Media Coverage on "Unequal Opportunity" 

While most of the coverage has been positive, generating conversations on privilege and structural racism, multiple headlines focus less on the video as a teaching tool, and more on it being one that promotes "white guilt."

Some websites additionally changed their headlines to include "white guilt" as part of the video, even though it was a single quote by one grandparent in the school district.

Soon after publication, the Christian Science Monitor jumps on the bandwagon of labeling the video as one of "white guilt."
When conducting a search for the article, the original version without the "white guilt" appears.

Even though some parents responded positively to the video, few if any national news picked up those responses.

While this WRIC article has been quoted in the Washington Post, only the negative feedback was mentioned. Some of the articles, despite the "white guilt" headlines, have included more balance.

The important reminder of this video is that it is a teaching tool to spark conversation and dialogue on structural racism, not a video on "white guilt."