, San Antonio, TX
  764. Miriam Schachter, Law student, The University of Michigan Law School, Summit, NJ
  765. Paula McPheeters, Retired, Tucson, AZ
  766. Nuchola M Russell, nonprofit management, Port Townsend, WA
  767. Johanna Foster, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ
  768. Tony Jenkins, Director, Peace Education Initiative, The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH
  769. Deborah March, Teacher, Ashburn, VA
  770. Elon Dancy, Professor, Norman, OK
  771. Safirah Ibenana, educator, Houston, TX
  772. Erika Sussman, Executive Director, Center for Survivor Agency and Justice, Washington, DC
  773. Jenny Warburg, Photographer, NC
  774. Barbara Krauthamer, Professor, UMass-Amherst, Amherst, MA
  775. Gretchen Fowler, child care, Myrtle Beach, SC
  776. Raina Satija, future social worker, Collingswood
  777. Kasey Allee-Foreman, Production Manager, Oklahoma City, OK
  778. Golbarg Bashi, Academic, NY
  779. Shad Reinstein, Acupuncture, Sebastopol, California
  780. Laura Penney, Community Engagement Coordinator, Northampton, MA
  781. Janet M. Williams, Human, Palmyra, NJ
  782. Jessie Workman, Student, CUNY School of Law, NY, NY
  783. Clare M. Mehta, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Boston, MA
  784. Cicely Paine, Education Coordinator, Planned Parenthood, Saint Louis, MO
  785. Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune, Founder, FaithTrust Institute, Seattle, WA
  786. Chenjerai, Assistant Professor, Clemson South Carolina
  787. Mary Alice Truitt, Graduate Student, Saline, MI
  788. Charlotte Klasson, Louisiana NOW, New Orleans
  789. Lejla Bukvic, Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, MO
  790. Jasmine Abdel-khalik, Professor, UMKC School of Law, KS
  791. Jane Hirschmann, community organizer, NYC, NY
  792. Michele, Realty, Oklahoma City, OK
  793. Deepa Kumar, Associate Professor, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
  794. Amy Christian, Wise Fool New Mexico, Santa Fe
  795. Nick Walker, Editor, Autonomous Press, Berkeley, CA
  796. Angela Harris, Professor of Law, UC Davis, Davis, CA
  797. Laura Kogel, The Women's Therapy Centre Intstitute, NYC
  798. Judy Gumbo, Writer, Berkeley CA
  799. Tien Sydnor-Campbell, The RED Panty Society, Philadelphia, PA
  800. Rebecca Riley, Volunteer Fundraiser, Tiverton, Rhode Island
  801. Lindsey Dixon, Debate coach and lecturer at Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina
  802. Richard Stumbar, JD, Ithaca, NY
  803. Sarah Jaffe, Journalist, Newburgh, NY
  804. Leah Gordon, Stanford University, San Francisco, CA
  805. Laura Dore, Operations, Florissant MO
  806. Leslie Salzinger, Gender Studies Professor, Berkeley, CA
  807. Val Marie Johnson, Associate Professor, Saint Mary's University, Halifax NS Canada, Halifax Nova Scotia
  808. Lisa Goodman, Professor, Chestnut Hill, MA
  809. Colette Day Elliott, Teacher, Aurora, CO
  810. Melissa Wales, Lecturer, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Athens, OH
  811. Irene Schneeweis, Writer, Social Justice Communications Consultant, Brooklyn, NY
  812. Alexander Perrelli, Artist, Brooklyn, NY
  813. Sarah Tuttle, Astrophysicist, McDonald Observatory/UT Austin, Austin, TX
  814. Michael McEachrane, Philosopher and activist, Lund
  815. Miranda Thorman, History Teacher, Marin Academy, Oakland, CA
  816. Lela Zaphiropoulos, Endangered Bodies NY, New York, NY
  817. Shannon McDonnell, Accountant, Wonder Lake
  818. Lisa Wade, writer, professor, New Orleans, LA
  819. Sashka Rothchild, CEO, Santa Cruz
  820. Elizabeth Wood, writer, Southold
  821. Amanda Alexander, Attorney, Detroit, MI
  822. Jennifer Hoffman, scientist, Denver, CO
  823. Renee Hlozek, Scientist, Princeton
  824. Shawna Mckean, NOW, Bellefonte PA
  825. Hermelinda Cortés, Southerners On New Ground, Harrisonburg, VA
  826. Bonnie Washick, Grad Student & Instructor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
  827. Benjamin Delikat, Health Education, New York
  828. Amara Lawson-Chavanu, Student, UCLA, Elk Grove, CA
  829. Evie Shockley, Associate Professor of English and Poet, Jersey City, NJ
  830. Pippi Kessler, Independent Consultant, New York City
  831. Laura Fausone, National Organization for Women, Indialantic
  832. Jessica Schreindl, Server Industry, Seattle, WA
  833. Vanessa Green, Racial Justice Organizer, Highland Mills NY
  834. Leslie Sotomayor, grad student, State College, PA
  835. Kristen Kuczenski, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
  836. Shaunna Vella,Modern Dancer and Professor, Oakland, CA
  837. Rena Rosenwasser, Writer, Berkeley, CA
  838. Suzanne Gardinier, Sarah Lawrence College, New York, NY
  839. Geraldine Kim, poet, San Francisco, CA
  840. Kia Caldwell, Professor, Chapel Hill, NC
  841. Laura Fuchs, Teacher, Washington, DC
  842. Jennifer Griffiths, Associate Professor, New York New York
  843. Jim Naureckas, Editor,, New York, NY
  844. Kyle Marie Stock, Attorney, Brooklyn, NY
  845. Jennifer Griffiths, Associate Professor, NYiT, Manhattan Campus, New York NY
  846. Paola Maranan, Children's Alliance, Seattle, WA
  847. Ellen R Shaffer, Co-Director, Center for Policy Analysis, San Francisco
  848. Jennifer Kramer, Public Service, Los Angeles, California
  849. Mary Ellen Stitt, Student, University of Texas, Austin
  850. Louise Mygatt, Professor, Ithaca, NY
  851. Daniel Salas, Freedom Socialist Party, Seattle, WA
  852. Fiona Dove, Transnational Institute, Amsterdam
  853. Bianca C. Williams, Professor, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, Colorado
  854. Carletta Jackson-Lane, Sojoirner Truth Foster Family Service Agency, San Francisco, CA
  855. Monica Dennis, Racial Justice Community Organizer and Trainer, Brooklyn, NY
  856. Lorrie Hinton, Registered Nurse, San Francisco, CA
  857. Chloe Angyal, Journalist, New York, NY
  858. Rita Roberts, Professor of History, Claremont California
  859. Marjorie Wilner, Public relations, Brooklyn, NY
  860. Emilia Cedercreutz, English as a Second Language Teacher, Cincinnati, OH
  861. Jacquelyn Miller, unemployed, Manchester, MI
  862. Gari L. Williams, retired teacher, Indianapolis, IN
  863. Danita Geltner, poet - visual artist, New York, NY
  864. Addie C. ROlnick,Associate Professor, UNLV School of Law, Las Vegas, NV
  865. Adrienne Cabouet,Black Lives Matter Portland & AAPRP, Portland
  866. Gloria Woods, National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS), Bay City, MI
  867. Cassie Schwerner, The Schott Foundation, NYC, NY
  868. Jim Devine, union,veteran,retired, Philadelphia, PA
  869. Julie Parr, Fundraising, New Haven, CT
  870. Connie Wun, Educator, Researcher, Activist Oakland, CA
  871. Matthew Grover, Antiracist Feminist, Milwaukee, WI
  872. Freddi Brown-Carter, retired, New York
  873. Andrea Rundell, YWCA of the University of Illinois, Champaign
  874. Selena Cardona. Mount Holyoke College, New York, NY
  875. Jane Fonda, actor activist, Los Angeles, CA
  876. Nancy Campbell Mead, National Organization for Women (NOW), Depoe Bay, OR
  877. Mary M. Elizabeth, self, Austin, Texas
  878. Arisika Razak, Associate Professor, Oakland California
  879. Steph Herold, Managing Director, the Sea Change Program, Brooklyn, NY
  880. Vivian Stromberg, Retired, New York, NY
  881. Aisha Springer, Younger Women's Task Force, Baltimore Chapter, Baltimore, MD
  882. Selena Alonzo, Student, Austin, TX
  883. Mallory Foutch, Graduate Student, Tallahassee, FL
  884. Heidi L. Stauffer, PhD Candidate, Earth Science, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA
  885. Constance, teacher, Amherst, MA
  886. Amir Hall, Student, Amherst
  887. Dr. Tiffany G. Porter, Clinical Counselor, Stow, OH
  888. Dylana Kachine Dillon, Artist/Activist, New Orleans, LA
  889. Julie Larm, Legal Assistant. Seattle, WA
  890. Antonia Ruiz-Koffman, Librarian, San Francisco, CA
  891. Robin Osborne, Clergy, Lakeside Park, KY
  892. Heather Dannenfelser, Nonprofit, Seattle, WA
  893. Chelsea Rustad, Business owner, Olympia, WA
  894. Susan Evans, Professor, Johnson City, Tennessee
  895. Alice Baskous, student, Union City
  896. Alexandra Balcazar, Librarian, Pasadena
  897. Kathleen Chaballa, Research Analyst, University of Denver, Denver, CO
  898. Sara D. Conrad, Cannabis activist/social media, Boulder
  899. Joanie Herron, Teacher, PhD Student, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
  900. Andrea Soccorsi, Instructor, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV
  901. Althea Harris, Retired, Longmont, CO
  902. Jennifer Knecht, Writer, Moorhead MN
  903. Zhahira Yaremko, Souderton, PA
  904. Becky Hughes, Retired Vocational Counselor, Felton, CA
  905. Brooke Pekkala, retired, Duluth, MN
  906. Pat Whitmire, Retired, La Fayette, GA
  907. Ina Hallström, Student, Stockholm
  908. Linda Gartzman, Retired Teacher, Los Angeles, CA
  909. Stephanie Serino, Travel Consultant, New York, NY
  910. Jessica Gelay, Public health policy analyst, Santa Fe, NM
  911. Paula Palmer, Disability Rights Advocate, Pensacola, Florida
  912. Kathryn Dennett, Poet and Librarian, Austin, TX
  913. Lanis Levy, Lawyer, Brooklyn, NY
  914. Sojourner Davidson, Student at Guilford College, Oberlin, OH
  915. Rosemary Rocco, ERAMN, Maple Grove, MN
  916. Marika Nyström, admininstrator, Göteborg, Sweden
  917. Julisa Rincon, Teacher, New York, NY
  918. Frances Richey, writer, teacher, NY
  919. The Rev. Dr. Stephen York, Clergy, Stonington
  920. Lisa Pavlock, Education, ages 4-19, St. Ignatius, MT
  921. Juliette Wade, Writer, Newark, CA
  922. Claire Fnarg, Student, Leinster, Ireland
  923. Netta Glaser, Georgetown KY
  924. Miriam, retired, Bryn Mawr PA
  925. Laura DeGrace, Accountant, Portland, OR
  926. Anne-Marie Puccini, Admin professional, Banff, Alberta
  927. Dawn Carlson, Editor/Writer, Minneapolis, MN
  928. Linda C. Wisniewski, Writer, Doylestown, PA
  929. Jean Harper, Retired, Easton, Connecticut
  930. Tricia Dower, Writer, Brentwood Bay, BC, Canada
  931. Carol Bloom, psychotherapist, New York
  932. Jen Hihn, Sales Admin, Valparaiso, IN
  933. Amy Nelson, Student Affairs Administration, Boise, ID
  934. Nora De La Cour, High School Teacher, Philadelphia, PA
  935. Robin, Student, Victoria, BC
  936. Allison Sabalos-Gruber, Writer, Flagstaff, AZ
  937. Ronna Russell, Psychiatric Administration, Bellingham,WA
  938. Lisa A. Gissendaner, Community Advocate and Canton City Schools Board Of Education, Canton, OH
  939. Marita Saxton, teacher, Pauma Valley
  940. Paula Moerland, Health Sciences, New York, NY
  941. Jennifer Rojas, Community Advocate, Huntington Beach
  942. The Rev. Fay M. Patterson, Anglican Priest, Pickering, Ontario
  943. Cuevas Peacock, community organizer, Port Arthur, Texas
  944. Lori Sokol, PUBLISHER, NEW YORK, NY
  945. Andrea Plaid, Writer, St. Paul, MN
  946. Lindy Clements, retired, FL
  947. Louisa Borowick, Designer, Lakewood
  948. Ronna Lambiasi DeLoe, Attorney, THOMASTON
  949. Cara Patricia Higgins, Sommelier, San Francisco, CA
  950. Terri Watson, Professor, New York, New York
  951. Phi Loan Le, Training Director, Santa Ana
  952. Cindy Farquhar, NOW, Timonium, MD
  953. Pat Clough, Retired, Plymouth, MA
  954. Anna Carella, PhD Candidate at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
  955. Jessica Scobel, american, Arvada, CO
  956. Shannon Langlois, Art Teacher, Gatineau
  957. Kara Morris, Project Manager, Boston, MA
  958. Joy Puder, Student, Houston, Texas
  959. Alessandra, Artist and Student, Providence, RI
  960. Jamie Andreson, Ph.D. student, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  961. Jim Streeter, Theatre, Palmyra, NJ
  962. Danielle Charney, Fixer, Santa Monica, CA
  963. Crystallee Crain. Prevention at the Intersections. Oakland
  964. Elaine Campbell, Bookseller, Arlington, MA
  965. Elizabeth Weaver, Feminist, Seattle, WA
  966. Kathy Ames, Caretaker, Renton, WA
  967. Jerri Gallagher, On Disability, Indianapolis, IN
  968. Andi Miller, Artist/author, Professor, Randolph College, Lynchburg, VA
  969. Colleen Crowley, Retiree, Commerce Twp., MI
  970. Gloria Stepp, Designer, SALT LICK
  971. Marcia Willson, writer, Peoria, Illinois
  972. Rosa Gonzalez, College student, LA PUENTE
  973. Ileana Jiménez, Feminist Teacher (, New York, NY
  974. Patti Duncan, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
  975. Pam Hightower, Retired Federal Civil Service, Fort Myers, FL
  976. Mary Gene Hayes, Retired Teacher, Greer, SC
  977. Carlene Brown, Educator, Race Relay Dialogues, Culver City
  978. Losang Rabgey, Executive Director, Washington DC
  979. Helen Swartz, Psychologist, Miami Beach Florida
  980. Lynn Culver, mom, Alexis, Illinois
  981. Sylvia Felix, In-Home Support Health Aide, Los Angeles
  982. Laura Iseli, Executive, UK
  983. Courtney S., University Instructor, Virginia
  984. Kristine Pavlik, Flagstaff Freethinkers, FLAGSTAFF, AZ
  985. Third Woman Press, Third Woman Press: Feminist of Color Publishing, San Antonio, Texas
  986. Ula Taylor, UC Berkeley, Oakland
  987. Teresa Bailey, Social worker, Seattle WA
  988. Monique Pensis, retired, Preston
  989. Elaine Vilorio, Amherst College student, Washington, D.C.
  990. Barbara Nehmad, n/a, Barrington
  991. Jeanne Freeman, Retired, Clayton, CA
  992. Sandra Abramson, Retired, Brooklyn, NY
  993. Eileen Grundstrom, Pembina Band of Chippewa, White Bear Lake MN
  994. Jaclyn Nott, Writer & Filmmaker, Los Angeles, CA
  995. Nioshii Wilde, Artist/Activist, ATL/NYC GA/NY
  996. Viki Yamashita,Teacher, Long Beach
  997. Moira Elizabeth Barber, home maker, cool
  998. Liz Lorraine, Therapist, Petersburg, AK
  999. R. Paulson, Homemaker, Reno, NV
  1000. Gannon Daniels, College Instructor, La Crescenta, CA
  1001. Renee Lansley, Professor, Pennington, NJ
  1002. Cara Stanley, Educator, Hercules, CA
  1003. Maureen Fadem, Professor, City University of NY, Belle Harbor
  1004. Diane Meyers, Retired, SHAWNEE, KS
  1005. Paula Clendenin, Artist, Charleston, West Virginia
  1006. Molly Casteel, Presbyterian Minister, Louisville, KY
  1007. Keriann Bennett, Pharmacist, Palouse, WA
  1008. Filomina C. Steady, Professor, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA
  1009. Lisa Del Monico, artist/human, Houston
  1010. Lorna Green, writer. director. filmmaker, Altadena, CA
  1011. Antoinette Session, Housing Specialist, Ontario
  1012. Krystal, Designer, Fort lauderdale, FL.
  1013. Barbara McDaniel, Alaska NOW, Wasilla AK
  1014. Katherine Rivers, IT Test Analyst, Rochester, NY
  1015. Elana Craemer, Family Physician, Irvine, CA
  1016. Shelley Thomas, Ses, Tulsa, OK
  1017. Michael Kimmel, Professor, Brooklyn, NY
  1018. Chelsea Mangold, Economic justice nonprofit, Oakland, CA
  1019. Mary Ceallaigh, Teacher, Tucson
  1020. Ellen M Barry, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, Oakland, CA
  1021. Gretchen Heidemann, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Whittier, CA
  1022. Cynthia Harvey, na, Nashville
  1023. Suzanne Shaker, design firm, NY
  1024. Kathy Helmbock, retired, Cincinnati OH
  1025. Sharon Harley, College Professor, Washington, D.C.
  1026. Teresa Barnes, Assoc. Prof., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL
  1027. Laura Durnell, Writer, Adjunct College Professor, Chicago
  1028. Carol Myers, NOW, Spring Mills, PA
  1029. Rosemarie Woodruff, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
  1030. Liz Willis, Historian and educator, Santa Monica, CA
  1031. Walden Bello, professor, Philippines
  1032. Gail Blackwell, Selah Women's Ministries, Los Angeles
  1033. Shannon Cardinal, Student, Portland, Maine
  1034. Jean Neil, Retired, Cape Breton
  1035. Diane McCarter, Retired exec Secy, Kodak, TN
  1036. Nancy Myron, chef, Rhinebeck
  1037. Frances Barnard, Retired, Swampscott, MA
  1038. Susan Francis Long, Retired RN, Glen Burnie, MD
  1039. Jennie Flynn-McKevitt, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA
  1040. Carol Trevor, Graphic designer, OR
  1041. Deirdre Cooper Owens, Professor of History, NY
  1042. Barbara E Johnson, Retired, Delaware City
  1043. Melissa Jay Craig, Artist, Chicago, IL
  1044. Lauren Brisbon, Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA
  1045. Esme' Freeman, Undergraduate at UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
  1046. Carol King, Filmmaker, Los Angeles
  1047. Arlene S. Chasek, Educator, New Providence, NJ
  1048. Erica Clinefelter, Teacher, Augusta Georgia
  1049. Maia Cho, High School Student, Chicago, Illinois
  1050. The Rev. Broderick L. Greer, Episcopal clergy, Memphis, TN
  1051. Stephanie Gilmore, Ph.D., writer, educator, activist, Huntsville, AL
  1052. Mark Anthony Neal, Professor, Durham, NC
  1053. Taylor Wondergem , Graduate Student, San Diego, CA
  1054. Donna decker, professor, ashburnham, ma
  1055. Carrie Richardson, Teacher, Denver, CO
  1056. Carey Campbell, Writer, Los Angeles, CA
  1057. Rae Winkelstein, Columbia University School of Nursing, Astoria, NY
  1058. Robert Totah, international business, mastic new York
  1059. Dr. Mary Ellen Waithe, Professor Emerita, Shaker Heights
  1060. Kristy Miles, Community Member, Molalla
  1061. Christina Dunbar, Artist, North Hollywood
  1062. Kathleen Kern, Christian Peacemaker Teams, Rochester, NY
  1063. Susan Bruck, teacher, Chicago
  1064. Erika Miller, Social Worker, Bronx, NY
  1065. Sarah Williams, Engineering manager, Portland, OR
  1066. Shawn Darling, Retail, South Portland ME
  1067. Jackie Cartwright, Retired, Melbourne, FL
  1068. Max Dashu, Historian, Richmond CA
  1069. Sarah Quinn, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Washington, Seattle
  1070. Rachael Groner, Professor, Philadelphia, PA
  1071. Judith Murphy, pediatrician, Portola Valley, CA
  1072. Laura Fryer, Stanford University, Oakland, CA
  1073. Rachael Groner, Professor of English, Philadelphia, PA
  1074. Heidi Denton, Protective Services Worker, Pacifica, CA
  1075. Arbor Mccauley, Massage therapist, Oakland california
  1076. C. Badran, Instructor, City College of San Francisco, Oakland, CA
  1077. Danna Enderle, Addiction Management, Grants, NM
  1078. Ashton Marion, Student, Chicago,IL
  1079. Patricia Jones, humanist, Hilham, Tennessee
  1080. Kerrie O'Leary, Therapist, San Diego, CA
  1081. Agne Pack Jonaitis, Graduate Oregon State University, Corvallis OR
  1082. Rv.R. Richburg, Clergy/ Social Worker, NY, NY
  1083. Paula Rose, Art Historian, Kansas City, MO
  1084. Barbara Morrill, Psychologist, Professor, Redwood City
  1085. Rebecca Cleary, Freelance Writer, WA
  1086. Merline Anderson, Executive, St Louis, MO
  1087. Abby Bent, Student, Halifax, NS
  1088. Jacqueline Retalis, Student, Brooklyn, New York
  1089. Cheryl Dudasik-Wiggs,Teacher, New Bern, NC
  1090. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue, actress/writer, Northport
  1091. Rebecca Morgan, Attorney, Portland, Oregon
  1092. Judith Kuppersmith, Psychologist/psychoanalyst, New York
  1093. Wendy Christensen, Professor, William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ
  1094. Emily Dimov-Gottshall, artist, Altoona
  1095. Lea Ogozelec, Retired, Roswell, Ga
  1096. Laura Ann Haarmeyer, retired Public School Teacher, Scranton PA
  1097. Isabel Sadurni, Filmmaker, BROOKLYN
  1098. Jessie Daniels, Professor, CUNY, New York
  1099. Ami Wazlawik, President, Minnesota NOW, St.Paul, MN
  1100. JT Brewer, Homemaker, Saint Peters, MO
  1101. Virginia Jackson, LMSW, Social Worker, Georgia
  1102. Amy Williamson, Professor, Woodridge, il
  1103. Jordyn, Student, Chicago,IL
  1104. Kendall Morgan, Student, Chicago, IL
  1105. Victoria Herb, Nurse, Fort Myers, FL
  1106. Anne Bluethenthal, ABD Productions, San Francisco, CA
  1107. Ann Ward, Citizen, Asheville, NC
  1108. Ashton Marion, Student, Chicago,IL
  1109. Suzanne Wertman, Nurse-Midwife, Wilmington, NC
  1110. Ayla Walter, Artist, Providence, RI
  1111. Jennifer Carroll, Faculty, Fairbanks
  1112. Matthew Ezzell, Associate Professor of Sociology, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA
  1113. Amy Subach, Vision Zero USA, Portland, OR
  1114. Virginia Everson Pond, Behavioral Health Therapist, Calais, Maine
  1115. Jennifer J. Reed, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
  1116. Donna M. Bickford, Administrator, Chapel Hill
  1117. Renata Karrys, retired, Abbotsford, BC, Canada
  1118. Tracy Anderson, Sales, Chicago IL
  1119. Jessica Ghiglieri, college student, Portland, OR
  1120. Aryn Martin, Professor, Toronto, Ontario
  1121. Rebecca Wickes, Academic, Brisbane, Australia
  1122. Melissa Cardenas-Dow, Reference & Instruction Librarian, University of California, Riverside, Redlands, California
  1123. Jeannette Smyth, Citizen, Albuquerque, NM
  1124. Kris Macomber, Sociology Professor, Raleigh
  1125. Lisa Harrington, Social Worker, Writer and Artist, McMinnville, Oregon
  1126. Alex Schein, SkyHunter Media, Philadelphia
  1127. Megan Byrnes, Museum Educator, Bentonville, AR
  1128. Alexis, Researcher, San Francisco, CA
  1129. Heather Wildrick-Holman, Indiana NOW president, Indianapolis, IN
  1130. Kerry Mulligan, Assistan Professor, The Sage Colleges, Albany, NY
  1131. Lydia Mallett, Human Resources, Philadelphia, PA
  1132. Cynthia Bennett, President, Tennessee Chapter, National Organization for Women, Nashville
  1133. Johanna Teske, postdoctoral fellow, Bethesda, MD
  1134. Adam Chefitz, Artist, Miami Beach, Florida
  1135. Felicia M.Elias, Employee Benefits Consultant, Woodridge Il
  1136. Jennifer Manis, Lutheran Campus Minister, Durham, NC
  1137. Wendy Vardaman, Poet Laureate, Madison, Wisconsin, Madison
  1138. Gail Trill, Retired teacher, Traverse City, MI
  1139. Elizabeth Ann King, Ordained minister, MA
  1140. Ruchira Gupta, Apne Aap Women Worldwide, New York, New York
  1141. Paulina Allende, digital editor, Merced, California
  1142. Katherine McMullen, writer, Lexington, KY
  1143. Pamela Debellis, R.N., cuyahoga falls, OH
  1144. Julia P. Eisenstein, M.P.H., former Admin. Director, Organ Transplantation, Univ. of Chicago Hospitals, Evanston, IL
  1145. Sally Penso, District Attorney, retired, Carlsbad, California
  1146. Dr Tracy Ann Essoglou, Culturescaping, NYC
  1147. Joya Hajra, Designer, Oakland, CA
  1148. Ardys DeLu MSW, retired, Berkeley CA
  1149. Carol Burian, Clinical Data Analyst, San Diego
  1150. Sarah Kenney, early childhood advocate, Burlington, VT
  1151. Sandra L. Herndon, Professor Emerita, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
  1152. Elizabeth Meinecke, Owner, Anahata Massage Therapy, Milwaukee, WI
  1153. Beth Dougherty, Doctoral Candidate, Berwyn, IL
  1154. Caryn Winters, Professor, Lafayette, LA
  1155. Joanna Anyanwu, Student; Princeton '15/MPA '19, Frisco, TX/Princeton, NJ
  1156. Seamus Pender, franklin pierce university, Ashburnham MA
  1157. Olivia Robinson, BRJA, Baltimore, MD
  1158. Romarilyn Ralston, Student, St. Louis
  1159. Kellie Tyndall, Social Work, Port Hueneme, CA
  1160. Ari Himber, Environmentalist, New York, NY
  1161. Renee McTeer-Ramirez, Retired public employee; FT home/health caretaker of disabled son; SEIU member, Chino Hills, CA
  1162. Debbie French, Psychotherapist, Centennial, CO
  1163. Lily Gellman, Student, New York, NY
  1164. Casey Shevlin, UTSA, San Antonio
  1165. Ruth Trotter, Artist and Educator, Palos Verdes, CA
  1166. Kristy Brehm, K-12 School Counselor, OR
  1167. Sherod Thaxton, Assistant Professor of Law, Los Angeles, CA
  1168. Pam Brooks, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
  1169. Noah Zatz, UCLA School of Law, Culver City, CA
  1170. Peggy Choate, Esthetician, Lakewood, CO
  1171. Barbara Murray, Retired Nonprofit Administrator, Detroit, Michigan
  1172. Steven Bray, Clerical support, Seal beach ,ca
  1173. Susan J. Lee, Clinical Psychologist, Arlington, MA
  1174. Jocelyn Fujii, Writer, Honolulu, HI
  1175. Kathryn Ward, Organic-veganic farmer & Retired sociologist, Carbondale IL
  1176. Kegan Allee, Assistant Director, Title IX USC, Los Angeles
  1177. Bratati Bal Das, Humanist, Mumbai, Maharastra
  1178. Feminist Scholars Policy Forum, groups of feminist scholars, Washington, DC
  1179. Cynthia Harrison, historian, Washington, DC
  1180. Angana Chatterji, Academic, SF, CA
  1181. Richard Shapiro, Academic, SF, CA
  1182. Yeshi Neumann, midwife, Muir Beach
  1183. Jyoti Nanda, Youth + Justice Clinic, UCLA School of Law, Los Angeles, CA
  1184. Andrea Lee, Non-profit Director, Oakland, CA
  1185. Maureen Bracewell, University instructor, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  1186. Lisa Uddin, Assistant Professor of Art History and Visual Culture Studies, Whitman College, WA
  1187. Molly, EIU student, Springfield, IL
  1188. Audrey Voorhees, Teacher, Des Moines, Iowa
  1189. Leslene Della-madre, writer, CA
  1190. Christine Croasdaile, Student, Amherst College, Brooklyn
  1191. Karen Agostini, Registered Nurse, Brigham and Women's Hospital / Simmons College School of Nursing and Health Sciences, Boston MA
  1192. Ayala Edouard, Student, Riverview, Fl
  1193. Sa-rah Bibbins, executive assistant, Elk Grove, CA
  1194. Theresa Welford, College professor, Statesboro, GA
  1195. Trudi Marrapodi, School Psychologist, Mansfield
  1196. Amy PritchardSwiney, Stay at home mom, Burleson, TX
  1197. Jasleen Kohli, Director, Critical Race Studies Program, UCLA School of Law, Los Angeles, CA
  1198. Sikivu Hutchinson, Black Skeptics Los Angeles, Los Angeles
  1199. Karen poortvliet, Clinical research prof, Minneapolis, MN
  1200. Alana Post, Communications Professional, Oakland, CA
  1201. Jen Katchmark, Usg, Washington DC
  1202. Dr, Gloria F. Waldman, CUNY professor, Emerita, NY, NY
  1203. Lori Patton Davis, Associate Professor, Indianapolis
  1204. Laura L. Brenneman, religion professor, Champaign, IL
  1205. Kristy Shih, Ph.D., Professor, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI
  1206. Lisa Tilley, University of Warwick, UK
  1207. Lisa Beaulaurier, SEIU local 925, Seattle, WA
  1208. Dale Axelrod, artist, Petaluma
  1209. Ronda Bullock, Graduate Student, Durham, NC
  1210. Massue, Student, London
  1211. Judith Walenta, Family Nurse Practitioner, Sebastopol, CA
  1212. Nathan Myers, UC Davis, Davis
  1213. Dr June O. Patton, Professor of History and Public Policy, Chicago, Illinois
  1214. Anandi Premlall, Artivist , South Ozone Park
  1215. Marta Gradilone Rodriguez, teacher, Eugene
  1216. Sarah Kent, Stay-at-home mom, Seattle, WA
  1217. Merle Ratner, Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign, New York, NY
  1218. Honey Anne Haskin, Alma Torera Productions, Los Angeles, CA
  1219. Molly Arthur, birth activist, San Francisco, CA
  1220. Jennifer Ewald, Consultant, Madison, WI
  1221. Patty Silver, Therapist, Entrepreneur, Activist, Nashville, TN
  1222. Rhonda Rudner, Psychotherapist, Boston, MA
  1223. Annick Wibben, Professor, San Francisco
  1224. Trude Bennett, Retired public health professor, Durham, North Carolina
  1225. Lilly Irani, Professor, San Diego, CA
  1226. Lennox Drummond, jurist, Streatham London
  1227. Billie McFadden, Caregiver, Las Vegas, NV
  1228. Alexis, Event planner, Buffalo, New York
  1229. Sarah Jane Schmidt, Postdoctoral Fellow at Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
  1230. T.H. Merchant, Ethnomusicologist, Santa Cruz, CA
  1231. Tania Bradkin, Graduate student, Mother, Consultant, Los Angeles, California
  1232. Zehra F. Kabasakal Arat, Professor, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
  1233. Elizabeth Thornton, Instructor, Los Angeles Valley College; Member, Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, Los Angeles, California
  1234. Emilie Townes, Professor, Nashville, TN
  1235. Marita McComiskey, University of Connecticut, Colchester, CT
  1236. Linda Brothen, Social Justice Activist, Mt Pleasant, WI
  1237. Carla Natalucci Hall, Psychologist, Floral Park, NY
  1238. Tina Minkowitz, President, Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry, Chestertown, NY
  1239. Janet Bellusci, educator, Ulster Park, NY
  1240. Sarah Brown, Equality Activist, Essex Junction, Vermont
  1241. Kidada E. Williams, Wayne State University, Detroit
  1242. Katie Kramer, Domestic Violence Coalition Staff, Saint Paul, MN
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  1438. D'Arave Willmore, Equestrian, Fallbrook,CA
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  1455. Janet Colm, CEO, Planned Parenthood of Central NC (retired), Moral Monday arrestee, Pittsboro, NC
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  1491. Teal Cracraft. Speak Your Story, IN
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  1496. Sharon Turner, Advocate, Oakland
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  1500. Kirsten Sherk, reproductive justice advocate, Durham, NC
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  1503. Nancy Chi Cantalupo, Law Professor, Arlington, VA
  1504. Dr. Willi Coleman, Professor Emeritus, Greensboro NC
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  1508. Caleb LoSchiavo, Researcher, New York, NY
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  1513. Chanel Heermann, Psychiatrist, Denver, CO
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  1515. Diane Rose, Disabled, MA
  1516. BK Hart, Artist, Chapel Hill, NC
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  1520. Laura Kogel, The Women's Therapy Centre Institute, NYC
  1521. Penny Rosenwasser, Jewish Voice for Peace, Oakland CA
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  1525. Jessica, Teacher, Marietta, Georgi
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  1528. Shelley Park, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Orlando, FL
  1529. Sabrina Artel, TRAILER TALK Media Project, New York, NY
  1530. Noel Sincere Duckworth, Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Wilmington, DE
  1531. Sonja de Vries, LSURJ/Poetry therapist, Louisville, Kentucky
  1532. Gregory Felder, Manager, Chantilly VA
  1533. Brenda Joyner, Black Feminist Activist and Sociologist, OH
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  1535. Nimmi Gowrinathan, Visiting Professor, Colin Powell School City College NY, New York
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  1538. Amie Lee, Artist, Portland, OR
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  1543. Caryn Moore, social worker, New York
  1544. Melanie S. Morrison, Executive Director, Allies for Change, Okemos, MI
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  1546. Toi-Sing Woo, New Directions, Seattle, WA
  1547. Elaine Pinson, Grant Writer, Washington, DC
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  1549. Nedra Neal, Associate Professor, Garden City, NY, New York, NY
  1550. Caryl Esteves, Retired, Berkeley CA
  1551. Joanne Tosti-Vasey, NOW Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, civil rights activist, and blogger, Bellefonte, PA
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  1553. Regent Brown, HR, Everett
  1554. Alisha Anderson, Teacher, Charleston, SC
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  1560. Jody Myrum, NoVo Foundation, New York, NY
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  1563. Patricia Clark, New York,NY
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  1566. Dr. Kate Corlew, Asst Professor of Psychology, UMA, Bangor, Maine
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  1569. Carol Myers, NOW, Spring Mills, PA
  1570. Ed Paquin, Disability Rights Advocate, Montpelier, VT
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  1572. David Jolly, Teacher, Durham, NC
  1573. Ann Ross, concerned citizen, Madison Georgia
  1574. Carl Dix, co-founder of Stop Mass Incarceration Network, New York, NY
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  1577. Rachel Youdelman, Photo Editor, Chelsea MA
  1578. Elizabeth Rogers, Graduate Student, Tuscaloosa, Al
  1579. Deidre Hill Butler, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of Africana Studies, Union College, Schenectady, NY
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  1583. Pamela Shifman, NoVo Foundation, Brooklyn, NY
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  1586. Fred Brown, Law Professor, University of Baltimore School of Law, Baltimore, MD
  1587. Nickolas Johnson, Policy Analyst, CA
  1588. Bonnie Powell, retired from healthcare, Franklin, NC
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  1590. Eileen Boris, University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California
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  1592. LisaGay Hamilton, Actress, Los Angeles, California
  1593. Joanna McClintick, Social Worker, Brooklyn
  1594. Lawrence Foy, Policy Drector, Los Angeles, CA
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  1605. Jeanette Stokes, RCWMS, Durham, NC
  1606. Sue Gibson, NOW, Jefferson City, MO
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  1610. Lauren Smith, Assistant Professor of English, Delta College, Bay City, MI
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  1612. Shari B Ellis, Photographer, Los Angeles, CA
  1613. Asali DeVan Ecclesiastes, Program Manager, City of New Orleans, New Orleans
  1614. Rev. Carla Patterson, Chaplain, Charlotte, NC
  1615. The Reverend Dr Donna S. Mote, Episcopal Chaplain to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Decatur, GA
  1616. Kristie Dotson, Michigan State University, Lansing, MI
  1617. Jennie Lightweis-Goff, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
  1618. Brodie McGuy, Writer, Hollywood CA
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  1623. Maggie Potapchuk, MP Associates, Baltimore MD
  1624. Ellen Anderson, Student at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
  1625. Lori Guest, Guelph Reaource Centre for Gender Empowerment and Diversity, Guelph ON
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  1628. Marcy Webb, Teacher, Bloomfield, CT
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  1630. Tina Miller, Certified Family Life Educator, La Mesa, CA
  1631. Emily, Student, St Louis, MO
  1632. Rev. Kyndra Frazier, Alliance of Baptist, Atlanta, GA
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  1635. Karen Sterk, Advancing Equity, Atlanta GA
  1636. Lillian, Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, Austin, TX
  1637. Kelli Risitano, Legal Projects Coordinator, Morrisville, VT
  1638. Mona Reeves, self, Marietta, GA
  1639. Jennifer Graf, Teacher, Austin
  1640. Dianne Valentin, Co-Founder of The Black Heritage Museum & Cultural Center, Inc., Atlanta
  1641. Deesha Philyaw, writer, Pittsburgh, PA
  1642. Saralyn Chesnut, Retired Professor, Atlanta GAMichelle Schreiber, Business owner, Austin, TX
  1643. Michelle Schreiber, Business owner, Austin, TX
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  1645. Lynn Hicks, lesbian feminist antiracist activist, Silk Hope, NC
  1646. Joan Biren, JEB Productions, Silver Spring
  1647. ABilly Jones-Hennin, Alliance of Multicultural Bisexuals, Washington, DC
  1648. Allison Young, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
  1649. Evan Dembkowski, Higher Education, New York
  1650. Patricia Castillo, Social work, San Antonio
  1651. Amy Brookman, writer, Takoma Park, MD
  1652. Natalie Sharp, Admissions Counselor, Milledgeville
  1653. Janet Seiz, Educator, Grinnell, IA
  1654. Maureen Burke, Celebrant, Riverdale, MD
  1655. Alicia Aiken, Director, Confidentiality Institute
  1656. Michele Hamilton, Ni-ta-nee NOW, Centre County PA, State College, PA
  1657. Shona Chakravartty, funder, New York, NY
  1658. Edith Kelman, artist-educator, Atlanta
  1659. Phyllis Thakis, Retired Educator/First Existentialist Congregation of Atlanta, Atlanta
  1660. Galen Marshall-Clark, Activist, Asheville, NC
  1661. Carla Goldstein, Omega Women's Leadership Center, New York, NY
  1662. Nancy Siegel, Career Coach/Writer, Tampa, FL
  1663. Christine Rufflo, Teacher, Austin, TX
  1664. Kathleen B. O’Donnell, Librarian, Philadelphia, PA
  1665. Michele Bertran, Director, Women's Leadership Center, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
  1666. Andrew Sta. Ana, attorney, New York, NY
  1667. David Lee, CALCASA, Sacramento CA
  1668. Jamia Wilson, Women, Action, & the Media, New York, NY
  1669. Karen Tronsgard-Scott, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, Montpelier,
  1670. Kelly Miller, Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence, Boise
  1671. Deirdre Jones, Graduate Student, Chicago, IL
  1672. Jackie Payne, Move to End Violence, Seattle, WA
  1673. Amy Wharton, Clergy, Robinson, Illinois
  1674. Maria Alegria Rodriguez, Florida Immigrant Coalition, Miami, Florida
  1675. Alesia, Disabled, Conyers, GA
  1676. Beckie Masaki, Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence, Oakland, CA
  1677. Marcia Olivo, Miami Workers Center Programs Director, Miami, FL
  1678. Alexis Flanagan, HopeWorks of Howard County, Columbia, MD
  1679. Charlene Ball, Writer, Atlanta
  1680. Aarati Kasturirangan, Bread & Roses Community Fund, Philadelphia, PA
  1681. Cynthia Greenberg, Brooklyn, NY
  1682. Patricia Parra, operations manager, Columbia
  1683. Annette D'Armata, ND, Naturopathic Physician, San Antonio, TX
  1684. Lourdes Pérez, Musician & Writer, San Antonio, TX
  1685. Ana, Women for Economic Justice, Chicago, IL
  1686. Michael Revell, Education Administrator, Mitchellville, MD
  1687. Jillian Gilchrest, Senior Policy Analyst, Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, Hartford, CT
  1688. Carolyn M. Treiss, Executive Director, Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, Connecticut
  1689. Rosemary Lopez, Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, Connecticut, Hartford, CT
  1690. Cecile Lipworth, Women's rights activist, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  1691. Joanne N. Smith, Girls for Gender Equity, Brooklyn, NY
  1692. Michelle Noehren, CT Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, Hartford, CT
  1693. Neorah Garcia, Nurse, El Paso, TX
  1694. Carolyn Gordon, Chicago, IL
  1695. Holly Vories TTC English Teacher, Mount Pleasant
  1696. Fiona Fleming, Student, Berkeley, CA
  1697. Nena Rawdah, bookseller, Portland, OR
  1698. Renee Trevino Zisman, SNAP educator, NM
  1699. Rebecca Ennen, development director, community organization, Washington DC
  1700. Lyndsey Godwin, Carpenter Program, Vanderbilt Divinity School, Nashville, TN
  1701. Kathleen Carot, Coordinator of Women's and Gender Studies, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL
  1702. Barbara Bixby, YWCA Board VP, Lewiston, ME
  1703. Debbie Noble, Professor, New York, NY
  1704. Lorraine Burchall, Retired, Astoria, NY
  1705. Sandra Davidson, Program Manager, Blaine
  1706. Tamara, United States of America, Los Angeles, California
  1707. John Taylor, Initiatives of Change, Richmond
  1708. Elizabeth York, Professor, Spartanburg SC
  1709. Janie Starr, social activist/writer, Vashon WA
  1710. Nayah Mullings, Student, Beltsville, MD
  1711. Bridget Murray, Episcopal Peace Fellowship member, Newark, NJ
  1712. Julia Laxer, writer, Portland, OR
  1713. Forrest Bivens, Diversity and Race Relations Advisory Committee, London, Ontario, Canada
  1714. Ninfa Gonzales, Retired educator, Austin Tx
  1715. Judith Petree, retired, RN, Knoxville, TN
  1716. Martha Aguila, An activist, reclaiming my indigenous roots, & first time mom, Chicago
  1717. Cornel West, Professor, New York, NY
  1718. Jennifer Hadlock, NYC, New York
  1719. Jayson Flores, Freelance Writer, Philadelphia, PA
  1720. Stephanie Rooker, Vocalist, Voice Teacher, Brooklyn, NY
  1721. Karen Pearsall, Senior Move Manager, Hawthorne, FL
  1722. Kleaver Cruz, Writer, Bronx, NY
  1723. Efia Nwangaza, Malcolm X Center for Self Determinantion, Greenville
  1724. Keri, Unemployed, Boston, MA
  1725. Alison A. Macdaniel, Sales, Bayonne, NJ
  1726. Chris Bourg, MIT, Director of Libraries, Cambridge MA
  1727. Lisa Logan, Community Outreach and Education, Spokane, WA
  1728. Rachel Altork, Independent contractor, Chicago, IL
  1729. Rev. Freeman L.Palmer, Associate Conference Minister NY Conference United Church of Christ, Dewitt NY
  1730. Patricia A. Neering, News Research, Jersey City, NJ
  1731. Anna Sutton, publisher, Winston Salem, NC
  1732. Lydia Guterman, Student at Wellesley College, Boston, MA
  1733. Antuan Johnson, Law Student, Cambridge, MA
  1734. Serena Geokan, Advocate, Weymouth, Ma
  1735. Yasmin Amezaga, IT Clerk for Gov’t, Chicago
  1736. April Hobbs, Missionary, Austin, TX
  1737. Mary Ellen Sheehan, Teacher, Tucker, GA
  1738. Whitney Hamrick, Writer, Altamonte Springs
  1739. Tristan Seith, Actor, Berlin, Germany
  1740. Rhonda Hamilton, self, Nashville
  1741. Erika Robinson, Teacher/Consultant, Fair Haven, NJ
  1742. M. Derya Tarhan, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
  1743. Theresa McNeil, gardener, Madison WI
  1744. Monica Bass, Tsitsistas Nation, Olympia, WA
  1745. Clay Chapman, Laborer, Cody, Wy
  1746. Samuel Brickwedde, Nonprofit professional, Saint Paul, MN
  1747. Abbie Reed, Registered Nurse, Perth, Western Australia
  1748. Jennie Balise, Early Intervention, Los Angeles
  1749. Chris Buttimer, Educator, Boston, MA
  1750. Leslie Moodie, Office, Sacramento, CA
  1751. McMillan Ilderton Gaither, Ally, Somerville, MA
  1752. Molly Bolton, Hospital Chaplain, Cleveland, OH
  1753. Amanda Tucker, Artist, Oakland, CA
  1754. Nora McDowell, Fellowship of Reconciliation member, Troy, NY
  1755. Israel C Evans, Artist, Seattle, WA
  1756. Lauren McLennan, Teacher, Chula Vista, CA
  1757. Deborah Simmrin, Publicist, Los Angeles, CA
  1758. Neil McLaughlin, Professor, Sociology, McMaster University, Canada, Hamilton, Ontario
  1759. Brad Rothrock, Campaigner, Brighton, MA
  1760. Brian Donohue-Lynch, Professor, Providence
  1761. Sylvia Petter, writer, Vienna, Austria
  1762. Chris Adrian, Teacher, Champaign, IL
  1763. Jonathan Stegall, User Experience Engineer, Minneapolis, MN
  1764. Nader N. Chokr, Philosopher, San Antonio, Texas
  1765. Davis Alianiello, None, Boston, Massachusetts
  1766. Marisha Hicks, feminist, Brooklyn
  1767. Stefan Fehr, Social Worker, Austin, Texas
  1768. Gregory Harris, attorney, Peoria, IL
  1769. Mitzi Kirkland-Ives, Professor, Springfield, Missouri
  1770. Maura Bairley, Social Change Consultant, Brooklyn, NY
  1771. Quinn Dunlea, Student, Manahawkin, NJ
  1772. Jessica Reitmeyer, Stay at home Mom, Pottstown, PA
  1773. Nicole, Teacher, Seattle, WA
  1774. Angus Davison, Student, Canberra
  1775. Jabari Jones, Baker, business owner
  1776. Temple, ME, Tonya McPhearson, NONE, NORTH CAROLINA
  1777. Aime' L Boyd, Student, Centerville
  1778. January Boten, Educator, Champaign, IL
  1779. UMAKANT, Ph.D, Independent Scholar and Human Rights Advocate, New Delhi, India
  1780. Tierney Eaton, Ally, Detroit, Michigan
  1781. Jennifer Murray, Violinist, Dallas, Texas
  1782. Katherine Halsey, Teacher, Ojai, CA
  1783. Sarah Jane Keaveny, Public Health Nurse, Minneapolis,MN
  1784. Athena Brewer, Psychotherapist, SeaTac, WA
  1785. Javada, feminist, Saint Louis, Missouri
  1786. Jason Bogus, Student, Washington, D.C
  1787. Brady Beard, Grad Student, Atlanta, GA
  1788. Lisa Kosowski, Attorney, Chicago, IL
  1789. CheyOnna Sewell, The Yarn Mission, Minneapolis, MN
  1790. MD Reed, Intructor, CA
  1791. Susan Pfundt, Assisted Living Administrator, mother, Episcopalian, Tacoma, W
  1792. Robert J. Pechacek, DSA + IWW, Belvidere IL
  1793. Yanira, Hairstylist, Santa Ana
  1794. Terry Patterson, None, Rockford, il
  1795. Nicole Valdes Wallace, Feminist, CA
  1796. Steve Keane, Insurance Agent, Hatboro
  1797. Elizabeth Lascheid, Lawyer, LA
  1798. Eve Rosahn, Public defender, retired, New York, NY
  1799. Alan Quackenbush, Friend, Honeoye Falls NY
  1800. Paul, Educator, Social Justice Advocate, Greater Philadelphia Area
  1801. Jacob Jurbank, Massage Therapist, Columbus
  1802. James Talley, Sanitation Worker, Salina, KS
  1803. Tucker FitzGerald, Graphic Designer, Seattle, WA
  1804. Geniro Dingle, Student, Akron, Ohio varied, Shoalhaven, NSW
  1805. Todd R. Sell, Artist/Photoghapher, Alamo
  1806. Afeif Ismail, Poet and Playwright, Caversham
  1807. Linda, Teacher, Denver, CO
  1808. K. Chratian Finnie, Minister, Greenville, SC
  1809. Joanna Revalee, Communications, Connersville, IN
  1810. Carrie Twomey and Anthony McIntyre, Writers, Ireland
  1811. Paola Trevisan, socialist, NOLA
  1812. Hamzee Kaddoura, Teacher, Dearborn
  1813. Jazmin D., Admin Assistant, New York, NY
  1814. Tarnay Sass, Student, Brunswick, Vic.
  1815. Guadalupe Cano, Student, Brownsville, TX
  1816. Madeline Harris, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Nashville, TN
  1817. Linda Lyons-Minor, Print Manager, Los Angeles
  1818. Alma Williams, Trainer, Olympia, WA
  1819. Barbara Nerenberg, Chef, Boulder
  1820. Tamera CJ Baggett, Therapist, Philadelphia
  1821. Tamara Whtie, Teacher, Howell, NJ
  1822. Levi Barringer, Designer, San Mateo, CA
  1823. Joel Schwartz, Union Director, Staten Island
  1824. Adriana Rubertone, Princeton student, Glen Head, NY
  1825. Michael Oliver, Drew University, Madison, NJ
  1826. Hahn Rowe, Composer, New YorkMatt Renner, Exec Director World Business Academy, Santa Barbara CA
  1827. Christina, Sales, Salt Lake City, UT
  1828. Shawn Hart, Procurement Analyst, Brooklyn, N.Y.
  1829. Tammy Murphy, Participant, Philadelphia
  1830. Emma Gaalaas Mullaney, Geography and Women's Studies, The Pennsylvania State University, State College
  1831. Julie Caise, Stylist, Elgin IL
  1832. Anita, CNA, Georgia
  1833. Sydney T, Archaeology, Tucson, Arizona
  1834. Amanda Dell Rademaekers, housecleaner, Horsham, PA
  1835. Jen W, artist, Syracuse NY
  1836. Victoria Diescher, Human Services, Ipswich, MA
  1837. Jeanette Wishall, customer service rep., Bartlesville, OK
  1838. Nicole D. Johns, Public Health, Lansdowne
  1839. Jennifer Jordan, Editor, Milwaukee, WI
  1840. Amelia Ramos, Catholic, Long Beach, CA
  1841. Erin Edlow, Student, Virginia Beach
  1842. Molly Carn, artist/mother, Albuquerque, NM
  1843. Donna Johnson, Bright Future Youth, New York, NY
  1844. Kathy Kirkland, Teacher, Jena, LA
  1845. Penny Campbell, educator/artist, Shoreham, VT
  1846. Vanetta Laret, Counselor, Big Pine
  1847. Chris Colletti, writer/comedian, Baltimore,MD
  1848. Frances Lopez, Black, memphis
  1849. Catron Booker, Media Artist, Evanston
  1850. Christina Stoll, CSD, NY
  1851. Stacy Cox, Educator, Princeton, WV
  1852. Justin Hayden, N/A, Oklahoma City
  1853. Ted Bunch, A CALL TO MEN, New York, New York
  1854. Jose Orduna, Adjunct Instructor, Iowa City, IA
  1855. Rachael M Rollson, Artist, West Gardiner, ME
  1856. Vu Kim Nguyen, Student at William Mitchell School of Law, St. Paul, MN
  1857. Jamal McMillan, Student - Mental Health Professional, Brooklyn, NY
  1858. Virginia Vargas, Latin American Feminist, Lima, Peru
  1859. Jennifer Deegan, citizen, Salem, VA
  1860. Lorena Estrella, Sadie Nash Leadership Project, Movement to End Violence, Newark
  1861. Jonathan Hoffman, Student, Evanston, Illinois
  1862. Megan DeAngelo, Teacher of ESOL, Seattle, WA
  1863. Neil Barrett, Teacher at The Webb School, Bell Buckle, TN
  1864. Russ Vergara, Business owner, Hopewell VA
  1865. Summer Al-Saleh, Student, Ventura, CA
  1866. Sasha Thompson, Healthcare, Mt. Vernon, NY
  1867. Sean Hanners, teacher, Lincoln CA
  1868. Carrel King, mother, Nacogdoches, TX
  1869. Shannon E Porter, student, STATESBORO
  1870. Brian Oldham, Writer, Foster City, Ca.
  1871. Charlie Eastman, Whittier College, Whittier, CA
  1872. Rev. Michael S. Mulberry, Senior Minister, Billings First Church (UCC), Billings, MT
  1873. José Arce Bayona , Student, Copenhagen, Denmark
  1874. Derrick Skipper, IT Specialist, Philadelphia, PA
  1875. Julie Anne Wells, Author/Journalist, Charleston, WV
  1876. Mikiko Ellis, School Counselor, Santa Fe
  1877. Jean C. Griffith, Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas
  1878. Melissa Kelley, sales, Charlotte, NC
  1879. Mikel Wyatt, Social Worker, Arkansas
  1880. Kate Derickson, Assistant Professor, Minneapolis, MN
  1881. Stefanie Brown, Homemaker, Port Huron
  1882. Diana Hoyos, PhD Student, Norman, Oklahoma
  1883. Catherine Sandoval, student at wayne state, Farmington Hills
  1884. Sharon Moe, UMC Minister, Seattle
  1885. Janille Palmer Santa Ana, Retired, Chicago, IL
  1886. Mansoor Shah, Business., North Charleston
  1887. Maeve Callan, Professor, Des Moines
  1888. Lika Jacobsohn, Operations Manager, Berkeley, CA
  1889. Daniel Trzcinski, Musician/Teacher, Toledo, OH
  1890. Lika Jacobsohn, Operations Manager,Berkeley, CA
  1891. M. Lara Hoke, Unitarian Universalist minister, Andover, MA
  1892. Yvette Peters, Nurse Practitioner, Houston,Texas
  1893. K. Holden Pumphrey, San Francisco SPCA, San Francisco, CA
  1894. Eve Partridge, Self Employed, Boulder CO
  1895. Kristin h, farmer, Milwaukee, wi
  1896. Penelope Scott, RN at Kaiser Oakland. activist., Oakland, California
  1897. Aurora Marquez, retired teacher aide, Santa Barbara, CA
  1898. Karthik Navayan, Human Rights Forum, Hyderabad,
  1899. John Angel, IT, San Francisco, CA
  1900. Harrison Dale, Deposition Clerk, San Marcos, Tx
  1901. Trav Mamone, Bi Any Means, Easton, MD
  1902. Paul Bowman, liberal, Philadelphia
  1903. Connie Bacon, The Chicago Lived Experience Commission, Chicago, IL
  1904. Tania, Musician, QLD
  1905. C Claughton, writer, artist, Narberth, PA
  1906. Aisha Sharif, Domestic violence lead, London
  1907. Clifton Campbell, Screenwriter, Los Angeles, California
  1908. Susan Rosenberg, Writer and teacher, Brooklyn
  1909. Pamela Muma, Retired, Astoria, Or
  1910. Dr. Tina Shull, University of CA at Irvine Lecturer, Costa Mesa, CA
  1911. Desiree Marie, PhD Student, New York City, NY
  1912. Catherine Goodwin, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Ontario
  1913. David Burris DeBoskey, Student, Denver, CO
  1914. Kady Newland, Social Worker, Salt Lake City
  1915. Emily Bartlett, massage & trauma touch therapist, Kansas
  1916. Marsha Thrall, Graduate Student - Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary, Milwaukee, WI
  1917. Katherine, Public Health, Portland, OR
  1918. Amy Casada-Alaniz, Language interpreter, Dayton, OH
  1919. Cynthia Hull, teacher, Gallup NM
  1920. Karalyn Kendall-Morwick, Assistant Professor of English, Topeka
  1921. Katie Dozier, organizer, Chicago, IL
  1922. Jon Horn, Art Guard, Seattle, WA
  1923. Heidi Angueira, Mother, Hamilton, NY
  1924. Serena Sackett, Student, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  1925. Amanda Chapman, Teacher, Portland, Oregon
  1926. Vance GodBold, Higher Education, Chicago, Illinois
  1927. Genelle Gardner, Jackson Hewitt, Arlington, TX
  1928. Heather Paramore, Sexual Assault/Sex Trafficking Survivor Advocate, Bowling Green, OH
  1929. Amrita Seehra, Family Physician, New York, NY
  1930. Genelle Gardner, Jackson Hewitt, Arlington, Tx.
  1931. Chester King, Retired, Louisville
  1932. Maggie Jesme, Social Science Research Fellow, Ely, MN
  1933. Leiana Kinnicutt, Futures Without Violence, San Francisco, CA
  1934. Peter Sanderson, Musician, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
  1935. Annabel Martin, Professor, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
  1936. Julia Riley, Literacy tutor, Oakland, CA
  1937. Astrid Harmon, Mother and Activist, Portland, OR
  1938. Rev. Dr. Julie Kain, Unitarian Universalist Clergy, Pensacola, Florida 
  1939. Elizabeth Black, Animal Rights Activist, CA
  1940. Gabriella Hayes, Feminist, Burlington, IA
  1941. Brianna Susan Smith, Artist, Charlotte
  1942. Priscilla Nyx, student, Belllingham, WA
  1943. Carla Surber, Teacher, California
  1944. Elizabeth Jarvis, Youth Director, Holland, MI
  1945. Ann N. Burns, Retired, Monticello, Minnesota
  1946. Eric Miller, project management, Southampton
  1947. Elizabeth Close, Performer, Wabush, NL, Canada
  1948. Elizabeth Fletcher, Advisor, Phoenix, OR
  1949. Peter Lorenzo, Retail Clerk, Mohegan Lake
  1950. Deborah A O'Brien, Unemployed, Saginaw
  1951. Barbara Greene, Professor of Educational Psychology, Norman, OK
  1952. Dale Bogucki, Factory worker, Weaverville, NC
  1953. Margherite Williams, retired engineering writer, Dothan, AL
  1954. Julie Wedge, Consultant, Rocklin, CA
  1955. Byron Isaacs, Musician, Brooklyn, NY
  1956. Virginia Vargasm, Latin American Feminist, Lima, Peru
  1957. Mishé Alyse Patrick I, Artist, Los Angeles, CA
  1958. Habiba, Lawyer, Reading
  1959. Delaney Pearson, Activist, Eugene, OR
  1960. Valerie White, Raging Grannies, Corvalllis
  1961. Diana "Zoe" Nesin, Women In Transition, Philadelphia, PA
  1962. Kristen Miller, Student, Owings Mills, MD
  1963. Jamie Davis, Nurse Practitioner, Cambridge, MA
  1964. Anita, actor, Canada
  1965. Joanna Folino, Professor, Berkeley
  1966. Jose L Otero, Instructor of English, Salt Lake City Utah
  1967. Stephanie Sowma, Teacher, Minneapolis, MN
  1968. Emily Houh, Gustavus Henry Wald Professor or the Law and Contracts, University of Cincinnati College of Law, Cincinnati, OH
  1969. Laurie Singletary,Actor,Cambridge, MA
  1970. Benjamin Jarrell, Student, Asheville
  1971. Amy Lund, Professor, Miami Dade College, Coral Gables, FL
  1972. Abigail Kurfman, Teacher, Salem
  1973. Joanna Casucci, Teacher, Los Angeles, CA
  1974. Alyssa VanSkyock, Student, Muncie, IN
  1975. Tiffany Lodes, Citizen, Seattle WA
  1976. Raji Choudhury, Youth Worker, Toronto, Ontario
  1977. Mark Edgette, Restaurant Manager, Boulder, CO
  1978. Larry Bienz, Urban Village Church, Chicago, Chicago, IL
  1979. Sarah Bethany, Clerk, Memphis, TN
  1980. Alyssa Mullins, Sociologist, Orlando, FL
  1981. Josh Weston, Stay-at-home dad, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  1982. Kevin Robinson, Musician, Craig, CO
  1983. Ada Banasik, Engineer, Portland, OR
  1984. Janice Harper, Community Organizer, Durant, MS
  1985. Julia Elliott, Cook, self employed, CA
  1986. Mary Patten, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago
  1987. Rebecca Belleville, Baltimore City Public School teacher, Baltimore, MD
  1988. Fumie Hiromitsu, Baker,Aurora, CO
  1989. Cilicia Gooden, Social Worker, Surprise, AZ
  1990. Satya Mohapatra, scientist, Providence
  1991. Jackson Diianni, Free-Lance Landscaper, Boston, Massachusetts
  1992. Liz Jeninga, Student, Nashville, TN
  1993. Amy Shuster, Academic, Columbus, OH
  1994. Kaitlin Morrison, Columbia Law School, New York, NY
  1995. Bethany Bennett, Retail buyer, Eugene, Or
  1996. Benjamin Garcia, Filmmaker, Santa Cruz, CA
  1997. Danielle Garzelloni, Artist, Blue Island, Illinois
  1998. Xan Joi, free marissa alexander east bay, Berkeley, CA
  1999. Jeannette Hernandez, Student, Whittie, CA
  2000. Sarah Zeller-Berkman, capacity builder, Brooklyn
  2001. Steven McCormick, Advocacy, Minneapolis
  2002. Tina Sparkles, Teacher, Austin, Texas
  2003. Valerin Winters, accounting,vRancho Cordova
  2004. Martin, Business owner, Portland Oregon
  2005. Sheana Brown, Self employed, Norfolk
  2006. J. Daniel Van Detta, Retired, Oneonta, Al
  2007. Spencer Davis, Farmer, Willard, Utah
  2008. Matthew Hosanna, Receptionist, Portland, Oregon
  2009. Carl Howard, n/a, Columbus, Ohio
  2010. Stephanie Patridge, Professor of Philosophy, Columbus
  2011. Jennifer Stewart, Professor, Grand Haven, MI
  2012. Marissa Barr-Hartman, Hair Stylist, Pittsburgh, PA
  2013. Virginia Fenley, retired, Sebastopol,CA
  2014. Naomi Wilson, Administrator, Montreal, QC
  2015. Alicia Padillapaz, W.O.M.A.N. Inc, San Francisco, CA
  2016. Angela Brown, Development Director, Grand Rapids, MI
  2017. Magdalena Abrego, Visual Artist, Houston,TX 
  2018. Chelsea Carroll, Education, Indianapolis
  2019. Juliet Clothier, Consultant to non- profit agencies, San Francisco, CA
  2020. Sarah, Teacher, Rochester, NY
  2021. Micaela Torchia, Preschool Teacher, Minneapolis, MN
  2022. Cherie Blackfeather, Artist, Portland, Oregon 
  2023. Maureen Egan, Women Organized to Make Abuse Nonexistent, San Francisco
  2024. Andrew Hayes, baker, Oakland
  2025. Bray Roman, Teacher, Brentwood, Ca
  2026. J Abastillas, Teacher, Alexandria, VA
  2027. Tracie Thompson, Professional fine artist, Saint Paul, MN
  2028. Peter Espiefs, Social Media Advisor, Amesbury, MA
  2029. Ralph Fortune, retired teacher, charlestown, R.I.
  2030. Sarah Bussey, Social Work, Ossining, NY
  2031. Paul DeCoster, ESL Instructor, Brooklyn, NY
  2032. Amanda Rickard, Psychologist, Statesboro, GA
  2033. Laura Kozaitis, Director, Tappan NY
  2034. Annie Namala, Ex Director, CSEI, Delhi, India
  2035. Mary Patten, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago
  2036. Kristen Holt, Student, Detroit, Mi
  2037. Dina Butller, Reiki Practitioner, Charlotte, NC
  2038. Christina McKinley, Teacher, Silverado CA
  2039. Rev. Dr. Karen Oliveto, Sr. Pastor, Glide Memorial Church, San Francisco 
  2040. Paula Applegate, N/A, Pittsboro, NC
  2041. Ja'Lon R. Smith, Student at Morehouse College, Atlanta, Ga
  2042. Mark Sherwood, Federal civil servant, Austin
  2043. Sierra, Artist, Sebastopol, CA
  2044. Elizabeth Faraone, Disabled, Plainfield
  2045. Philippe-Edner Marius, New York State Legislative Fellow, Staten Island, New York
  2046. Oliver Haynes, Student, Pittsford
  2047. David Pass, PhD Candidate Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
  2048. Laura C Carlson, Artist, Omaha, Nebraska
  2049. Adel Elmaghraby, Professor - University of Louisville, Louisville, KY
  2050. Andrea Clark, Writer, Oakland
  2051. Jacqueline Mark, Student, San Diego,CA
  2052. Alecu Radu Truica, Table Games Dealer, Las Vegas, NV
  2053. Eva Pettersson, semi retired music teacher, Oakland
  2054. Jeff, Lawyer, San Francisco, CA
  2055. Deanna Zibello, Assistant Professor, Saint Mary's College of CA, Lafayette, CA
  2056. Sage S. Freeman, phone company employee, Harrisburg
  2057. Megan, Student, SC
  2058. Sam Greenleaf Miller, Psychotherapist and artist, Brooklyn, NY
  2059. David Palazola, Musician, Brooklyn
  2060. Valerie Rosenfield, Clinical Social Worker, Oakalnd, CA
  2061. Elizabeth Wing, Adjunct Professor, Oakland, CA 
  2062. Paige Anderson, Customer service,Tucson, AZ
  2063. Stephanie Harrington, Video Technician/Photographer, Detroit, Michigan
  2064. Amanda Almond, Ph.D., Asst. Professor, NYC College of Technology, Brooklyn, NY
  2065. Nikki Busch, Grad student at Loyola Chicago, Chicago, IL
  2066. Michael Denetelli, Student, Omaha
  2067. Nicholas B Hussong, Radical, Chicago, IL
  2068. Cathy Creswell, Housing Advocate, Sacramento, CA
  2069. Suzanne Ducker, Artist, St Paul, MN
  2070. Lars Barr, Hospitality, New Orleans
  2071. Rev. Kay C Barckley, Clergy - UMC, Seattle, WA
  2072. Yaa, liberal, Louisville, KY
  2073. Gabriel Romero, GLBT Student Services at Auraria, Denver, CO
  2074. Haziq Inayat, Citizen, Brooklyn, NY
  2075. Beverly Bullock, Theatre director, designer, actor, New York NY
  2076. Sebastian Letheule, Student, San Francisco, California
  2077. Lilit Arakelyan, Student, Los Angeles, CA
  2078. Nicole Matthews, Minnesota Indian Women's Sexual Assault Coalition, Saint Paul, Minnesota
  2079. C.F. Bruce, health care, Columbia
  2080. Mary Elizabeth Creger, Activist/Peaceful Protester/Organizer, Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  2081. MK Bretsch, Retired, Portland, OR
  2082. Jonathan Steinklein, Social Worker, East Brunswick
  2083. Kara Owens, Business Analyst, Scarborough, ME
  2084. Lauren, Instructor, Corvallis
  2085. Amy Lindquist, Musician & Educator, Santa Fe
  2086. Hannah Bleier, teacher, Los Angeles, CA
  2087. Shannon Mondor, Community College Writing Teacher, McKinleyville, CA
  2088. Alice Sullivan, Retired Training Officer, Aiken, SC
  2089. Farnaz Perry, Instructor Bryn Mawr College, PA
  2090. Donald H. Fraser, Jr., Manager, Seneca, SC
  2091. Sunita Viswanath, Cofounder, Women for Afghan Women, Brooklyn
  2092. Rosa, Homesteader in process, Chihuahua, Mexico
  2093. Victor W. Williams Sr, Retired, Maple Hill, NC
  2094. Caroline Bedard, Student, Ottawa, Canada
  2095. Melanie Heindl, Therapist, Milwaukee WI
  2096. Nikki Thrasher, Disciples of Christ, Abilene, Texas 
  2097. Beth Foster, Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center, Chattanooga TN
  2098. Lucy Manchester, Family Physician, Bronx, NY
  2099. Rafaella Gunz, Student at The New School, NYC, Bronx, New York
  2100. Nadine Cobb, Nurse, Kennesaw, GA 
  2101. Miguel Sanchez, set lighting tech, Los Angeles, CA
  2102. Cynthia Vogel, MSW, Portland, OR
  2103. Melissa Bryan, Girls Inc of Alameda County, Oakland, CA
  2104. Geoff Banzhof, Artist, Santa Fe, NM
  2105. Andrew Lopata, Attorney, Eugene, Oregon
  2106. Billy Adams, retired, BX
  2107. Katherine Steele, Permaculture Education, Oakland, CA
  2108. Terri Lloyd, The Haggus Society, California
  2109. Giovanna Perpignano, Acupuncture Physician, Hollywood,Fl.
  2110. Laine Walters Young, PhD student, Nashville, TN
  2111. Chay, Counselor, California
  2112. Gina Lagalbo, MD, Seattle, WA
  2113. Julia Nusbaum, Account Executive, Portland OR
  2114. Melanie, Fighter for justice, Lynden, WA
  2115. Lauren Boyan, Bartender, Tucson, AZ
  2116. Cristy Chung, Activist, San Francisco
  2117. Melissa Baird, St Pete for Peace, Tarpon Springs, Fl
  2118. Ronnie Govender, Author/Playwright, Cape Town, South Africa
  2119. Phillip Arnautoff, composer, Seattle
  2120. Daniel Filipak, Musician, Hillsborough, NJ
  2121. Trillium Starchild, Homemaker, Eugene, Oregon
  2122. Janet Storts, Retired, Saint Joseph
  2123. Joan Cartwright, Student, Atlanta
  2124. Rachel Gardner, Writer, Seattle, WA
  2125. Clarissa, teacher, Victoria
  2126. Cassandra Bartee, homemaker, Clinton
  2127. Karen Becker, physician, New York, NY
  2128. Venette Cook, City College of San Francisco, SF CA
  2129. Susan Harrison, Student/disabled, Cambridge
  2130. Mike Garman, painter, Forest park ill
  2131. Ana Hernandez, composer, arranger, workshop facilitator, author, and mischief maker, Richardson, TX
  2132. Kathe Arndt, Retired school bus driver, Santa Monica, Ca.
  2133. Fatima, Sales, Sydney, NSW
  2134. April Jackson, Leasing Consultant, MA
  2135. Julian Beckett, volunteer, Santa Cruz
  2136. Gabrielle Obre, Feminist, Atlantic Highlands, NJ
  2137. Tariq Khan, UIUC PhD Student, Champaign, Il
  2138. Erin Umland, Registered nurse, Philadelphia PA
  2139. Jerilyn Pool, Artist, Medford, Oregon
  2140. Augusta Hopkins, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, CA
  2141. William Lynn, self employed, Ore. City, Oregon
  2142. Laura Greenfield, Women's Voices Worldwide, Inc., Northampton, MA
  2143. Ari Markle, Engineer, Vancouver/Toronto
  2144. Lucia Flint, Teacher, NJ
  2145. Christina Gutierrez, Santa Ana Unified School District, Santa Ana, CA
  2146. David, Music teacher, NSW
  2147. Johnny E. Williams, Associate Professor, Hartford, CT
  2148. Dee Jackson, retired, Austin, TX
  2149. Patrick Abubo, Service Industry, Minneapolis, MN
  2150. Laura Wilson, Marriage and Family Therapist, Los Angeles, CA
  2151. Tabatha Jones Jolivet, Educator and Researcher, Thousand Oaks, CA
  2152. Nick Sofos, B.A. Philosophy, FGCU, Naples, FL
  2153. Lynn Roberts, PhD, Scholar Activist/Asst Professor, CUNY School of Public Health, New York
  2154. Jai Ashantii, Creative Designer, Atlanta, GA
  2155. Quentin Walcott, CONNECT, New York
  2156. Georgia Simpson, mental health, Bankstin, AL
  2157. Greg Paulsen, Accountant, Santa Cruz, CA
  2158. Devon D, Instructor, Chicago
  2159. Jessica Davis, Student, Seattle
  2160. Keith V Thomas, Teacher, NJ
  2161. Jean Trainor, Information and Referral Specialist, Fairbanks, AK
  2162. Beth Naumann, Designer, Emeryville
  2163. Carlos Castro, Clerk at the Law Offices of John L. Burris, San Jose, CA
  2164. Anna Williams, Social worker, Hood River, OR
  2165. Jamie Perrignon, Housewife, Tucson
  2166. Lois McCullen Parr, United Methodist Pastor, Albion, Michigan
  2167. Deborah Serr, Education, UK
  2168. Russell Honderd, Farmer, Atlanta, GA
  2169. Carol Spinner, consultant, Richmond VA
  2170. Michelle Truong, Georgia Institute of Technology Student, Atlanta, Rev.Dr.Constance M. Baugh, clergy, Goshen, MACarol Spinner, Consultant, Richmond VA
  2171. Rita Simons Santiago, Teacher, Milwaukee, WI
  2172. Carol Spinner, Consultant, Richmond VA
  2173. Susan Brooks, retired, Lathrup Village
  2174. Medina Jones, Graduate Student, New York
  2175. Cindy Ralston, Sacramento OFA, Elk Grove, CA
  2176. Marika Belusa, Teacher, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  2177. Valerie Buell, Administrative, San Leandro
  2178. Mary Beech, teacher, Melbourne
  2179. Jennifer L. Eagan, Professor, CSU East Bay, Hayward, CA
  2180. Alexandra Wilson, retired, Lake Wylie, SC
  2181. Karen Lovaglio, Social Worker/Therapist, Miller Place
  2182. Raeanna Biddle, Independent Sales Representative, CO
  2183. Sarah Ayerst, Personal Support Worker, Pittsboro, North Carolina
  2184. Ameena Higgins, UC Irvine, Glendora
  2185. Takeo Rivera, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
  2186. Ally Young, Dill Pickle Food Co-op, Chicago, IL
  2187. Samuel Cortez, Individual, Dublin, Ireland
  2188. Kriscinda Lee Everitt, Writer/Editor, Pittsburgh, Pa
  2189. Claire Nuchtern, Boston Teacher Residency, Boston, MA
  2190. Jon Dengler, Minister, Tampa FL
  2191. Martha Kline, clergy, Springfield, OH
  2192. José Soto-Ríos, student, Caguas, PR
  2193. Eric Jackson, Undergraduate student, Kansas City
  2194. Nat Godley, College professor, Milwaukee WI
  2195. Michael S. Moore, Retired, ME
  2196. Gretchen Schwab, Green, Berkeley, CA
  2197. Christy Bennett, Marketing, Asheville, North Carolina
  2198. Jenna England, University of California-Berkeley alumni, Hayward
  2199. Alexandra Gerassimides, M.D., Louisville, KY
  2200. Nicole, Child Care Worker, Australia
  2201. Melinda Coffman, retired, Middletown, OH
  2202. Susan McParker, Teacher & Counselor, Portland, OR
  2203. Minor Jackson, Account Manager, Champaign
  2204. Donna Corte, Social Worker, Mooloolaba
  2205. Susan Koenig, Social Worker, Centereach, NY
  2206. JaneAnne Peterson, Feminist Mormon Housewives, Portland, OR
  2207. Christina Harb, Teacher, Los Angeles
  2208. Georgia Kardaras, yoga teacher, Melbourne, Australia
  2209. Geffen Okin, Clergy, Cleveland OH
  2210. Beth Chapman, PR, Bangalore, India
  2211. Toni Goncalves, social worker, Topsham, ME
  2212. Charlene Schneider, Psychologist, Maineville, OH
  2213. Chana Kraus-Friedberg, student, Durham NC
  2214. Jonathan Altamirano, Los Angeles,
  2215. Kimberly Kennedy, public high school teacher, Oakland
  2216. Naomi Extra, Writer/Doctoral Student, Jersey City, NJ
  2217. Simon Law, Musician, Toronto
  2218. Jessica Duffield, Disaster case manager, Boulder, Colorado
  2219. Anne Junjek, apple packer, N.B. Canada
  2220. Emily Houh, Gustavus Henry Wald Professor or the Law and Contracts, University of Cincinnati College of Law, Cincinnati, OH
  2221. Alanna Geare, Artist, New Orleans, LA
  2222. Melissa F. Weiner, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA
  2223. Lisa Brooks, Retired educator, Spring Hill, FL
  2224. Claudette Baril, Nurse Midwife, New Hartford
  2225. Margaret Howieson, Healthcare Analyst, KS
  2226. Liz Walker, Yoga teacher, Brooklyn, NY
  2227. Nishell Falcone, Filmmaker, Brooklyn, NY
  2228. Gabi Aleksinko, Nonprofit, Coconut Creek, FL
  2229. Jimmie Braley, Research, Washington, DC
  2230. Staci Wallace, Mother, Portland, OR
  2231. Leslie Strickland, Physician, Portland, Oregon
  2232. Judith Mejia, attorney, New York, NY
  2233. Maura Smale, Chief Librarian, NYC College of Technology, CUNY, Brooklyn, NY
  2234. Susan Breitzer, Independent Scholar, Fayetteville
  2235. Elizabeth, Teacher, Philadelphia, PA
  2236. Karen Kish, retired R.N., Lake Oswego, OR
  2237. Nile, retail merchandiser, Philadelphia, PA
  2238. Claire Sahlin, professor, Denton, TX
  2239. Janet French, caregiver, volunteer, Valparaiso
  2240. Autumn, Farmer, New York
  2241. Kait Sewell, nonprofit administration, San Diego, CA
  2242. Jessica O'Brien, Legal Assistant, Phillips, Maine
  2243. Karen Tsang, No One Is Illegal, Canada, Vancouver, BC
  2244. Ingrid Matthews, Academic, jurisprudence, Sydney, Australia
  2245. Susan Peppers-Bates, professor of philosophy, Deland FL
  2246. Emily, Drive thru attendant, Fairborn Ohio
  2247. Elaine Wells-Ribeiro, Writer, Philadelphia, PA
  2248. Emily McCartney, Freelance Photographer, Dallas, Texas
  2249. Zachary Bohinski, Nazarene, Okc, OK
  2250. Katie Hymans, Facilitator, Fresno, CA
  2251. Tay'Laur Paige, Student, Lancaster, CA
  2252. Magenta Loera, Student, Seattle, WA
  2253. Kimberly Ward, Juicologist, Portland, OR
  2254. Lydia, Program assistant, Somerville, MA
  2255. Anna Lee Ordoubadi, Social worker, Cary, NC
  2256. Lana Povitz, historian, New York
  2257. Stephen Findley, Chaplain, Houston TX
  2258. Justin Grigg, Delivery Driver, Everett
  2259. Isabel Williams, College of Charleston '15, Charlotte, NC
  2260. Melissa Wray, Director, Melbourne Victoria
  2261. Craig Fairbaugh, Environmental engineer, Beaverton
  2262. Stephen Pitts, Clinical Social Worker, Philadelphia, PA
  2263. Jerritt Dayhoff, Homemaker and attorney, Springfield, VA
  2264. Julie Davis, educator and student, Norman, OK
  2265. Caitlin Hanson, Student, Loma Linda, CA
  2266. Jon Adams, Government Employee, Sacramento, California
  2267. Heather Abbott, Artist, Austin, TX
  2268. Rana M. Francois, Private citizen, New Orleans, LA
  2269. Paige Melius, DSP, Duluth
  2270. Travis Cronin, Social Worker, Avondale, AZ
  2271. Tori Coto, Healer/Peaceworker, Santa Rosa, CA
  2272. Michelle D, Concerned human, Seattle
  2273. Rev. Tsukina Blessing, Occupy Chaplains, Interfaith Community Sanctuary, Sufi Order Int'l, Seattle
  2274. Cynthia Burton, Unitarian Universalist, San Diego CA
  2275. Sandra Lovasco, teacher, Dunedin Florida
  2276. Christopher De La Cruz, Student at NYU, Brooklyn, NY
  2277. Milton Reyes, Custodian, San Francisco, CA
  2278. Sona Rai, SALDEF, Brooklyn, NY
  2279. Shellie Moore, Teacher, Tecumseh
  2280. Katrina Scotto di Carlo, Entrepreneur and Artist, Portland
  2281. Laura Webber, Student, Solana Beach, CA
  2282. Patricia Little, University professor
  2283. San Bernardino, CA
  2284. Lesley Larkin, Professor, Marquette, Michigan
  2285. Erika Bach, Education Madison, WI
  2286. Belinda Thalakada, Publisher Editor, Melbourne VIC
  2287. Candace McCarty, Elementary Educator, New Brunswick,NJ
  2288. M. H. Boroson, Author, Centennial, CO
  2289. Christie Johnston, Teacher, Seattle, WA
  2290. Tyler Walston, human, Bozeman
  2291. Carlota Arias, Human Rights Activist, Sydney, Australia
  2292. Rv. R. Richburg, Christ Catholic Church, NY, NY
  2293. Gayle Davis-Culp, Pastor, Retired Professor, Pomona, CA
  2294. Julie Dean, Feminist, Long Beach, CA
  2295. Mostafa Eb. Sharif Adam, Retired, Culver City, California
  2296. Diana Egozcue, President, Virginia NOW, Fredericksburg, Virginia
  2297. Amanda, Winemaker, Paso Robles, CA
  2298. Dharma Shay, Teacher, Hilo
  2299. Sharon Corbett. Care Worker, Kincumber, NSW
  2300. Sarah Luthens, Volunteer Program Mgr, Seattle, WA
  2301. Jennifer Morris, American citizen, Asheville, NC
  2302. Sarah Cartmill, Comedian/Writer/Personal Asst, Oakland, CA
  2303. Phyllis Harwell High, Art Education, San Diego
  2304. Everton J Pencil, Banker, Jersey City, NJ
  2305. Kristoff Dion Thomas, Fighter, Fayetteville
  2306. Briana Hall, Registered Nurse, Milledgeville, GA
  2307. Greg Loughlin, Men Stopping Violence, Atlanta, GA
  2308. Renee Van Siclen, Student, Minneapolis, MN
  2309. Maggie Tidwell, Broadmoor improvement association, New Orleans, LA
  2310. Stephanie Madu, Educator, New York, New York
  2311. Andrée Laney, Attorney, Scotch Plains, NJ
  2312. Pat Hussain, SONG, Decatur, GA
  2313. Janine Zar, Feminist, Perth, Western Australia
  2314. April Easter, Mental Health Counselor, Asheville, NC
  2315. Matthew Mahoney, Columbia Law Student, New York
  2316. Simone Roberts, Poetry & Social Justice Fellow, Split This Rock, Alexandria
  2317. Isabella Romano, Student, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  2318. Crystal Phillips, community member, Orlando, Florida
  2319. Sylvia Williamson, Educator, Espanola
  2320. Jen Bailey, Secular Humanist Educator, Evanston, IL
  2321. Denis Gadbois, Retired, Cornwall
  2322. Samantha Gamble, Student at Sidwell Friends School, Silver Spring, Maryland
  2323. Nancy Niemi, Professor of Education, New Haven, CT
  2324. Janelle Johnson, IT, Buffalo, MO
  2325. G Patterson, Ph.D., Lecturer, Appalachian State, Boone, NC
  2326. Lindsay Nabozny, Financial Analyst, Rochester, NY
  2327. Janecia Roberson, Black Woman, Orlando, FL
  2328. Delia Labarre, writer/editor, New Orleans
  2329. Nicole Mitchell, Creative Director, New Windsor, NY
  2330. Lauren Atkinson, Artist/Educator, Greenbank
  2331. Cynthia Pohlman, Construction Admin, Oakland
  2332. Penny Moreau, retired clinical social worker, San Diego, CA
  2333. Lee Stewart, Information Technology, Framingham, MA
  2334. Laurie Roberts, Mississippi NOW, Jackson, Mississippi
  2335. Moriah Goree, Musician, NC
  2336. Cairn Morrison, Artist, Abiquiu, NM
  2337. Reyna, Non Profit Director, Santa Cruz, CA
  2338. Meghan Tinsley, PhD candidate in Sociology, Boston University, Boston, MA
  2339. Mary, Farmer, Fryeburg, ME
  2340. Maria Elena Pizarro, Adjunct-John Jay College-CUNY, New York, NY
  2341. Lauren Woomer, Adjunct professor, Chicago, IL
  2342. Elizabeth Tilley Taylot, Landscape Designer, Oakland, CA
  2343. Gary Kinkley, Electrician, Annville, PA
  2344. Rose Mary Sheldon, Professor of History, VMI, Lexington, VA
  2345. Vicky, Nurse, Detroit , MI
  2346. Nellie Nichayonack, Strong woman, Riverhead NY
  2347. Nicholas Wilczynski, Activist, Greensboro
  2348. Biancia Jones, Medical Assistant, East St Louis, IL
  2349. Matt Jacobs, Equalities and Anti-racism Practitioner, Bristol, UK
  2350. Jason Urbancyk, Customer service, Portland Maine
  2351. Norma Riccobene, fellow human, Stuart, FL
  2352. Radha Wahyuwidayat, Student, Sydney, NSW
  2353. Sarah Leidel, Lawyer, Jamaica Plain, MA
  2354. Vanessa Reyes, Student, Toluca, IL
  2355. Sarah Redmond, activist retiree, AuTrain, MI
  2356. L Hanna, Filmmaker, San Rafael, CA
  2357. Susan Singer, Independent Contractor, Skokie, IL
  2358. Phaedra Kelly, arts director, Carrboro
  2359. Sheryl, Esthetician, Thorofare, NJ
  2360. Deanna Grenier-Mullins, RN,MS,ANP-BC, San Jose, CA
  2361. Susanna Gandolf Attina, homeschooling/unschooling parent, New York, NY
  2362. Janet Dockter, retired, Conestoga, PA
  2363. Heather Dent, Artist, Eugene, OR
  2364. Dev Varma, University of Notre Dame, Memphis, TN
  2365. Ashton James Brown, Student, London, United Kingdom
  2366. Marcus Brockman, Humanitarian, Glendale, AZ
  2367. Kelsey Koger, Student at a PWI, Boston, MA
  2368. Brendan Kober, Registered Nurse, San Francisco
  2369. Kate Perino, Law student, Charlottesville, VA
  2370. Daniel Osley, Painter, Philadelphia
  2371. Mariela Flores, Student, Salinas, CA
  2372. S.D.C. Parker, PhD student of Rhetoric and Composition, Tuscaloosa, AL
  2373. Matt Glenn, Engineer, New York, NY
  2374. Jaime Sparrowhawk, Student / Staff Assistant, Plant City, FL
  2375. Harry Mikkleson, Shipping, Manorville, NY
  2376. Beth DaSilva, Retirement Plans, Prairie Village, KS
  2377. A.C. Adair, United Food and Commercial Workers, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  2378. Mikki Coles, Sales Analytics Manager, San Marcos, TX
  2379. Sam Hoeffler, Teacher, Durham, NC
  2380. Timothy Wingert, student, Orlando, FL
  2381. Alexandra Fair, student, Oxford, OH
  2382. Billie Murray, Professor, Villanova, PA
  2383. Adam Sides, College Student, Omaha, NE
  2384. Amanda Nash, Pastor, Columbus, OH
  2385. Kathy Ames, Caretaker, Renton, WA
  2386. Don Moen, Professor, Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada
  2387. Sarah Hunnicutt, Housing Coordinator - Domestic Violence Intervention Program, Iowa City, Iowa
  2388. Lesli Jamison, Student, Denver, CO
  2389. Renee, Artist, Chicago, IL
  2390. Veri di Suvero, Student, Hanover, NH
  2391. Travis Beto, Acupuncturist (People's Organization of Community Acupuncture), Waterbury, VT
  2392. Maria Elena Pizarro, Adjunct-John Jay College-CUNY, New York, NY
  2393. Nefertiti Muhammad, Biochemistry Student, Oxford
  2394. Reggie Williams, Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics, Chicago
  2395. Andrew Carlson-Lier, Teacher, Beverly, MA
  2396. Audrey Malone, Admin, Anchorage AK
  2397. Adam Gowen, Many and varied, Shoalhaven, NSW
  2398. Philip Davis, Public educator and artist, Salinas, CA
  2399. Ken Collier, Private citizen, Syracuse, NY
  2400. Ariel Eisenberg, Assistant Professor, Atlanta, GA
  2401. Trisha Connolly, teacher librarian, Evanston
  2402. Mary Jane Miller, grandma, Langley WA
  2403. Domonique Renee, Global Citizen, Washington, DC
  2404. Dawn Stracener, PhD, Families United for Education; University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
  2405. Lindy Edstrom, student, Santa Cruz, CA
  2406. Khaled Beydoun, Law Professor, Orlando, Florida
  2407. Reina, Student, Boulder, CO
  2408. Nina Farnia, National Lawyers Guild, Oakland, CA
  2409. Casey Keene, Social Worker, Harrisburg PA
  2410. Maia Anthony, Independently Employed, Detroit, MI
  2411. Jude-Laure Denis, Executive Director, POWER Northeast, Allentown, PA
  2412. Madeline Smith, Student, Researcher, Chicago, IL
  2413. Sally N MacNicnol, Anti violence activist, New York, NY
  2414. James Hadstate, Retired Attorney, Charleston, SC
  2415. Diana Middleton, ESLTutor, Brooklyn
  2416. Gayle Wishart, Trustable Sluts, San Francisco, CA
  2417. Luke Boso, Visiting Law Professor, San Francisco, CA
  2418. Barbara Poppe, Consultant - Advocate, Columbus OH
  2419. Gregory Williams, ThD Student, Duke Divinity School, Durham, NC
  2420. Robert Cary, retired, Maple Falls, Washington
  2421. Mary Hess, Professor, Saint Paul, MN
  2422. Rev. Paul M. Turner, Gentle Spirit Christian Church, Decatur, Georgia
  2423. Michelle Voss Roberts, Divinity Professor, Winston-Salem, NC
  2424. Benjamin Siegel, Self-Employed, New York, NY
  2425. Brenna Burke, freelancer, West Linn, OR
  2426. Sherine Thomas, student, Winston-Salem, NC
  2427. Julia Stein, Writer, Los Angeles
  2428. James Poland, self-employed, York
  2429. Jan Christiansen, Executive Director, Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Decatur, GA
  2430. Dr. Jocelyn D. Briddell Scarritt Bennett Center, Nashvillle
  2431. Sarah Butler, FaithTrust Institute, Seattle, WA
  2432. Paula Annicchiarico, teacher, San Diego
  2433. Vickie Smith, Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Springfield, IL
  2434. Beth Marschak, Richmond Lesbian-Feminists, Richmond
  2435. Kathryn Henniss, self-employed, Redwood City
  2436. Jane Baldwin Shivas, New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women, Trenton, NJ
  2437. Linda, NOW, Clearwater, Florida
  2438. Kathryn, Counselor, Seattle, WA
  2439. Julian Faledas, student, Eau Claire, WI
  2440. Jennifer Raviv, Anti-Racism Activist, San Francisco, CA
  2441. Teresa M Blumenauer, Louisburg College, Henderson
  2442. Rabeya Sen, Los Angeles, CA
  2443. Jane Fredricken, Executive Director, FaithTrust Institute, Seattle, WA
  2444. Aaron Ambrose, SURJ New Mexico, El Ancon, NM
  2445. Jane Sadusky, Writer, Madison, WI
  2446. Toniann Read, Religious Educator, Alpharetta
  2447. Rev. Kate LeFranc, Pastor, Head of Christiana Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, DE
  2448. Cayce Utley, SURJ Northern Virginia, Fairfax, VA
  2449. Ken Neubeck, Eugene Human Rights Commission, Eugene, OR
  2450. Dezerellease Cruz, Student, New York, NY
  2451. Megan Clark, Educator and Facilitator, California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA
  2452. Jesse A. Goldberg, Instructor/PhD student, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  2453. Mary De Santis, Paralegal, Seattle, WA
  2454. Patina Park, MN Indian Women's Resource Center, Minneapolis
  2455. Christina Steffy, Freelance editor, Eugene
  2456. Joell Bradshaw, Music and movement instructor/social worker, Portland, OR
  2457. Sierra Logan, case manager, Santa Fe, NM
  2458. Julie Carter, Educator, Buffalo, NY
  2459. Kristi Rudelius-Palmer, Human Rights Center Co-Director, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  2460. Lawrence Matthews, Director of sales, New Orleans , LA
  2461. Veronica Rivera-Negron, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Rio Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  2462. Veronica Sawyer, retail, Ferndale
  2463. Bobbie Bowman, Community Specialist, Chicago, IL
  2464. Adriene Goodwin, Student, San Antonio, TX
  2465. William C. Gipson, Minister, Philadelphia, PA
  2466. Peggy Smith, Nurse, Flushing
  2467. Claudia, Health educator, Boston, MA
  2468. Laila Tomsovic, ND, Hatfield
  2469. Bonnie Frieden, Educator, Minneapolis
  2470. Annie Ellman, Founder Center for Anti-Violence Education, Brooklyn, NY
  2471. Nancy Fischer, Sociology Professor, Minneapolis, MN
  2472. Carly Laney, Social Worker, Portland, OR
  2473. Lori Ditchfield, Systems Administrator, Silver Spring, MD
  2474. Betty Stoneman, Utah Valley University, SLC
  2475. Kendrick Wronski, Artist at Large, Minneapolis MN
  2476. Christina Steurer, Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, Portland, OR
  2477. Ashley Marcy, Mental Health Therapist, Phoenixville, PA
  2478. Dianne Lynn Crouchman, self employed, Tauranga
  2479. Lucy Beckett Martinez, retired, Lakewood OH
  2480. Ston Poet, Stockbridge, GA
  2481. Liz Vivian, Executive Director, Seattle, WA
  2482. Simone Hodgson, Political Canvasser, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  2483. Don Johnson, Retired Clergy, Critz, VA
  2484. Liz Mongillo-Herman, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, West Hartford, CT
  2485. Ellen M. Walrath, Analyst, Sacramento, CA
  2486. Fran Luck, Executive Producer: Joy of Resistance, Multicultural Feminist Radio @ WBAI, New York, NY
  2487. Simone Kolysh, The CUNY Graduate Center, New York, NY
  2488. Nicole Oehmen, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Iowa City, IA
  2489. Omar Khurshid, Cornell University Alumni '15, Houston, TX
  2490. Aaryn Belfer, Interrupter of white supremacy, San Diego
  2491. Lydia Watts, Greater Good Consulting, Mount Rainier
  2492. Julie A Heston, Rio Linda
  2493. Jo Scott-Coe, Professor of English, Riverside CA
  2494. Linnea Johnson, RN, Portland, OR
  2495. Gina Bramucci, International Rescue Committee, Portland, OR
  2496. Madiba Dennie, Lawyer, New York
  2497. Alexis Wathier, MSW, Falmouth, MA
  2498. Anne Menard, National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, Harrisburg, PA
  2499. Lakeia, IT and Data, Baltimore, Maryland
  2500. Alexa Sasanow, White Noise Collective NYC, Brooklyn, NY
  2501. Kristina Kachele, Book designer; (un)occupy Albuquerque; Quaker, Albuquerque, NM
  2502. Kate Ferguson, Lawyer, Washington, D.C.
  2503. Gabriela Rosario, Communications, Puerto Rico
  2504. Jennifer Pollitt Hill, HopeWorks of Howard County, Inc., Columbia, MD
  2505. Karina, Student at Hampshire College, Amherst
  2506. Sai, Student, San Juan
  2507. Celinda Lake, President, Lake Research Partners, Washington, DC
  2508. Leslie Malkin, Advocate, Silver Spring
  2509. Merla, Retired, Denver
  2510. Karina Miller, SPHR, Human Resources, Seattle, WA
  2511. Blanche McCrary Boyd, Writer and Professor, Guilford CT
  2512. Ben Haith, National Juneteenth Observation Foundation Affiliate, Norwich
  2513. Kerrie Lynn, Educator, Atlanta, Georgia
  2514. Leticia Gonzales, musician, Santa Fe, NM
  2515. Julie Hunter, Women's Services, Inc., Meadville
  2516. Adele Trublood, farmer, Chapel Hill, N.C
  2517. Lori Bedell, Senior Lecturer, State College
  2518. Eartha McGoldrick, 8th grade teacher, Birmingham, AL
  2519. Joe Samalin, Non-Profit, Bloomington, IN
  2520. Sue Klein, Feminist Majority Foundation, Washington DC
  2521. Terry Sanders, Retired, Indialantic, FL
  2522. Nancy Gruver, New Moon Girl Media, Duluth, MN
  2523. Michelle Parsneau, Karaoke host, Minnesota
  2524. Betsy Curtis, Retired RN, Big Rapids
  2525. Lily Kofke, student, MA
  2526. Aria, Writer, Astoria, NY
  2527. Gloria L. Cordova, PhD, Consultant, Los Alamos, NM
  2528. Lauren Burnett, Nonprofit Administrator, Portland
  2529. Alan Gross, Statistician, retired, Somerset
  2530. Dr. Ruth Neese, Registered Nurse, Port St. Lucie, FL
  2531. Laura Bearden, Student, Honolulu, HI
  2532. Tony Evans, none, Chicago, IL
  2533. Harry Lewis, Student Activist, University of Delaware, Newark, DE
  2534. Lori Villarosa, Executive Director, Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity, Silver Spring, MD
  2535. Vivian Huelgo, ABA CDSV, Silver Spring, MD
  2536. Theresa Corbett, Kindergarten teacher, Clinton Township
  2537. Lynn Shorey, Director, Clearwater, FL
  2538. Robin D. G. Kelley, UCLA, Los Angeles
  2539. Sheila Stowell, Activist, East Orange, NJ
  2540. Linda Bell, Social Justice Guild of First Existentialist Congregation, Decatur
  2541. Hannah Blakeman, Artist, Myrtle Beach
  2542. Emerson Jamieson, Student, Nashville, TN
  2543. Scott Saul, Professor of English, UC-Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
  2544. Rachel Thompson, Law Student, Sharon, Vermont
  2545. Vanessa McCroskey, Teacher, Soquel, CA
  2546. Allison Smith-Burk, Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Decatur, GA
  2547. Mary Anne Adams, Founder, ZAMI NOBLA-National Organization of Black Lesbians on Aging, Atlanta, GA
  2548. Nicolas Carpentier, Cart Attendant At Richfield SuperTarget, Saint Paul, MN
  2549. Rev. Andrew Clive Millard, Minister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula, Newport News, Virginia
  2550. Kathy Jellison, Consultant, Pawtucket, RI
  2551. Jessica, Citizen, Arvada CO
  2552. Karen, None, Austin, TX
  2553. Jordan, Student/citizen, Owings Mills, Maryland
  2554. Viviana Aguilar, educator, Seattle, WA
  2555. Peter Espiefs, Counselor, Amesbury, MA
  2556. Lauri Pernu, Reproductive Health Counselor, Minneapolis MN
  2557. Marjory Cahill-Shelton, Feminist, Davie, FL
  2558. Libby Ware, Writer & Bookseller, Atlanta, GA
  2559. Mary Swilling, Retired, Summerville
  2560. Pamela Stewart, Historian, Phoenix, AZ
  2561. Anna Igra, Professor, St. Paul, MN
  2562. Marsha Minnick, Grandmother, Madison
  2563. Emily Czarnik-Neimeyer, University Campus Minister, San Francisco
  2564. Karen Kirschling, San Francisco, CA
  2565. Leadership Development Program Alumni, Domestic Violence Advocates Statewide, California
  2566. W.O.M.A.N., Inc., Ant-Domestic Violence Organization, San Francisco, CA
  2567. Lee Schere, Educator, Brooklyn, NY
  2568. Ulester Douglas, Executive Director, Men Stopping Violence, Inc.. Atlanta, GA
  2569. Rabbi MIchael Lerner, Editor, Tikkun Magazine, Berkeley
  2570. Jean Karam, Special Education Paraprofessional, MA
  2571. Anthony Browne, Professor, Africana Studies, Hunter College, New York, NY
  2572. Tammy Cook, Human Rights Vs.Stalkers, Hammondsport
  2573. Gayle Guest-Brown, Executive Director, Grass Valley, CA
  2574. Tracy Fogarty, Feminist, Portland OR
  2575. Stacy Brouillette, Case Manager, Canton, Ohio
  2576. Deborah Amethyst Peaslee, Educator, Huntington VT
  2577. Elizabeth L Vitale, Psychologist, Hartford
  2578. Deb Kallunki-Gotham, Retired, Bessemer
  2579. Roberta Francis, Co-Chair, ERA Task Force, National Council of Women's Organizations, Chatham, NJ
  2580. Dana Dowell, UI Engineer, Sausalito
  2581. Courtney Pride, Student, Muscle Shoals, AL
  2582. Sasha Hoffman, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
  2583. Cheri McCue-Chapa, Retired Counselor, TX
  2584. Rita Townsend, NOW, Des Moines
  2585. Jocelyn Morris, Chair, NOW Task Force to Eliminate Racism, Fort Leonard Wood, MO
  2586. Ana Hernandez, Composer/arranger, Richardson
  2587. Sharon Fisher,Licensed clinical social worker, Philadelphia PA
  2588. Tucker Pamella Farley, Professor Emerita, CUNY, Brooklyn, NY
  2589. Marissa Gray, Student, Poland
  2590. Marzia Coltri, Independent Researcher, UK
  2591. Rima Regas, writer, Mission Viejo, California
  2592. Maayke Botman, Consultant, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  2593. Johnathan Fields, Self-Employed, New York, NY
  2594. Patricia Kelley Sacks, Teacher, Reading, PA
  2595. Matt Shapiro, President, New Jersey Tenants Organization, Fort Lee, NJ
  2596. Sarah Affolter, teacher, San Francisco
  2597. Gabrielle Denize Newsam, Physician, Raleigh, North Carolina
  2598. Rachel Zellars, Professor, Montreal
  2599. Monique Pensis, retired, Preston
  2600. Paige Muellerleile, professor, Huntington
  2601. Jennifer, Rojas-McWhinney, Lubbock, TX
  2602. Ellen Mayock, Professor, Lexington, VA
  2603. Alice Benson, Retired, La Crosse
  2604. Kendra Ross, Cultural Worker, Pittsburgh, PA
  2605. Maya Hislop, The University of Virginia, Charlottesville
  2606. D'Ava C Newman, Artist, Philadelphia, PA
  2607. Elizabeth Crane, Author, New York
  2608. Qiana Whitted, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
  2609. Heather Belnap Jensen, Professor, Provo, Utah
  2610. Bethy Victorin, Student, Brooklyn, NY
  2611. Diana Williams, Historian, USC, Los Angeles. CA
  2612. Nancy Naples, University of Connecticut, CT
  2613. Phil Rippke, Educator, Bloomsburg, PA
  2614. Jeannine Gliddon Owens, Graphic Designer, Gliddon Owens Design, VA
  2615. Joanne Mattera, Artist, New York, New YOrk
  2616. Katherine Tonner, Activist, Gainesville, FL
  2617. Toni Van Pelt, NOW & ISHV, Seminole, FL
  2618. Wade Hudson, Cab driver, San Francisco, CA
  2619. Rebecca Sneddon, Attorney, Alexandria, VA
  2620. Peter Jablonski, activist, Richmond
  2621. Dina Willner, retired, Mahwah, NJ
  2622. Aiko Pandorf, Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus, San Francisco, CA
  2623. Renee Robb-Cohen, Massage Therapist, Asheville
  2624. Robin Fisher Cisne, Antiques dealer, Ithaca, NY
  2625. Sam Ruben, COO, Sausalito, CA
  2626. Dana Middleton, Santa Fe NOW, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  2627. Sara Sezun, Writer, Allston, MA
  2628. Sarah Burger, Art Preparator, Detroit, Michigan
  2629. Evelyn Coleman, Author, Atlanta, GA
  2630. Nicole Graff, Care giver, GA
  2631. Caitlin Cahill, Asst Professor, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
  2632. Katherine H Henderson, professor, Edwardsville
  2633. Ryder Collins, Writer, Milwaukee, WI
  2634. Kara, volunteer, Greeley, Colorado
  2635. Danielle Purifoy, Ph.D candidate, Durham, NC
  2636. Janice E. Cohen, M.D., Physician/Consultant to various NGOs, San Francisco, CA
  2637. Diane Marino, retired teacher NYC, Elmira NY
  2638. Peter Rachleff, teacher,Saint Paul, MN
  2639. Christin Washington, Student, Brooklyn, NY
  2640. Patricia Wheeler, Administrative Assistant, Los Angeles
  2641. Linda Censorio, retired, Attleboro
  2642. Alice Colegrove Minium, Student, Newport News, VA
  2643. Paul Burns, Educator, Washington, DC
  2644. Maureen Curtin, Associate Professor, SUNY-Oswego, Oswego, NY
  2645. Vicky B. Stapleton, NOW-NJ(V.P.)and N.A.A.C.P.(Chair of W.I.N.), Wharton,N.J.
  2646. Gyanendra Pandey, Professor, Atlanta, GA
  2647. Rebecca Sherry, College instructor, Albuquerque, NM
  2648. Nicole C. Raeburn, Ph.D., University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
  2649. William Marti, Cameraman, Chatsworth CA
  2650. Tereza Bottman, teacher, Portland, OR
  2651. Alisa Perdue, Photographer, Atlanta, GA
  2652. Leslie Berns, Artist, Lecturer, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
  2653. Kyle Tam, Student, Poughkeepsie, New York
  2654. Cecilia Olusola Tribble, Arts Administrator, Nashville, TN
  2655. Marilyn Del Duca, JuicePlus Distributor, New Castle DE
  2656. Glory Wicklund, NOW, Rancho Cordova. CA
  2657. Kim Jordan, Advocate for incarcerated female SV/DV survivors, Burlington, VT
  2658. Linda Meric, Executive Director, 9to5, National Association of Working Women, Milwaukee, WI
  2659. Catherine, nutrition and theatre, CA
  2660. Jeff Stack, Mid-MO Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR), Columbia, MO
  2661. Maria, Educator, Associate Professor, Vassar College, Queens, NY
  2662. Suzanne Ross, Clinical Psychologist/Educator International Concerned Fam & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, New York, NY
  2663. Marcia Szymanski, New Hope, Inc., Attleboro, MA
  2664. Abe Clabby, Domestic Violence Hotline, Austin
  2665. Stephini Jefferson, United States Postal Service, Columbus
  2666. Renee Council, Educator, Queens, NY
  2667. Charles Skaer, Social worker, St. Louis, MO
  2668. Damanpreet Pelia, Student, New York, NY
  2669. Lisa Savage, CodePink, State of Maine, Solon, Maine
  2670. Nina Trimbath, Student, New Orleans, LA
  2671. J McCray, Confluency Consultants, Cincinnati
  2672. Liz Cascone, Advocate, Williamsburg, VA
  2673. Veronica, Writer, Beacon, NY
  2674. Roxanne Looney, Patient Care Assistant, Tucson
  2675. Maretta J. Short, Essex County Chapter of the National Organization for Women, NJ
  2676. Sue Ellen Braunlin, Retired physician, Carmel, IN
  2677. Maria Gbur, MD, Bronx, NY
  2678. Kaethe Morris Hoffer, Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation, Chicago, Illinois
  2679. Christine Palm, Communications Director, Hartford, Connecticut
  2680. Cecilia Santos, Associate Professor, University of San. Francisco, San Francisco, CA
  2681. Donnarae Morrison, legal advocate, Cochranton
  2682. Keely Meagan, writer, Santa Fe, NM
  2683. Hussain Turk, UCLA School of Law, Los Angeles
  2684. Roxanne, Student, Austin, TX
  2685. Kathy Scarbrough, radical feminist activist, East Brunswick, NJ
  2686. Michael Eric Dyson, Professor Georgetown University, Washington, DC
  2687. Rev. Stephanie L. Wooten, Clergy, United Church of Christ, Merchantville, NJ
  2688. Cristine Davidson, Minnesota Indian Women's Sexual Assault Coalition, St. Paul
  2689. Edward Heisler, Men As Peacemakers, Duluth
  2690. Marigene Arnold, Professor Emerita Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo MI
  2691. Tamar Kraft-Stolar, Criminal justice reform, Brooklyn, NY
  2692. Edith Isidoro, Writer, Fallon
  2693. Rochelle, Attorney, Huntington Station, NY
  2694. Kathleen Thurmond, Alliance for Girls, San Francisco, CA
  2695. Sade Adeeyo, Researcher, Washington DC
  2696. Alaska NOW, National organization for Women Chapter, Wasilla, AK
  2697. Lillian Kalish, Student at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
  2698. Daniel HoSang, Associate Professor, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
  2699. Jodiann Solito, Administrator, Butler
  2700. Kai Lundgren-Williams, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco
  2701. Nicole M Kinch, Blogger, Titusville, FL
  2702. Anna Quinn, NoVo Foundation, Brooklyn, NY
  2703. Tumelo Drametu, Trent Film Society, Milton
  2704. Jayson Culp, Bernie Sanders 2016 and United Steelworkers, Portage
  2705. Desiree Harned, Teacher, Louisville, KY
  2706. Soraya Chemaly, Writer, Washington, DC
  2707. Nancy Feraldi, Online Instructor, Kaplan University, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  2708. Beth Johnson, minister, Vista
  2709. Jagoda Munić, Chairperson Friends of the Earth International, Zagreb, Croatia, European Union
  2710. Mara Bower-Leo, Student, Portland, OR
  2711. Stacy O’Neill, Self employed, Hollywood, CA
  2712. Lynne Lange, Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence, Lincoln, NE
  2713. Georgette Mayo, Archivist, Charleston, SC
  2714. Jerome McCorry, The Stop Mass Incarceration Network, Atlanta, GA
  2715. Morgan Brown, Med Tech, Clairton
  2716. Jackson, Vancouver, BC
  2717. Tiffany Naemura, Operations/Finance, Portland, OR
  2718. Mina Asayesh-Brown, Student, Providence, RI
  2719. Hannah Curtis, Research Coordinator, Seattle, WA
  2720. Ambra Thomas, Adult student/homemaker, Westchester, NY
  2721. Linda Winston, advocate, Richmond VA
  2722. Sarah Catherine Rowland, Retired Legal Secretary, Taft, California
  2723. Amanda Swartzbaugh, Event Professional, Denver, Colorado
  2724. Lindsey Dorr-Niro, artist/educator, Chicago
  2725. Tiffany Mericle, Writer, Portland, OR
  2726. Mariana, John Carroll University, University Heights
  2727. Judith Pierre, Healthcare worker, Oakland, CA
  2728. Logan Tegler, Student, Flagstaff, AZ
  2729. Colleen R. Gray-Mackey, Social Worker, Newark, DE
  2730. Lacey Hicks, Librarian, Union City CA
  2731. Michele Sedlak, National Organization for Women Oakland/Macomb Chapter, Troy, MI
  2732. Jennifer Connolly, Mass NOW & PPLM, Boston, MA
  2733. Martha E. Gifford, lawyer, Past President, Women's Bar Association of the State of New York, Brooklyn, NY
  2734. Katherine Lawrence, Consultant, Bethesda, MD
  2735. Raschell Lewis, Information Technology Specialist, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
  2736. Nancy Dawley, Retired, Cincinnati, OH
  2737. Melissa Mouldin, social worker, Dundee, Florida
  2738. Jan Lella, FL, FL
  2739. Karolina Lewis, Artist and Writer, Fargo, ND
  2740. Jean Auris, Concerned female, Florida
  2741. Shpresa Ahmeti, Education, Jersey City
  2742. Andie D, Photo Editor, Brooklyn, NY
  2743. Claire Perricelli, homemaker, Eureka, CA
  2744. Pamela Kersting, disabled, Bolingbrook, IL
  2745. Jan Lella, FL, St Petersburg, FL
  2746. Diane Hollifield, Feminists Activist, NC
  2747. Steve Unger, Retired, New Hartford, CT
  2748. Kaleigh Thacker, Lawyer, Washington, D.C.
  2749. Helen Ramirez-Odell, Registered Nurse, Chicago, IL
  2750. Pushpa Achanta, Writer & trainer, Bengaluru, India
  2751. Mari Mennel-Bell, educational consultant, FL
  2752. Michael Japack, Old White Guy for Equality, Columbus
  2753. Marilyn B Lee, Professor, Florence, AL
  2754. Carol Wheeler, writer/editor, San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico
  2755. Deena Levy, Physical Therapist, Move Easy Physical Therapy, Berkeley, CA
  2756. Lori Plazinski, Program Manager, Gaithersburg, Md
  2757. Dawn M. Albanese, None, Elk Grove Village, IL
  2758. Pari Farmani, Women Waging Peace Network Manager, Washington, DC
  2759. Rachel Kellum, Professor, Snyder, CO
  2760. Peter Wong, San Francisco 4 Democracy, San Francisco, CA
  2761. Daviann McClurg, Goddess Woman/Feminist, Larned
  2762. Lois Galgay Reckitt, Family Crisis Services, Portland, Maine
  2763. Dr Patricia O'Gorman, Author. Psychologist, Saranac lake
  2764. Liz Helenchild, media/radio, Mendocino CA
  2765. Jerrold Gilbert, Psychologist, Aurora, CO
  2766. Steffany, SJW, Feminist, West Sacramento
  2767. Ginny Schneider, Consultant, Henniker, NH
  2768. Joseph Naidnur, Social Worker, Dunlap
  2769. Heidi Zeigler, teacher, Denton, TX
  2770. David Bly, human, Ithaca, NY
  2771. Linda Malanchuk-Finnan, Washington State NOW Council, Washington
  2772. Greg Hamill, Professor, Sociology, Chicago, IL
  2773. Ann Withorn, Professor of Social Policy Emeritus, Boston MA
  2774. Annapoorne Colangelo, Integral Yoga, Clinton, WA
  2775. Barbara DeVan, President, Tallahassee NOW, Tallahassee, FL
  2776. Sharon Bourke, artist, Central Islip, NY
  2777. Sue Osthoff, Anti-domestic violence advocate, Philadelphia, PA
  2778. Margaret Eells, Unemployed Student, Auburn, MA
  2779. Brant Kotch, Attorney, Houston, TX
  2780. Alicia Lenci, regular person, Boston, MA
  2781. Carla Collins, Program Manager, San Jose, CA
  2782. Jeanette R Stucky, CPA, Wichita, KS
  2783. Samantha Gladu, Oregon State Legislature, Portland, OR
  2784. Nina Lomando-Grigoreas, Sales/Marketing, Mansfield Center, CT
  2785. Richard Mora, Associate Professor of Sociology, Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA
  2786. Donna Kittrell, artist, Manassas, VA
  2787. Sarah Foley, Advocate, Sacramento, CA
  2788. Carolyn Villanova, retired teacher, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
  2789. Kendra Holt, Professional musician, Wheaton
  2790. Michelle Benes, retired, Sylmar, CA
  2791. Kay Reinfried, Retired teacher, Lititz
  2792. Fran Solomon, Environmental Science Professor, The Evergreen State College, Tacoma, WA
  2793. Mary Sue Baker, insurance agency owner, Sarasota
  2794. Ann M Davidson, Non-Profit Manager, Chicago, IL
  2795. Devin Henry, Self, Alfred, NY
  2796. Caitlyn Collin, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
  2797. Koren Bernardi, Together Boston, Boston
  2798. Doris Munger, Retired, New Canaan
  2799. Catherine Lynne Kearney, Teacher, retired, Metairie
  2800. Linda Harlow, Retired, Santa Rosa, CA
  2801. Jodie Arnaudov, Social Worker, Chicago, IL
  2802. Mollie Fullerton, supporter, Denver
  2803. Denise Nepveux, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy at Utica College, Utica, NY
  2804. Erikka Washington, Working Mom, Atlanta, GA
  2805. Hannah Blakeman, Artist, Myrtle Beach
  2806. Jerre Collins, Retired college teacher, Whitewater, WI
  2807. Dottye Burt-Markowitz, Baltimore Racial Justice Action, Baltimore, MD
  2808. Linda Middleton, Educator, Honolulu, HI
  2809. Molly King, Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
  2810. Lynn Grant, Activist, Fort Myers, Florida
  2811. Rachel Knight, Advertising Sales Director, Merriam, KS
  2812. Nora Jaffe, active community member, San Diego, CA
  2813. Martina Green, Program & Policy Analyst, Washington, DC
  2814. Sara E. Pyle, educator, New York, NY
  2815. Lynn Wenzel, writer/editor, Grass Valley
  2816. Heather Wehby, Architect, Cincinnati, Ohio
  2817. Roksana Badruddoja, Sociology & Women and Gender Studies Professor, Yonkers, NY
  2818. Jesus Pantel, Arts Administrator, Austin, TX
  2819. Rachna Mathur, IT PM, La Verne, CA
  2820. Patricia Ulbrich, Visiting Scholar, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
  2821. Sally Ann Phelps, retired, El Prado, NM
  2822. Dolores Lucero, Semi-retired substitute teacher, Houston
  2823. Laura Koeninger, none, Ukiah, CA
  2824. Barbara Dobkin, Foundation trustee, New York, NY
  2825. Matt Ashby, Love, Central
  2826. Madeline Beaumier, Red Wolf Gallery, Denver, Colorado
  2827. Susan B. Kelley, Program Director/Advocate, Plattsburgh, NY
  2828. Don McKelvey, retired, Euclid
  2829. Catherine Raphael, retired, Pittsburgh, PA
  2830. Tracy Gary, inspired legacy, Tiburon, CA
  2831. Heather Levien, UC Berkeley staff, Berkeley, CA
  2832. Betsy McKinney, It's Time Network, San Anselmo, CA
  2833. Lauren Linda, woman, Laguna Woods, CA
  2834. Kathleen McTeigue, Retired, Petaluma, CA
  2835. Natalie Sokolof, Sociology College Professor Emerita, NY, NY
  2836. Phylis Khayanje, Farming, Kenya
  2837. Debra Cecchi, Atlantic County Government, Atlantic City, New Jersey
  2838. Pat Annoni, Translator, Midvale, UT
  2839. Jonathan Boyne, Librarian, Honolulu, HI
  2840. Orinzie Hooks Jr., Minister, Greensboro
  2841. Elaine Becker, None, Roanoke, VA
  2842. Robert Weingart, teacher, Powell, OH
  2843. Frank T. Green IV, Actor, Albuquerque, NM
  2844. Robert W Hardy, Member, NOW, NAACP, PFLAG, Tempe, AZ
  2845. Sydney Ji, Student, Milpitas, CA
  2846. Genevieve Vaughan, writer, Austin, Texas
  2847. Rebecca Boyce, PhD, Vice-President, RK2 Systems, Inc., Cardiff, CA
  2848. Jean Hricik, environmentalist, McDonough, N. Y.
  2849. Terry Dycus, Engineer, CA
  2850. Elizabeth Engleking, Senior Tour Planner, Staunton, VA
  2851. Elizabeth Sandlin, Writer, Albuquerque, NM
  2852. Dot Manley, MSW Student, Smith College, Northampton, MA
  2853. Helen Hwang, U of Central Missouri, Adelanto
  2854. Patricia Dawson, Surgeon, Seattle, WA
  2855. Noora Hussain, Student, Minneapolis, MN
  2856. Ken Rude, physical therapist, Red Hook, NY
  2857. Joanne K., Retired, Shawnee OK
  2858. Mary Travers, writer, Seattle, WA
  2859. Jennifer Marshall, Nurse, Alexandria, VA
  2860. Horace H. Wormely, Basketball (International), Pasadena, CA
  2861. Patti Andrews, artist, Sun Valley, CA
  2862. Caitlin Moran, Graduate Student, Chicago
  2863. Melissa B Jacoby, Professor, Chapel Hill, NC
  2864. Bridget Robertson, Addison, TX
  2865. Marcia Okun, teacher, Newton, MA
  2866. Rochelle Robinson, Writer/Activist, Oakland, CA
  2867. Rosalind Horton Cauffman, Interfaith minister, PA
  2868. Paula Singer, Girls Empowerment Educator, Ardmore, PA
  2869. Dale Mendoza, designer, Bahama, NC
  2870. Jenn Steinfeld, Women's Fund of Rhode Island, Providence, RI
  2871. Elizabeth Perkins, Unitarian Universalists, Pittsburgh, PA
  2872. Keven Bridge, retired psychotherapist, Southampton, NY
  2873. Jacob Busby, Student, Atlanta, GA
  2874. Margo Okazawa-Rey, Fielding Graduate University; Hamilton College, Berkeley, CA
  2875. Veronica Williams, Attorney, San Diego, CA
  2876. Maya Scott-Chung, Conceptions Consulting, Oakland, CA
  2877. Julie Torgeson, Teacher, Tokyo, Japan
  2878. Michele Eggers, Assistant Professor, Social Work, Pacific University, Eugene, OR
  2879. Malkah Feldman, Social change agent, Cambridge, MA
  2880. Kaitlin Hammersley, Peace Corps Volunteer, Senegal, West Africa
  2881. Kim Westheimer, Gender Spectrum, Boston, MA
  2882. Katherine Hoffman, President, Charlottesville National Organization for Women (CNOW), Charlottesville, VA
  2883. Cara Jones, Visiting Professor, Clinton
  2884. Jeannine Greenlee, National Organization for Women, Cleveland, OH
  2885. Brianne Waychoff, Professor, CUNY BMCC, New York, NY
  2886. Heidi Ridgley, editor, Washington, DC
  2887. Samantha Catalina Sinclair, Life Coach, Crockett, CA
  2888. Beth MacDonald, Home Health Care/1199SEIU, Greenfield, MA
  2889. Ken Neubeck,Eugene Human Rights Commission,Eugene, OR
  2890. Lorraine Caputo, documentary poet, Columbia, MO
  2891. Penny Larsen, NOW Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids
  2892. Kiara Taite, Law Student, Baton Rouge, LA
  2893. Lynne Teplin, Counselor, City University of New York, Bronxville, NY
  2894. Jill McKnight, Educational Consultant, Orlando, Florida
  2895. Caryl Davis, Educator, Milwaukee, WI
  2896. Julie Schwam Harris, NOW member, New Orleans
  2897. Mick Robinson, Retired, Santa Maria, CA
  2898. William Cosby, Dr. of Women's Studies, Minneapolis, MN
  2899. Kim Christensen, San Francisco, CA
  2900. Sarah Hyde, Futures Without Violence, San Francisco, CA
  2901. Naomi Rivas, Studio Manager, New York
  2902. Rebecca Wiggins, Nonprofit Executive, Columbus
  2903. Eleanor Romeus, Consultant, Oak Park, IL
  2904. Saundra Davis, Financial Coach, Pinole, CA
  2905. Yamani Hernandez, National Network of Abortion Funds, Boston
  2906. Rachel Stuck, Teacher, Portland
  2907. Talia Cooper, Ma'yan, Brooklyn, NY
  2908. Evelyn Nakano Glenn, Professor, Berkeley, CA
  2909. Maribel Soto, Student, Chicago, IL
  2910. Phyllis M. Croom, Writer/Filmmaker, Bowie, MD
  2911. Samantha Schweit, Lindenhurst, NY
  2912. Susan Sonne, IT, Buena Park
  2913. Joel Silberman, Democracy Partners, New York, NY
  2914. Kelly Starr, Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Seattle, WA
  2915. Rita N. Scott, Education & Outreach Coordinator, HOPE Fair Housing Center, Sunrise, FL
  2916. Anne Mulvey, UMass Lowell, Newburyport, MA
  2917. Gina Chirichigno, Education Policy Advocate, Northampton, MA
  2918. Sandra R., american feminist, Oakland CA
  2919. Paula Puryear Martin, Screenwriter/Blogger, Los Angeles, CA
  2920. Bethany Sattur, Democrat, Clark
  2921. Bethany Scettrini, Graduate Student, Baylor University, Waco, TX
  2922. Katie Simon, Feminist Scholar, Milledgeville, GA
  2923. Steven Kranowski, Data entry clerk, Blacksburg, VA
  2924. Kelly, Social Worker, Rossmoor, CA
  2925. Tonya Pinkins, Artist, Bronx, NY
  2926. Nancy Campbell Mead, National Organization for Women (NOW) - Oregon, Depoe Bay
  2927. Stephanie Miller, Communications, Woodside, NY
  2928. Virginia E.Schein, Professor Emerita, Gettysburg College, Wyndmoor, PA
  2929. Lonnie Sorrell, Marketing, Bemidji
  2930. Devorah Hill, media educator, Brooklyn, NY
  2931. Julia, Teacher, San Jose, CA
  2932. Alma Faith Crawford United Church of Christ Clergy, Chicago, IL
  2933. Stacy Jarboe, NOW, Takoma Park, MD
  2934. Amanda Campbell, Case Manager, Boise
  2935. Deana Neibert, Teacher, Spartanburg, SC
  2936. Barbara Tutor, Retired Librarian, Clearwater, Florida
  2937. Maren Scull, Instructor, Denver, CO
  2938. Paris Carr, DigiVisits, Inc., Richmond, VA
  2939. Christopher Lish, Olema, CA
  2940. Michaela Rahimi, Youth worker, Brooklyn, NY
  2941. Klarissa Oh, executive director, Portland, OR
  2942. Nesley Seraphin, Social justice, Miami, Florida
  2943. Jenine Advisor, School Counselor & Teacher, Lockwood
  2944. LaCole Blackshire, Nurse Research Analyst, Sacramento, CA
  2945. Milton Bonura, Activist for real Loe and Truth, Monterey, TN
  2946. Margaret Woolridge, Exercise Physiologist, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  2947. Mari Stachenfeld, teacher, Aliso Vejo
  2948. Kimberly McCoy, Program Assistant, Fresno, CA
  2949. Martha Burwell, Gender Equity Advocate, Blogger, Seattle, WA
  2950. Rodney Byrd II, Working Man, Sacramento, CA
  2951. Dareen Berniard, Peer Support Specialist, Chalmette, LA
  2952. Crystallee Crain, Prevention at the Intersections, Oakland, CA /Flint, MI
  2953. Nancy Chi Cantalupo, Law Professor, Arlington, VA
  2954. Angela Walker, Community Organizer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  2955. Anne Slater, Radical Women, San Francisco, CA
  2956. Rodger Kroell, BDS, Ventura, CA
  2957. Janine, Educator, North Carolina
  2958. Carolyn L. Williams, Retired, Wellington, FL
  2959. Vicki Stevens, Animal protection and human health advocate, College Park, MD
  2960. Stephanie Anne Johnson, Professor, Berkeley, CA
  2961. Elizabeth Vitale, Psychologist, Hartford
  2962. Kyra Gaunt, Ph.D., Baruch College-CUNY, New York, NY
  2963. Billy Borgen, IT, Webster, TX
  2964. Dorothy C. Miller, Clinical Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
  2965. Madeline Whitman, student, Minneapolis, MN
  2966. Lori Adkins, Student Success Coach, Canton, Ohio
  2967. Arica Bibbs, Graduate Student -Texas Southern University, Houston, TX
  2968. Donna Coker, Professor of Law, Miami, FL
  2969. Tanny Martin, Mother, Nurse, Rockport
  2970. Rosie Cowling, Editor, London
  2971. Park Cannon, Program Coordinator, Atlanta, GA
  2972. Kenna Cook, Information Office, California Department of State Hospitals, Sacramento, CA
  2973. Renee Grotheer, Anonymous, Simpsonville, SC
  2974. Kit Seaton, Artist/Teacher, Savannah, GA
  2975. Corry Hinckley, Home Maker, Portland, OR
  2976. Rael Nidess, M.D., Physician, Marshall, TX
  2977. Leslie Muirhead, student, Granbury, TX
  2978. John Kahler, Video producer, Philadelphia, PA
  2979. L. Amargo, Founder of FoTP/Story Bluff, Phoenix, AZ
  2980. Laura Mohai, Filmmaker, Los Angeles
  2981. Grace Marlier, barista, Berkeley
  2982. Cynthia Feaster, Educator, Brooklyn
  2983. Charlotte Pate, farmer, educator, Nashville, TN
  2984. Elecia James, Education Consultant, Washington, DC
  2985. Brielle Tym, student, Paradise
  2986. Blase Hents, WOMAN Inc., San Francisco
  2987. LaFaye Belcher, homemaker, Garfield Heights, Ohio
  2988. Brett Kelly-Riley, Attorney, Providence, RI
  2989. Austen Klein, Musician, Saint Louis, Missouri
  2990. Courtney J. Campbell, Tougaloo College, Jackson, MS
  2991. Aishia Gamble, Customer Relations, Hartford, CT
  2992. Joanna Burch-Brown, University lecturer (philosophy), Bristol, England
  2993. Edwin Ikechukwu, Political Advocate, New Mexico
  2994. Kandice Raymond, Teacher, Georgetown, Ontario
  2995. Chris O’Meara Dietrich, Novelist, San Jose, CA
  2996. Shannon Bertuch, Writer, Amsterdam, NY
  2997. Mary Shah, MLS, AHIP, Medical Librarian & Archivist, South Salem, NY
  2998. Jenn Fishman, Educator, Milwaukee, WI
  2999. Shaena Spoor, Non-Profit, San Francisco, CA
  3000. Debbie Socolar, health policy, Quincy, MA
  3001. Becky Lehr, NOW Shreveport-Bossier, Shreveport, LA
  3002. Christina V. Cedillo, Assistant professor, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Houston, TX
  3003. Haden Britton, Pricing Exceptions Management, Tulsa, OK
  3004. Kim Sillen, artist, New York, NY
  3005. Natalie Delatour, Artist, Fairbanks, AK
  3006. Namadi Wai, Student, VA
  3007. Carol Cohn, Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights, Boston, MA
  3008. Emily Rose Alitto Galbraith, Consultant, Chicago, Illinois
  3009. Landon Alexia Rice, Student @ CPCC and ally to Black Lives Matter, Charlotte, NC
  3010. Michael J. Polzin, Associate Professor Emeritus, East Lansing, Michigan
  3011. Tod Ewing, Racial Justice Worker, Washington DC
  3012. Cathy Van Maren, citizen, La Crosse, Wisconsin
  3013. Jules Hollander, Teacher, New York, NY
  3014. Strong Oak Lefebvre, Visioning B.E.A.R Circle Intertribal Coalition, Greenfield
  3015. Mercedes Bentley, Student activist, Asheville, NC
  3016. Ann Trede Minadei, Teacher, Milton NY
  3017. Caterina Lazzara, Undergraduate Student at UC Santa Barbara, Goleta, CA
  3018. Sean David Burke, Architecture, WA
  3019. Zev Labinger, Biologist, Kiryat Tivon
  3020. Rebecca G. Pontikes, Attorney/Pontikes Law LLC, Cambridge
  3021. Carrie Mather-Crowner, Graphic Designer, Ypsilanti, MI
  3022. Randy Roberts, student, Fort Worth, TX
  3023. Shay McLean, UIUC PhD Student, Champaign
  3024. Hannah Eldridge, Professor, Madison, WI
  3025. Sally Z., Hare still learning, inc., Surfside Beach, SC
  3026. Jeffrey Creswell, educational consultant, Portland, OR
  3027. Carolyn Revercomb, pathologist, Providence, RI
  3028. Ali Harrington, Business Owner, Ocean Park, Washington
  3029. Mary Mosley, professor and activist, Fulton, MO
  3030. Kathy Coffey, Executive Director, Lynwood
  3031. Ashley Renee Causey, Student, Rock Hill, South Carolina
  3032. Gregory Felder, transportation, Ashburn VA
  3033. Darnnell Chambers, Student, Wycliffe College, Toronto, ON
  3034. Margi Clarke, social justice consultant, Oakland, CA
  3035. Rev. Dr. William Huston Wilkinson, Clergy, Webster, NY
  3036. Jennifer Stowe, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Washington, DC
  3037. Molly Casteel, clergy, Louisville, KY
  3038. Janie Starr, Activist/Writer, Vashon WA
  3039. Nikki Brown, Attorney at law, Los Angeles, CA
  3040. Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune, FaithTrust Institute, Seattle, WA
  3041. Betsy Berne, writer, NY, NY
  3042. Mary Ceallaigh, Community Educator, Tucson, AZ
  3043. Amy MacKay, Artist/Teacher, Los Angeles, CA
  3044. Melissa Ruth, Counselor, Activist, Boise, Idaho
  3045. Bethy, Student, Brooklyn, NY
  3046. Anastasia C. Curwood, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
  3047. Emily Humbert, student, Carbondale
  3048. Roberta Wallitt, community activist, Ithaca, NY
  3049. Francisca James Hernandez, faculty, Tucson, AZ
  3050. Sally Wessels, Teacher, Ithaca, New York
  3051. Betty Robinson, community organizer, Baltimore, MD
  3052. Barbara Nehmad, NOW, Barrington
  3053. Sharon Martinas, Human Rights Pen Pals, San Francisco, CA
  3054. Hamzee Kaddoura, Teacher, Dearborn, MI
  3055. Ronnie Govender, Writer, Cape Town, South Africa
  3056. Laura Webber, Student, Poughkeepsie, NY
  3057. Alma Claire Major, database programmer, Columbia, MO
  3058. Mary Sims, Librarian, Kirksville MO
  3059. LaToya Eaves, Professor, Murfreesboro, TN
  3060. Cinthy Wilcox, NOW, Jefferson City, MO
  3061. Angela Arzubiaga, Associate Professor, Tempe, AZ
  3062. Karen Tronsgard-Scott, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, Montpelier, VT
  3063. Alex Bottinelli, artist, Montpelier, VT
  3064. Judith Murphy, physician, Palo Alto, CA
  3065. M. L. Coombs, Refugee, Madrid, Spain
  3066. Minnie Bruce Pratt, National Writers Union/ UAW Local 1981, Syracuse, NY
  3067. Mary L. White, retired historian, Ithaca NY
  3068. Monica Barron, Truman State University, Kirksville, MO
  3069. Lori Hirtelen, attorney, Rochester
  3070. Jamie Tomek, Missouri NOW, NAACP, Bowling Green, MO
  3071. Sabrina Glidden, Ally, Hartford City, Indiana
  3072. Chani Waterhouse, VT Network Against Domestic & Sexual Violence, Montpelier, VT
  3073. Beth Collins, advocate, Denver, CO
  3074. Tanya Riston, Student, Erie
  3075. Vicki Metzgar, Educator, Nashville, TN
  3076. Doreen Fournier Merrill, Community Change Coordinator, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, Montepelier, VT