2018 #SayHerName Week of Action

#SayHerName: Mothers of the Movement (2018 Week of Action)

This video, the first in a series of three, lifts up the voices of mothers who have lost their daughters to police violence. The #SayHerName Mothers Network was first officially convened by AAPF in November 2016, a year and a half after many of the mothers joined us in New York City to launch the Say Her Name Report and attend the first ever #SayHerName Vigil in Union Square. Since then, the #SayHerName Mothers Network has joined together on a number of occasions, marching at the Women’s March on Washington, lobbying for police reform on Capitol Hill, and joining together for several focus groups and planning sessions to strategize around the initiative and to assess the needs of new family members who’ve lost their daughters to police violence.

"Ain't I A Woman?": The Poetics of #SayHerName (2018 Week of Action)

This video, the second in a series of three, highlights some of the fiercely talented artist/activists we’ve worked with on the #SayHerName campaign, who use their art to both celebrate Black women and shed light on the oppression and violence Black women face in America. The artists featured in this video are: Kai Davis (@kaidavispoet), Gina Loring (@theginaloring), Monet Marshall (@MonetNMarshall), and Kamil Oshundara (@k6mil). The full version of #SayHerName: An Evening of Art and Action at the Hammer Museum can be seen below.

Why We Can't Wait: Policing Black Women in Mental Health Crises (2018 Week of Action)

This video, the third in a series of three, addresses the criminalization of Black women experiencing mental health crises. In the absence of adequate mental health resources for the vast majority of Black communities, law enforcement officers often serve as the first and only responders to mental health crises experienced by Black women. In dozens of tragic instances, police officers have perceived Black women who are experiencing mental health crises as dangerous or as individuals who possess “superhuman” strength no matter how vulnerable, fragile, or in distress they might be. Instead of offering the compassionate support these women needed, police criminalized them and responded with deadly force.

With performances by: Abby Dobson, LisaGay Hamilton, Curtis Robertson Jr.

Click here to read Deborah Danner’s essay in full: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2...

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March 27, 2018

NowThis Her: #SayHerName

We can't forget the Black women whose lives are taken too soon #SayHerName

Gina Best- mother of India Kager
Rhanda Dormeus- mother of Korryn Gaines
Kimberlé Crenshaw- Executive Director of the African American Policy Forum, Founder of #SayHerName Campaign

March 28, 2017

#SayHerName: An Evening of Art and Action at the Hammer Museum

Produced in partnership with the Hammer Museum as part of our 2017 Her Dream Deferred programming, this event lifts up the voices and stories of women and girls of color through spoken word, song, and dance. Featuring family members of Black women and girls whose lives have been stolen by police violence, the program pays respect to the lives of their loved ones by encouraging us to say their names out loud. Curated by Abby Dobson, artist-in-residence at the African American Policy Forum.

February 2017

#SayHerName at the Women's March on Washington

On January 21, 2017, family members of Black women who have been killed by the police participated in the Women's March on Washington alongside AAPF, 1 Billion Rising and more. Listen to their stories and #SayHerName

"For so long we as women were not allowed to have anything to do with battle, protecting our communities, protecting our country - we didn't have a voice. I refuse. I refuse as a woman, I refuse as a Black woman, I refuse as a human to shut up any longer. I'm not just a soldier for India Beaty, I'm a solider for every one of our children who has been unjustifiably taken away from us." 
-Vicki McAdory, Auntie-Mama of India Beaty

February 1, 2017

About the #SayHerName Campaign

AAPF's #SayHerName Campaign has drawn international attention to the often ignored state-sanctioned violence that endangers the lives of Black women and girls in the US. This video contains some graphic content.

August 2, 2016

#SayHerName Tribute Video

CW: The following video depicting police violence against Black women and girls may be triggering, and we encourage viewers to honor their emotional and mental wellness before continuing.

The following short film, written and produced by AAPF, seeks to lift up the voices and make known the stories of the Black women and girls so often excluded from the discourse around police brutality against Black bodies. AAPF has elected to show this raw footage because our stories are to only neglected, but often not believed. We must broaden the frameworks by which we understand State violence and we must be honest in our retelling.


Kimberlé Crenshaw at One Billion Rising’s Artistic Revolution- #SayHerName

Say their names, know their stories and make the connection.”
— Kimberlé Crenshaw