Tonya Pinkins is a Tony award winning actress, author of GET OVER YOURSELF: How to drop the drama and Claim the life you deserve, and activist. She has appeared in All My Children, As The World Turns, Army Wives, 24, Law and Order, Enchanted among others. "My map of the world exploded when my white husband branded me an "Angry Black Women" and it was used to take my two and five year old children away. I had lived with an "honorary White status" that I learned belonged to others and was not mine to use to gain the justice I needed. Since then I have been an activist for women's and children's rights."

The Embracing The Body Workshop will engage you in games and exercises that connect you with your personal truth. The body never lies. You will learn to see the truth the body is speaking behind the words people say. More importantly, you will learn to recognize what your body is telling you and the world. May you leave with the power to allow your body and voice to speak your truth.